TITLE P - 50resented here, for your enjoyment, is a magical and musical virtual Audio tour of the Happiest Place on Earth, both past and present. From this comprehensive collection of rare Audio recordings, the stay at home listener is granted their very own 'E' Ticket to adventures that recreate the ambiance and simulate the you-are-there sensation of an actual trip to the park. Just close your eyes and let your mind run free. It won't be hard to imagine you are really inside the Magic Kingdom for an exciting day at Disneyland, the place where dreams really do come true...
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1 - Welcome to Disneyland  10:50

For over six decades, this wonderous place called Disneyland has brought endless enjoyment, facination, illumination and a lifetime of memories to millions of visitors from around the world. And now, you are invited to step into Walt Disney's kingdom of fantasy for your own magical Day at Disneyland, the Happiest Place on Earth.



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2 - Disneyland Introduction - Jack Wagner  9:14

Welcoming us to the Happiest Place on Earth is the familair voice of Jack Wagner. Known by many as the, "Voice of Disneyland," Wagner's recorded announcements and safety spiels can be heard virtually everywhere in the park, and today he will serve as our friendly and informative tour guide throughout this magical Audio journey.



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3 - Where It All Began - Walt Disney  1:02

When Walt Disney was interviewed for CBC television in 1963, he was asked to describe where the idea of Disneyland originated. He replied that it all began when his daughters were young, sitting at a bench next to a merry-go-round while eating peanuts. This has since become one of the most oft quoted remarks ever made by the master showman.



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4 - Disneyland Opening Day Dedication  0:58

On July 17th 1955, Disneyland opened its gates for the very first time. In a special grand opening ceremony held at the base of the flagpole in Town Square, Walt Disney first delivered these now famous words of dedication. These words were then placed on a bronze plaque which remains at the base of that flagpole to this very day.



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5 - Disneyland Main Title  1:04

When the majority of Americans first learned about Disneyland it was through another innovative new form of entertainment known as television. On Walt Disney's weekly TV anthology series, also called Disneyland, he featured programs centered around the four themed realms that would also soon be included in Disneyland the park.



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6 - The Disneyland Story  4:11

On the fall 1954 premiere episode of the Disneyland television series, Walt Disney first unveiled his future plans for Disneyland the park. Through scale models and detailed concept renderings, an enthusiastic Walt  educated audiences about the themed lands and many exciting attractions planned for his kingdom, already under construction.



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7 - From Dream to Reality - Walt Disney  2:19

In this rare recording from the mid 1960's, Walt Disney explains how Disneyland evolved from a dream into a reality. He briefly describes the design and development of the Magic Kingdom and then how it has grown over time, highlighting many of the new attractions added to the park since Disneyland originally opened in 1955.



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8 - Project Florida Prologue - Disneyland USA  5:08

It is undeniable that without Disneyland, there would never have been a Disney World. In 1966, only two months before Walt Disney's passing, he produced a short film to sell the public on his future plans for Florida. The first five minutes of this film explained why Disneyland was the "outstanding piece of urban design in the United States."



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9 - Disneyland Theme  4:54

In 1954, Disney musical director Oliver Wallace composed a special intrumental theme just for Disneyland. Its purpose was to be utilized as underscore music whenever Walt Disney would showcase the Magic Kingdom to his weekly television audience. Special lyrics were also written for the theme and released as a Little Golden children's record.



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10 - The Disneyland Symphony  24:08

From the begining, music has played a vital role in the Disneyland experience. Over the years, many great composers have written beautiful music inspired by the magic of the Happiest Place on Earth. In 1956 Disneyland Records released an instrumental tour of entire park, with original orchestrations representing each of its themed land.



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11 - Disneyland USA - A Musical Tour of the Magic Kingdom  41:30

In 1956, Walt Disney produced a comprehensive documentary, and travelogue, showcasing his all new park. This big budget featurette was presented nationally in theaters in full Technicolor and wide screen CinemaScope, and also included a lavish musical score composed by in-house Disney musical director Oliver Wallace.



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12 - A Gala Day at Disneyland  8:06

This 1960 theatrically released short-subject chronicling the grand opening festivities of the all-new Submarine Voyage, Matterhorn Bobsleds and Monorail System, each of which had premiered in the summer of 1959. The many familair musical themes from this production would be reused in other television productions over the next decade.



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13 - Every Day's a Holiday in Disneyland USA  3:09

In 1962, Walt Disney presented a special holiday time episode on his Wonderful World of Color TV series, highlighting the unique holiday celebrations held at Disneyland throughout the year. Opening the program was a song composed by Disney legends Richard and Robert Sherman, reminding us that in Disneyland, every day is a holiday.



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14 - Take Me to Disneyland  2:39

This rare promotional recording from the early 1960's musically captures the public's love affair and immediate fascination with Disneyland, which became a true American icon of the mid 20th century, well illustrating the sense of fun and excitement that could be experienced during a Disneyland visit as it existed in its early days.



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15 - Vintage Disneyland Radio Ads  4:23

In order to attract Southern California residents, Disneyland began running ads on local radio stations in the 1950's. Voice over artist Dick Wesson, the announcer of the Disney TV series for over three decades, would often record these commercials, as well as local talent such as singer Kay Bell, who was a regular park guest performer.



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16 - Where the Santa Ana Fwy Meets Harbor Blvd   2:21

This success of Disneyland, in part, can be attributed to the 1950's expansion of the national highway system and the consequent rise of Southern California car culture. Disneyland's centralized location to one of the nations largest metropolitan areas, and convenient proximity to the freeway, made it an important part of that cultural shift.



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17 - Superstar Limo - Southern California Freeway Music   1:04:46

Approriately located in a section of what was once Disneyland's 115 acre parking lot was a short lived attraction called called Superstar Limo. This early Disney California Adventure dark ride was a celebration of Southern Californian pop culture, including the automobile boom of the 1950's and 60's, of which Disneyland played a central role.



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18 - Disneyland-Alweg Monorail System  2:02

The Disneyland Monorail premiered in the summer of 1959. Less than than two years later the highway in the sky was extended beyond the park berm to transport guests to and from the Disneyland Hotel as a showcase of its practicality as a true transportation system. To this day, the Monorail continues its daily trips over the streets of Anaheim.



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19 - Mark III Disneyland-Alweg Monrail   2:42

Over the past 56 years there have been five generations of monorail trains to travel along the Disneyland beam ways. The original Mark I trains were replaced by much larger Mark II trains in 1961, when the line was extended to service the Disneyland Hotel. Then in 1969 the even larger five car Mark III monorail fleet premiered.



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20 - Music to Ride Monorails By   38:01

The dramatic sight and sound of streamlined Monorail trains, gliding along a sleek overhead beamway across the Disneyland Resort, romantically transports us back to the future forward optimism of the mid 20th century. Here is a collection of musical impressions from this era when a big, bright, beautiful tomorrow was in clear view.



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21 - Disneyland Heliport  2:56

Helicopter service to and from LAX international airport and Disneyland was once provided by LA Airways. The landing pad was located outside the berm, adjacent to Tomorrowland, with a special side park entrance exclusively for helicopter passengers. The service moved to the Disneyland Hotel in 1960 then was retired in 1968.



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22 - United Airlines - Disneyland In-Flight Music  1:01:39

Although most visitors live within driving distance of the Happiest Place on Earth,  Disneyland is a major tourist destination for guests across the United States and around the world. Over the years, several major airlines have partnered with the Mouse to offer special vacation promotions with Disney sponsored in-flight entertainment.



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23 - Disneyland Hotel Tram  1:43

When Disneyland opened in 1955, the huge 150 acre parking lot was among the largest in the entire world. To help transport guests from their vehicle to the main gate, a free tram was provided. When the Disneyland Hotel opened shorty thereafter, express tram service to and from the hotel was provided for both lodgers and visiting day guests.



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24 - Main Gate Ticket Booths - Original 1956 Announcement  2:18

When Disneyland first opened, general admission to the park was only $1.00 for adults and 50¢ for children. However, this did not include admission to any of the rides or attractions. Individual ride coupons had to be purchased seperately, but for a better value, a book containing several coupons could be purchased at the main entrance.



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25 - Ticket Booth Attraction Announcements  3:07

When Disneyland accepted individual ride coupons, it was necessary to advertise the park's many attractions to entice the redemption of an admission ticket. Not only were colorful posters located throughout the park, but for a short time the main gate ticket booths had pre-recorded announcements promoting the latest 'E' ticket adventures.



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26 - The Disneyland Gazette  0:28

In the early years, Disneyland published its very own newspaper called the Disneyland Gazette. It was sold for 5¢ at both souvenir stands near the main gate, and by roving newsboys who appropriately cried out, "Extra! Extra! Read all about it!" The articles included official press releases, as well as attraction listings and  visitor information.



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27 - Holidayland  2:25

Holidayland is often referred to as the "lost" land of Disneyland.  This 9-acre picnic and recreational facility for visiting civic groups and other organizations was open from 1957-1961, and was located  just to the west of the main gate. It also included a playground, baseball field and a large circus tent for live shows and entertainment.



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28 - Ken-L-Land Pet Motel  1:03

Originally sponsored by Ken-L-Ration pet food, since 1958 Disneyland has offered a full service kennel facility for pets who travel with their owners. Although the average guest is of the feline or canine persuasion, nearly every type of exotic animal imaginable has stayed here, from monkeys to snakes, large spiders, and even a wild cheetah.



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29 - Disneyland's Official Host - Mickey Mouse  2:05

Walt Disney once said, "I hope we never lose sight of one thing, that it was all started by a Mouse." After becoming an international star of both the big and small screen, Mickey took on the bigest role of his entire show business career as official host of Disneyland, welcoming guests to the Happiest Place on Earth every day for over five decades.



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30 - Disneyland Main Gate - Original Area Background Music  59:21

The original atmosphere music heard in Disneyland was mainly provided by live musicians throughout the park. Over time, Disneyland began to feature pre-recorded background music appropriate for its many themed areas. The music one would hear at the main entrance consisted of Disney standards and other childhood favorites.



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31 - Ticket Book Facts - Jack Wagner Announcements  1:13

Prior to 1982, almost every Disneyland attraction required an individual ride coupon for admission. These attractions were each given a letter grade from A-E, and the top attractions required an 'E' ticket. It soon became a common figure of speach, even outside of Disneyland, to refer to any exciting experience as an 'E' ticket ride.



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32 - Main Gate Ticket Booths - Rainy Day Announcements  1:13

There is always sunshine in the Happiest Place on Earth, even on the cloudiest of days. While storm clouds chase away the casual tourists in droves, the locals know that rainy days at the very best time to visit the park. Attendence levels are at a sheer minimum, while almost all the attractions are able to remain in full operation.



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33 - Disneyland Closed Today - Main Gate Announcement  1:02

For decades Disneyland has been opened to guests 365 days a year. However, prior to the mid 1980's, the park would often be closed twice a week during the off season. Speakers located at the main entrance ticket booths played an announcement to advise visitors that the nearby Disneyland Hotel was open for their shopping convenience.



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34 - Parking Lot Tram Loading Zone  3:26

Many regard the Disneyland parking lot tram as both the first and last ride of the day. Located near the park exit is a tram loading zone offering aid to guests with tired feet as they make the long trek back to their automobile following their full day of fun. For many years, the voice of Jack Wagner offered safety instructions on a repeating loop.



01 - 35A

- Kodak Super 8 Disneyland Home Movies -

 Before home video, there were home movies. Beginning in 1974, Kodak offered Super 8mm souvenir films, sold at gift stands throughout the park. These were also available with recorded narrative and music for those with sound projectors. The eight minute travelogues highlighted Disneyland's many attractions and visual points of interest. New films would be released on a semi annual basis up until the early 1980's.


01 - 35B

35 - A Day at Disneyland - 1974   8:01






01 - 36

36 - A Day at Disneyland - 1976   7:27






01 - 37

37 - A Day at Disneyland - 1977   7:09






01 - 38

38 - An Evening at Disneyland - 1977   6:23






01 - 39

39 - A Day at Disneyland - 1979   7:46






01 - 40

40 - Disneyland, From Dream to Reality - 1979   6:52






01 - 41

41 - A Day at Disneyland - 1980   8:27






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42 - Disney University - Cast Member Orientation  21:45

Every new employee at the Happiest Place on Earth must attend the Disney University. In a rigorous training program called "Traditions One" cast members are introduced to a unique philosophy known as the "Disney Way." Since 1955, the principles behind this proven business model have remained the key to Disney's theme park success.



01 - 43

43 - Meet the Disneyland Cast  1:05

Disneyland employees are always referred to as cast members, because it is their role to put on the show that is Disneyland. From custodian to ticket taker, the Disneyland cast is a truly admirable group of special individuals, for above all else, their goal is to bring happiness to the millions of Disneyland guests who visit the park each year.



01 - 44

44 - A Magical Morning - Whistle While You Work  2:11

As Disneyland prepares for the turnstiles to open and the first morning guests to be admitted inside the park, Mickey and the gang are busy with last minute preperations before the big moment arrives. Disneyland is a 24 hour operation, and from the very moment the park closes, work begins to make the park show-ready for the next day.



01 - 45

45 - Kodak Picture Spot - Makin' Memories  2:19

From the 1950's until 2012, Kodak was the official sponsor of all photo related products, encouraging photo taking with multiple "Picture Spots" indicated by sign posts located throughout the park. The song "Makin' Memories" was written for an Epcot Center attraction, but was often used in Disneyland's promotional media.



01 - 46

46 - Who Comes to Disneyland?  1:16

Everyone from the Hollywood elite, to royal figures and heads of state have visted Disneyland, but the first guests to ever pass through the turnstiles were two middle class American children named Mike Schwartner and Christine Vess. Walt Disney personally escorted them through the gates and presented each with a lifetime Disneyland pass.



01 - 47

47 - The Gift-Giver Extraordinaire  27:42

For Disneyland's 30th anniversary celebration of 1985, the main gate turnstiles were transformed into a special tabulation machine known as the Gift-Giver Extraordinaire. Every 30th guest was awarded a prize. from a souvenir pin to a new car. The promotion proved so popular that it was extended for several years beyond the anniversary.



01 - 48

48 - Main Gate Newsstand  0:24

Eye-catching newsstands are conveniently located just beyond Disneyland's main gate turnstiles, adjacent to the main entrance portal. These one stop gift corners specialize in all manner of last minute sundries and souvenirs, including collectable trinkets, novelty hats, autograph books, postcards, park maps and pictorial guidebooks.



01 - 49

49 - Storage Lockers - Area Background Music  1:20:02

To maintain its reputation as the Happiest Place on Earth, Disneyland continually sets the industry standard in customer service, offering special amenities for the comfort and convenience of its guests. Located at the main gate are self service, coin-operated storage lockers, which can be rented for a modest fee to help ease a heavy load.



01 - 50

50 - Main Gate Storage Locker Announcements  4:30

Guests from nearly every nation around the globe have made the pilgrimage to the Happiest Place on Earth. Many special services are offered to those guests who speak foreign languages. Recorded locker instructions at the main gate are provided in five different languages, English, Spanish, French, German and Japanese.



01 - 51

51 - Mark V Disneyland Monorail  2:51

Disneyland's fourth generation monorail fleet began daily operations in 1987. The new Mark V trains no longer exhibited the signature bubble dome look of earlier models. Instead, they more closely resembled the sleek, white, jet age style of  the Walt Disney World Mark IV fleet, which had premiered at the Florida resort in 1971.



01 - 52

52 - Disneyland Main Gate - Area Background Music  1:00:16

Disneyland's original 1971 main gate loop was retired in 1992. That was also the year when the new Disneyland Resort in Paris opened, inspiring a whole new emphasis on area music. Along with the European park's premiere came a wealth of newly recorded in-park area music, much of which quickly migrated back to Disneyland USA.



01 - 53

53 - Disneyland Main Gate - Area Music Alternates  1:06:21

The air is filled with wonderful atmosphere music in every corner of every land in Disneyland. At the main gate, the stage is set with a blend of dramatically orchestrated interpretations of the many theme songs that will later be heard throughout the park. Here is a collection of the original soundtrack versions of these beloved Disney tunes.



01 - 54

54 - Mickey and Friends Tram  3:14

When guest first arrive at Disneyland, the anticipation mounts as they first park their car, and then board streamlined trams, transporting them from the parking lot areas to the Main Entrance Mall. After passing through the Downtrown Disney shopping district, guests reach their final destination at the very gateway to the Magic Kingdom.



01 - 55

55 - Mark VII Disneyland Monorail  3:28

By the time the current Mark IIV monorail fleet was put into operation, the Highway in the Sky had undergone major changes. The 115 acre parking lot was transformed into an all-new theme park, with trains traveling through the lobby of a new hotel, and the original hotel station was now located within the Downtown Disney shopping district.



01 - 56

56 - Disneyland Esplanade - Area Background Music  1:06:45

When Disney's California Adventure Theme Park opened next door to Disneyland in 2001, an all new loop of background music was created for the area which has become known as the Esplanade, a large brick covered courtyard seperating the two parks. Appropriately, this loop contains a mixture of songs from each Anaheim park.



01 - 57

57 - Disneyland Esplanade - Area Music Alternates  1:19:37

As in film, background music is essential to setting the stage for the themed environs found in Disneyland. Among park regulars, these mood setting medleys have acquired many fans and followers. In tribute to one of the most popular of these,here is an mix of original and alternate version of all the songs from the main gate Esplanade loop.



01 - 58

58 - Disneyland Fast Pass Announcments  0:38

In 1999, Disney parks introduced a new ride reservation system which allowed guests to avoid waiting in long lines at the most popular attractions. Special passes are issued at the entrances to several attractions, each with a predetermined return time, now freeing guests to enjoy the rest of the the park while they await their turn.



01 - 59

59 - Main Gate Ticket Booth Announcments  1:15

As guests first approach the Disneyland Main Entrance, Jack Wagner, "The Voice of Disneyland," can be heard describing the park's admission media, operating hours, and making other special announcements, which resonate for loud speakers located at the many colorful ticket booths aligned in from the the main entrance turnstiles.



01 - 60

60 - Main Entrance Turnstiles  1:13

The turnstiles at the main entrance to the Magic Kingdom are litterally the gateway to this land of enchantment. As friendly ticket-takers insert Disneyland passports and other admission into a ticket slot, the magical sound of an electronic pixie bell or a friendly whistle let them know your ticket has been successfully redeemed.



01 - 61

61 - Main Entrance Fanfare - The Disneyland Band  6:25

Assembled at the main entrance, in front of the iconic Mickey Mouse floral base of the Main Street train station, every day the world-famous Disneyland Band musically welcomes early morning guests with a medley of Disney favorites as they enter Disneyland. They will make further appearances thoughout the park, all day long.



01 - 62

62 - Entering Disneyland - The Main Gate Tunnel  2:20

Once through the turnstiles, guests enter the park by passing through one of two attraction poster lined tunnels located on either side of the famous Mickey Mouse floral under the Main Street Railroad station. The plaque above the tunnel entrance reads "Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy."



01 - 63

63 - Park Opening - Rope Drop Ceremony  1:39

On days when Main Street opens early, a rope is positioned at the end of the street. Here, guests slowly gather and anxiously wait for the rest of the park to open. When the magic hour arrives, Mickey appears to welcome everyone, dropping the rope as excited guests rush to be the first in line for their favorite Disneyland attractions.



01 - 64

64 - It Can Only Happen at Disneyland  1:36

Many an advertising jingle has been written for Disneyland over the past six decades. This song, from an ad campain launched in the early 1980's, was meant to illustrate the special magic that is unique to Disneyland. It was used for both TV commercials and in special promtional films meant to attract new Magic Kingdom Vacation Club members.



01 - 65

65 - Once Upon a Time in Anaheim  4:01

It is amazing to consider that only six decades ago the site where Disneyland now exists was little more than a rural orange grove, but through the ambition and imagination of master entertainer Walt Disney, the quiet little town of Anaheim would soon give rise to an amazing fantasy kingdom the likes of which the world had never seen before.



01 - 66

66 - Disneyland is Your Land  3:28

This tribute to the Happiest Place on Earth was originally used to commemorate the  25th anniversary of Disneyland. Not only was it the main theme for the anniversary parade, but it was also featured in a live musical stage show featuring the Kids of the Kingdom. Following the events of that year, the song remained a beloved anthem.



01 - 67

67 - Disneyland Medley  31:51

Disneyland has been an integral part of American culture from the very day it opened, mentioned in literature, film, poetry and especially music. Many a tunesmith has been inspired by the wonder of this special place, so here is a selection of some of the very best popular songs written in musical tribute to the Happiest Place on Earth.


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