TITLE P - 50resented here, for your enjoyment, is a magical and musical virtual audio tour of the Happiest Place on Earth, both past and present. From this comprehensive collection of rare audio recordings, the stay at home listener is granted their very own 'E' Ticket to adventures that recreate the ambiance and simulate the you-are-there sensation of an actual trip to the park. Just close your eyes and let your mind run free. It won't be hard to imagine you are really inside the Magic Kingdom for an exciting day at Disneyland, the place where dreams really do come true...
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02 - 1

1 - Walt Disney Welcomes You to Town Square USA  1:19

As we enter the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney welcomes us to Town Square USA. Just inside Disneyland's main entrance is a colorful replica of an early 20th century small American town. At the base of the flagpole in the center of this square, a bronze plaque contains the Disneyland dedication, delivered by Walt Disney on July 17th 1955.



02 - 2

2 - Town Square Morning Announcements  1:18

On those mornings when Main Street is open early to guests, they are invited to leisurely wander through Town Square and experience its shops, exhibits and attractions,as they anxiously await for the remainder of Disneyland to open, including round trips on the Disneyland Railroad and the first showing of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.



02 - 3

3 - Town Square Vehicles  0:50

In Town Square, guests can board an old-fashioned Fire Engine, Horseless Carriages, a double decker Omnibus or Horse-Drawn Street Cars, for one way trips to the center of Disneyland via Main Street USA. To choose a mode of transportation, each vehicle has a designated stopping zone marked by decorative signs posted around the square.



02 - 4

4 - The Trolley Song  3:11

At one time, Disneyland had several horse-powered modes of transportation. There were surreys and a horse-drawn fire wagon on Main Street, and Frontierland had stagecoaches and Conestoga wagons. Today the only remaining attraction featuring proud steeds is the Horse Drawn Street Cars, a Disneyland favorite for over 60 years.



02 - 5

5 - Guided Tour Garden  4:08

The Guided Tour Garden is located at the very entrance to Disneyland on the west side of Town Square. This shady area is where guests gather for informative guided tours through the park, which can be purchased at the main gate in addition to regular admission. Special tours also offer access to areas generally not open to the public.



02 - 6

6 - Paragon Ragtime Orchestra - City Hall Area Background Music  21:38

Popular American song styles from the 1900's have traditionally set the mood throughout Town Square and Main Street USA. Recordings by the Paragon Ragtime Orchestra, an ensemble devoted to preserving the orchestral stylings of the past, long provided much of the appropriate musical backdrop for this late Victorian setting.



02 - 7

7 - Disneyland City Hall - Phone Greetings  2:03

City Hall is the guest service center for the Magic Kingdom. Friendly cast members are always on hand to answer questions, provide touring tips, make reservations and assist guests with special needs. Visitors celebrating an anniversary or birthday may also receive a special message from a Disney character on the guest courtesy phone lines.



02 - 8

8 - Disneyland Firehouse - Regina Music Box  11:07

The second floor of the Disneyland Fire Station, located in Town Square, was once the on site apartment residence of Walt Disney, and it's interior furnishings have been preserved just as he left them four decades ago. One of his personal items was an antique Regina Music Box and its lovely music can often be heard on Main Street.



02 - 9

9 - Disneyland Firehouse - Edison Gramophone  6:22

The furnishings within Walt Disney's firehouse apartment include Victorian antiques that he and Mrs. Disney collected over the years. One favorite conversation piece is an early gramophone phonograph, which plays grooved wax cylinders. Heard here are two of the actual vintage recordings contained within Walt's personal collection.



02 - 10

10 - Disneyland Fire Dept. - Horse-Drawn Chemical Wagon  0:46

A long retired opening attraction was an authentic replica of a turn of the 20th century fire wagon that offered guests horse powered trips up and down Main Street. Although it has not carried passengers in decades, the very same wagon can still be viewed inside the Disneyland Fire Station in Town Square where it is permanently on display.



02 - 11

11 - The Hook n' Ladder Band  14:18

A long standing Disneyland tradition is a performance by a firehouse Dixieland band. The original ensemble, known as the Firehouse Five Plus Two, was comprised of members of the Walt Disney studio animation staff. Today this tradition continues with the Hook n' Ladder Band, who often perform in front of the Disneyland fire station.



02 - 12

12 - The Dapper Dans - Town Square Performance  17:09

The world-famous Dapper Dans quartet often perform in Town Square to welcome Disneyland guests as they enter the park. Their four-part harmonic repertoire includes barbershop ballads as well as many memorable tunes from the world of Disney. They often accompany themselves with their hand-held antique Deagan Organ chimes.



02 - 13

13 - Town Square Lockers and Lost & Found  1:13

The Disneyland lost & found department and guest locker facility was originally located in Town Square. It was originally sponsored by Benkins moving company and later by Global Van Lines. In the early 90's it was relocated further down Main Street when the adjacent Main Street Emporium underwent a major expansion.



02 - 14

14 - Main Street Emporium - Area Background Music  1:08:23

Positioned at the corner of Main Street and Town Square is the largest store in all of Disneyland. Here at the Emporium guests can find almost any kind of Disney themed memento imaginable. Providing period appropriate musical atmosphere are selected orchestral arrangements of songs by Scott Joplin and other ragtime era composers.



02 - 15

15 - Town Square Popcorn Wagon  0:51

Disneyland has always been a feast for the senses, and one of the most popular snack time treats in the park taps into all five of them. There are several colorful popcorn wagons stationed throughout the Magic Kingdom. By far, one of the busiest of these outdoor vending locations is located right at the very center of a bustling Town Square.



02 - 16

16 - Town Square Area Music - The Jack Wagner Collection  1:00:10

When Jack Wagner was deemed official park announcer, he volunteered to find time period appropriate area music for Town Square and Main Street, including syncopated Ragtime standards, barbershop ballads, patriotic marches, wistful waltzes, Vaudeville showtunes, and all other popular American musical styles from the early 20th century.



02 - 17

17 - Town Square Area Music - Old Timer's Waltz  24:07

"Old Timer's Waltz" has been a Town Square background music staple since the early 1970's, containing a collection of popular songs from the early 20th century played in three quarter time. Three different versions have played in Disneyland over the years. Heard here are alternate versions of each song from this medley, complete with lyrics.



02 - 18

18 - The Original Disneyland Band - Town Square Concert  25:33

A band concert in the park was a common civic diversion of small town American life at the beginning of the twentieth century. The Disneyland Band hearkened back to that time with their daily concerts in Town Square. The musical program included marches, popular songs of the early twentieth century and a collection of Disney favorites.



02 - 19

19 - The New Disneyland Band - Town Square Performance  22:55

In July of 2015, the Disneyland Band underwent a major change. After six decades of marching through the Magic Kingdom, the original ensemble was revised with a new crew of energetic young musicians, all new marching routines, and a brand new sound. As with the original band, the new group performs daily concerts in Town Square.



02 - 20

20 - Wurlitzer Music Store  23:14

The slogan prominently displayed inside Disneyland's Wurlitzer music store could not have been more fitting; "Wurlitzer Means Music to Millions." In  the thirteen years that this store was located at the north east corner of Town Square, literally millions were treated to live music, whether by electric organ, concert grand or antique player piano.



02 - 21

21 - Disneyland Showcase - A Preview of Coming Attractions  3:37

The corner building on the eastern side of Main Street, facing Town Square, was once home to the Wurlitzer Music Store, and in the early '70's it became a preview center for future additions planned for Disneyland. Two proposed attractions that were displayed here, but were never actually built, were Dumbo's Circus and Discovery Bay.



02 - 22

22 - The Straw Hat Strutters  19:53

Another popular Dixieland troupe which regularly performs in Town Square is known as the Straw Hat Strutters. This band was likely formed in homage to an earlier in park group, known as the Strawhatters, who began performing in the park in the 1950's at their own bandstand located on the banks of the Rivers of America in Frontierland.



02 - 23

23 - Maxwell House Coffee House  8:45

Once in a tiny Town Square corner café, hot Maxwell House java was percolated fresh every morning, long before Starbucks or even Hills Bros.were Disneyland's official coffee sponsors. Later, when the menu expanded to include hot breakfast,the venue was extended  to an adjacent patio area, becoming known as the Hills Bros.Coffee Garden.



02 - 24

24 - Town Square Café  2:04

When Hills Bros parted company with Disneyland in the mid 70's, everyone's favorite breakfast nook became known as the "Great American Egg House" and eventually the "Town Square Café." The basic breakfast offerings remained much the same, as did the great view of all the bustling early morning activity in and around Town Square.



02 - 25

25 - The Mad Hatter  0:50

Hats have always been a popular souvenir in Disneyland. Town Square has a shop devoted exclusively to head gear known as the Mad Hatter. Fantasyland's hat shop shares the same name, and at one time there was a shop in Tomorrowland known as the "Mod" Hatter. Guests can also have their hats embroidered with their names.



02 - 26

26 - Saxophone Quartet - Town Square Performance 15:07

Disneyland's famous Sax quartet has often performed in Town Square. Originally they were known as the Keystone Cops due to their police style uniforms. Nowadays they are more commonly seen in fireman's costumes, but in the 90's they donned bright zoot suits to promote the live Dick Tracy show, and cartoon garb to promote Mickey's Toontown.



02 - 27

27 - International Street  25:22

An early plan for park expansion was to add an International Street. This themed area,  which never came to fruition, would have been accessible from the northeast corner of Town Square, with a series of European shops and restaurants. Peak-a-boo windows along the construction barricade showed a preview model of the coming attraction.



02 - 28

28 - Liberty Street Introduction  5:25

Plans to develop the Town Square accessible area behind Main Street underwent a change in direction from a European theme to a Colonial American themed Liberty Street based on the 1957 live-action theatrical film, "Johnny Tremain." Walt Disney even discribed these intended plans on an episode of his weekly television show.



02 - 29

29 - Liberty Street - Area Background Music  29:43

Liberty Street would have been an authentic recreation of colonial Bostontown, and early Philadelphia, set in the year 1776, but soon the ideas outgrew the space available behind Town Square while other projects put the expansion on hold until 1971, when it was finally realized as a new themed land at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.



02 - 30

30 - One Nation, Under God  5:40

The main attraction planned for Liberty Street was a multi-media production called "One Nation, Under God," which would have included a Hall of Presidents. This later evolved into "Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln." The solid marble scale model of the U.S. Capitol created for this presentation is displayed in Disneyland's Opera House to this day.



02 - 31

31 - Babes in Toyland - Movie Set Exhibit  9:19

For several years the Disneyland Opera House was only a facade, disguising a lumber mill used during the park's original construction and later expansion. In 1961 this space would finally be accessible to guests as an attraction. On display were several of the original movie sets from the 1961 Disney live-action musical "Babes in Toyland."



02 - 32

32 - Mickey Mouse Club Headquarters  16:30

Another early attraction at the Opera House was tied into the Mickey Mouse Club, which had gone into national syndication by the mid 1960's following its original three year run from 1955-1958. In this "official" headquarters, young guests could become an honorary Mouseketeer while watching classic cartoons in a newly built main theater.



02 - 33

33 - The Walt Disney Story - Introduction  0:42

Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln premiered at the Disneyland Opera House in 1965. This was replaced in 1973 by a special showing of a 20 minute film called "The Walt Disney Story." By public demand, Lincoln returned only two years later, and the Walt Disney Story became a lobby preshow to the Lincoln presentation in the main theater.



02 - 34

34 - Walt Disney Story - Disneyland Wasn't Built in a Day  1:31

Within the main lobby of the Opera House are several exhibits honoring the legacy of man behind the mouse, Walt Disney. One of these exhibits, called "Disneyland Wasn't Built in a Day," was a 90 second film on a continuous loop showing the 1950's construction of Disneyland presented in fast motion using time lapse photography.



02 - 35

35 - Walt Disney, Naturalist - Musical Highlights  3:57

Another entertaining exhibit within the Walt Disney Story was a brief film featuring highlights from many of Walt Disney's classic True-Life Adventure nature films. The seating area was decorated to appear like a classroom, and the film was narrated by an animatronic professor owl. Here are some musical moments from this presentation.



02 - 36

36 - Walt Disney's Formal and Working Office Exhibit  4:07

For many years, Walt Disney's actual formal and working offices were exhibited at the Disneyland Opera House. All these furnishing were painstakingly transported from the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, and displayed at Disneyland just as Walt Disney had left them. An informed guide would describe the many items on display.



02 - 37

37 - The Walt Disney Story  9:35

The Walt Disney Story is a 20 minute documentary film honoring the legacy of the man behind the mouse. It originally played in the Opera House main theater, but after two years, an abridged version was shown in the lobby area just outside the main theater, becoming the new preshow presentation to Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.



02 - 38

38 - Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln Main Gate Announcement 1:40

As the '64 New York World's Fair was ongoing, Disney Imagineers built a duplicate Abraham Lincoln audio animatronic figure in order to have it ready for Disneyland's tencennial anniversary on July 17, 1965. Therefore, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln became the first Disney attraction to operate simultaneously in the East and West.



02 - 39

39 - Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln - Introduction  1:36

It is well documented that no other historical figure had inspired Walt Disney more than Abraham Lincoln. It had long been his desire to immortalize the inspiring words and chronicle the life of this great man. His insistence on authenticity, and devotion to the integrity of this presentation, led to one of Walt Disney's greatest living legacies.



02 - 40

40 - Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln - Preshow  6:31

Before the Walt Disney Story would temporarily replace  Mr. Lincoln  for a limited two  year run, the original preshow, which ran from 1965 to 1973, featured  actor Royal Dano as Abraham Lincoln. This retelling of Lincoln's autobiography, in his own words, was presented as a dramatic prologue to the main theater presentation.



02 - 41

41 - Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln - Overture  3:02

As guest first enter the Opera House main theater for a few,"Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln," the patrotic tone of this presentation is established by a somber yet stirring overture composed by Disney Legend, Buddy Baker. In the years to come, Baker would continue to provide some of Disneyland's most unforgettable musical themes.



02 - 42

42 - Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln  19:40

This ground breaking presentation premiered at the 1964 World's Fair and opened at Disneyland the following year. Veteran Disney vocal artist Paul Frees narrates and Royal Dano portrays the immortal Abraham Lincoln, in this patriotic tribute to our 16th president featuring the world's first Audio-Animatronic robotic human figure.



02 - 43

43 - Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln - America the Beautiful  3:30

In 2009,Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln once again returned to the Disneyland Opera House following a five-year hiatus. In addition to music and dialogue from the classic '64 New York World's Fair version of the show, the new presentation now also includes musical highlights from the 1967 Circle-Vision 360 film, America the Beautiful.



02 - 44

44 - Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln - Musical Score  18:57

The original1964 musical score to Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln was composed by veteran Disney Studio musical director Buddy Baker. He combined several original compositions, with traditional Civil War era music, and themes from earlier Disney productions including the 1963 made-for-television presentation of Johnny Shiloh.



02 - 45

45 - The Gettysburg Address  6:12

Surprisingly, Lincoln's most famous words, the immortal Gettysburg Address, were not a part of the original theatrical version of "Great Moments of with Mr. Lincoln," but Royal Dano did record the speech for the extended soundtrack album released on vinyl. This recording has since been incorporated into the Disneyland presentation.



02 - 46

46 - Fifth Freedom Mural  1:43

When the Gulf Oil Company took over as sponsor of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln when it returned to the park in the 1970's, a new hand painted mural was added to the exit lobby, depicting many great American inventors and creative visionaries who had all benefited from America's free enterprise system, including Walt Disney himself.



02 - 47

47 - Journey to Gettysburg Preshow  3:27

In 2001, Disneyland's long-standing Lincoln presentation was completely revised. In this version, the show was narrated by famous Civil War era photographer Mathew Brady. In the preshow he explained that this is a you-are-there experience, and each member of the audience would represent a soldier named private Cunningham.



02 - 48

48 - Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln - Journey to Gettysburg  15:37

The 2001 version of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln had an innovative  soundtrack utilizing binaural sound. Guests wore special head sets that resonated amazingly lifelike audio to simulate what it was like to be in Mathew Brady's photo studio, a Civil War battle and in person as Lincoln delivered his famous Gettysburg Address.



02 - 49

49 - Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln - Golden Dream  6:20

In 1985, this sweeping patriotic anthem from the Epcot Center attraction The American Adventure, replaced "Battle Hymn of the Republic," as the new dramatic musical finale to Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. Today it can still be heard at the conclusion to main show as guests view portaits of many inspirational Americans in the exit lobby.



02 - 50

50 - The Voices of Liberty  15:11

The Voices of Liberty is an amazing acapella choir that has been performing live inside the lobby rotunda at Epcot Center's American Adventure pavilion since the Florida attraction first opened in 1982. From 2012-2013, this patriotic ensemble began daily performances at the Opera House in Disneyland for a special limited time engagement.



02 - 51

51 - The Disneyland Story - Lobby Area Music  1:07:56

To honor Disneyland's 50th anniversary, Mr. Lincoln went on temporary hiatus for a special Opera House exhibit. Since then, the lobby area outside the main theater has continued to feature Disneyland memorabilia including rare concept art and elaborate models including a detailed scale model of Disneyland as it appeared on opening day.



02 - 52

52 -The First 50 Magical Years - If You Believe in Magic  4:30

As guests entered the Opera House main theater to view a special film presentation in honor of Disneyland's 50th anniversary, they were treated to a new theme song written for the film and a medley of songs from classic Disneyland attractions. This main theme music was also interwoven into the film as instrumental underscore.



02 - 53

53 - The First 50 Magical Years - Musical Score  15:03

The memorable score from "Disneyland, The First 50 Magical Years" was written and arranged  by legendary film composer John Debney. His upbeat and whimsical musical interludes perfectly captured the magical spirit of the Happiest Place on Earth while imparting a nod to the past with several mid twentieth century references.



02 - 54

54 - Disneyland, The First 50 Magical Years  15:47

The highlight of the 50th anniversary exhibit in the Disneyland Opera House was a special new documentary starring Steve Martin and Donald Duck which was presented in the main theater. It chronicled the history behind the Happiest Place on Earth using archival film footage. The film continues to be showcased in the lobby area to this day.



02 - 55A

- The Disney Gallery -

 After the original Disney Gallery in New Orleans Square closed in 2007, it  reopened in 2009 within the former Bank of America building in Town Square. In the years to follow, a rotating series of  special exhibits was presented. Each limited time offering focused on a specific aspect of the art of Disneyland, and a new mix of background music was created for each new exhibition, complementing these changing themes.


02 - 55B

55 - The Disney Gallery - Day One: Disneyland  33:47





02 - 56

56 - The Disney Gallery - The Happiest Fleet on Earth  23:50





02 - 57

57 - The Disney Gallery - The Colors of Mary Blair  51:34





02 - 58

58 - The Disney Gallery - All Aboard! The Trains of Disney  28:53





02 - 59

59 - The Disney Gallery - Crowning Achievements  1:01:46





02 - 60

60 - The Disney Gallery - Realms of Fantasy  29:25





02 - 61

61 - Disneyana Gifts - Disneyana Theme Song  1:20

Disneyana was originally located on Main Street, but closed in 2013 to make way for an expansion of the Market House when Starbucks coffee moved in as the new sponsor. Since then, the Disneyana shop was combined with the Disney Gallery in Town Square, still offering exclusive art and decorative pieces for the serious Disney collector.



02 - 62

62 - The Carolwood Pacific Railroad  9:42

Walt Disney's love of model trains is often cited as a key motivation for the creation of Disneyland. From the late 1940's Walt had a miniature railroad set up in the backyard of his Carolwood Avenue home he called the Carolwood Pacific. His pride and joy was the Lilly Belle, a model train he built by hand named in honor of Mrs. Lillian Disney.



02 - 63

63 - The Disneyland Railroad - Introduction  11:01

The beauty and grandeur of Disneyland's fleet of iron horses truly captures the romance of early steam travel. An important part Walt Disney's legacy, Disneyland history, and one of the park's original opening day attractions, Disneyland's trains have covered enough track to have circled the globe more than two-hundred times.



02 - 64

64 - The Disneyland Railroad - Depot Announcements  5:20

Town Square visitors often hear the haunting echoes of the station master calling out announcements as the steam locomotives of the Disneyland Railroad approach the Main Street depot. Before Jack Wagner recorded his well-known version in the 1970's, several others provided these calls, including Disney animator Ward Kimball.



02 - 65

65 - Disneyland Railroad - Ticket Announcements  2:36

Before the days of the unlimited passport, passage on the Disneyland Railroad required a 'D' coupon. A conductor was on hand to punch the redeemed tickets, just as was done in traditional railroading days. Those who did not have a ticket book could purchase an individual coupon directly from the conductor at the entrance to the Main Street Station.



02 - 66

66 - Main Street Station - Nelson Wiggen Orchestrion  39:55

Inside the Main Street train station lobby are early 20th century relics from the days when American railroad travel was in its prime. Among these authentic antiques is a mechanical music machine, known as an orchestrion. When a coin is inserted, music is automatically generated using pulls and levers activated by a perforated scroll.



02 - 67A

- Disneyland Railroad Grand Circle Tours -

 The Disneyland Railroad is one of the most iconic attractions in Disneyland, taking passengers on a scenic grand-circle tour of the entire Magic Kingdom aboard an authentic steam-powered locomotive. After station stops in Frontierland, Mickey's Toontown and Tomorrowland, guests pass through two scenic dioramas showcasing the Grand Canyon and amazing Primeval World, land of the dinosaurs.


02 - 67B

COMING SOON   67 - Disneyland R.R. - 1970's Grand Circle Tour  0:00





02 - 68


COMING SOON   68 - Disneyland R.R. - Bicentennial Grand Circle Tour  0:00






02 - 69


COMING SOON  69 - Disneyland Railroad - 1980's Grand Circle Tour  0:00






02 - 70


COMING SOON   70 - Disneyland R.R. - 1990's Grand Circle Tour  0:00






02 - 71


71 - Disneyland Railroad Grand Circle Tour - 2015   17:39






02 - 72

72 - The Disneyland Railroad - State Fair Express  10:12

In 1987, a promotional event called the Disneyland State Fair featured special entertainment and exhibits all over the park, each with an early twentieth century state fair theme. For this occasion, a Ferris wheel was temporarily erected in front of the Main Street station, and Ludwig Von Drake narrated the grand-circle tour.



02 - 73

73 - The Disneyland Railroad - Grand Circle "Musical" Tour  4:50

An on board narrator points out all the sights along the grand circle tour. Passengers first travel through the Adventureland jungles followed by an excursion along the banks of Frontierland's Rivers of America. They then journey past the colorful It's a Small World topiary gardens, then alongside the Autopia highways in Tomorrowland.



02 - 74

74 - Grand Canyon Diorama - On the Trail  6:43

This exhibit was inspired by the 1958 True-Life Adventure short subject, The Grand Canyon. It contains the world's largest woven canvas, which provides a panoramic painted backdrop for dozens of real animals preserved through the art of taxidermy. The background music is from Ferde Grofé's famous Grand Canyon Suite.



02 - 75

75 - Primeval World Diorama - Magic Skyway Instrumental  4:29

The dinosaurs found within the Primeval World Diorama were originally created for the 1964 New York World's Fair and were featured in an attraction called the Magic Skyway sponsored by the Ford Motor Corporation. For the first few decades, the same music composed for the fair was also used as background music for this exhibit.



02 - 76

76 - Primeval World Diorama - Prelude from Mysterious Island  1:59

Since the 90's, the main title from the 1961 sci-fi adventure,"Mysterious Island," has provided the dramatic background music for this journey into the prehistoric past. The design of the lifesize dinosaurs featured in this diorama was directly inspired by the "Rite of Spring" segment from Walt Disney's animated masterpiece Fantasia.



02 - 77

77 - Flag Retreat Ceremony  5:09

A Disneyland tradition since 1955 is the official flag lowering ceremony held every evening, just before sundown, at the base of the Town Square flag pole. The moving yet understated ceremony serves as a reminder to guests that Walt Disney himself wanted Disneyland to honor the ideals, the dreams and hard facts that have created America.



02 - 78

78 - Town Square Evening Concert - Dee Fisher  29:20

Pianist and electric organist Dee Fisher was the long time proprietor of Disneyland's music store. Every evening, for decades, he would perform live Disney concerts on his Wurlitzer organ, which could be heard throughout Town Square, providing a hauntingly romantic musical backdrop during the magic evening hours at the Magical Kingdom.


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