TITLE P - 50resented here, for your enjoyment, is a magical and musical virtual audio tour of the Happiest Place on Earth, both past and present. From this comprehensive collection of rare audio recordings, the stay at home listener is granted their very own 'E' Ticket to adventures that recreate the ambiance and simulate the you-are-there sensation of an actual trip to the park. Just close your eyes and let your mind run free. It won't be hard to imagine you are really inside the Magic Kingdom for an exciting day at Disneyland, the place where dreams really do come true...




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22 - 1

1 - The Holidays at Disneyland  0:56

During the wonderful holiday season, the Happiest Place on Earth is happier than ever. Every year from late November to early January the entire park is transformed into a glittering wonderland of merry Christmas magic, with beautiful holiday decorations, spectacular parades, stage shows, live performers and special seasonal attractions.



22 - 2

2 - Holiday Time in Disneyland - Walt Meets Santa  1:43

On the 1962 Christmas episode of Walt Disney's weekly television program, Walt presented a festive look at Disneyland's during the holidays. The show began with the Charles Dickens carolers singing beneath a magical California snowfall, and a chance meeting occurred between the top two candidates for every child's favorite person.



22 - 3

3 - A Christmas Adventure in Disneyland - Tree Medle10:31

In 1958, a special long-playing album was produced by Disneyland Records, taking listeners on a tour of Disneyland during a magical Christmas Eve. Several original songs were composed for the album including one to represent a storybook tree in Fantasyland, a jungle tree in Adventureland and a futuristic tree in Tomorrowland.



22 - 4

4 - The Holiday Bow19:13

From the very first Disneyland Christmas in 1955, the park has offered special live entertainment. The Holiday Bowl featured Charles Dickens style carolers as well as a full scale choir performing traditional holiday favorites. This presentation would later evolve into the Candlelight Processional, which is presented annually to this day.



22 - 5

5 - The Firehouse Five Plus Two - Jingle Bell2:59

In a 1950 TV special entitled "One Hour in Wonderland," viewers entered the Disney animation department to see a group of artists hard at work. When the coast was clear, they broke out their instruments and performed a Dixieland version of Jingle Bells. This was the Firehouse 5 Plus 2, who in later years would become Disneyland regulars.



22 - 6

6 - Parade of Many Lands  3:27

Disneyland's first parade with a Christmas specific theme premiered in 1957, returning annually until the mid 60's. It featured a multitude of civic organizations representing cultures from around the world, each wearing traditional costumes, displaying native dance and exhibiting how countries around the world celebrate the holiday season.



22 - 7

7 - Babes in Toyland Exhibit  7:10

Disneyland is well known today for its amazing holiday themed attraction overlays, but the first limited time holiday themed attraction came decades earlier. Within the Main Street opera house, a special exhibit allowed guests to visit the actual movie sets used during the production of Walt Disney's 1961 musical fantasy... "Babes in Toyland."



22 - 8

8 - March of the Toys Parad5:53

In December of 1960, Walt Disney presented a special parade which ran every day during the holiday season, utilizing many of the large-scale toy props designed for the then in production live-action musical, "Babes in Toyland." This parade also saw the debut of  now iconic marching toy soldiers, which remain a holiday tradition to this day.



22 - 9

9 - March of the Toys Parade - Toy Train Choir  3:14

A highly memorable float from the March of the Toys Parade was a giant wooden choir pulled by a toy train. Resonating from the float was audio taken from a 1957 Disneyland record called "Walt Disney's Christmas Concert" which featured an "all-mouse" chorus through a recording technique that would later be utilized by Alvin and the Chipmunks.



22 - 10

10 - Silent Night - The Disneyland Boys Choi2:26

In conjunction with the world premiere of the new It's a Small World attraction at the 1964 New York World's Fair, Disneyland Records released an album featuring an all boys choir singing traditional songs and hymns from around the world. One of these, representing Germany, was the time honored Christmas standard, Silent Night.



22 - 11

11 - Matterhorn Mountain - Christmas Sta3:02

For over a decade, Disneyland's Matterhorn was decorated for the holiday season with an enormous rotating star placed upon its snowy summit. At night, electric bulbs would illuminate the star and the face of the mountain would glow in shades of green projected onto the structure by nearby spot lights, taking on the look of a giant Christmas tree.



22 - 12

12 - Fantasy on Parade - Promotional Radio Spot3:05

Fantasy on Parade premiered in 1965 and served as Disneyland's annual Christmas parade until 1976, returning in 1980 and running again until 1985. During the filming of  the live-action Disney comedy, "Blackbeard's Ghost," stars Suzanne Pleshette, Dean Jones and Peter Ustinov recorded a series of radio ads to promote this special event.



22 - 13

13 - Fantasy on Parade - Premiere Seaso13:57

Unlike Disneyland's previous Christmas parades, Fantasy on Parade was conceived of as a show on parade, with several units pausing along the route to perform dances and routines for its spectators. It featured characters and scenes from Walt Disney's library of memorable film classics, culminating in a fanciful Christmas themed grand finale.



22 - 14

14 - Fantasy on Parade - 1973 Seaso3:56

The Christmas segment of Fantasy on Parade featured many memorable and unusual moments, including the march of the toy soldiers, a dance routine with anthropomorphic Christmas trees, an assemblage of jolly snowmen, and a silly team of prancing reindeer. This all led up to the final float featuring old Saint Nick aboard his Christmas sleigh.



22 - 15

15 - Fantasy on Parade - Silly Reindeer  6:04

The seemingly dim-witted prancing reindeer from Fantasy on Parade are remembered fondly by many. Cross-eyed, large wagging tongues protruding from their mouths, tiny antlers above a tiny tuft of brown hair, and cartoonishly oversized bows tied around their collars, this wacky team of Santa's helpers "sleighed" them in the aisles.



22 - 16

16 - Carousel of Progress - Mid Century Christmas  31:09

The final act of Carousel of Progress has traditionally been set on Christmas Eve. The original show featured father and mother in their 1960's living room surrounded by gift wrapped packages and a Christmas tree. Mother contemplates how the holidays are far less hectic these days, thanks to the conveniences brought forth by modern innovation.



22 - 17

17 - The Kids of the Kingdo- Christmas Medley  59:59

Riding the late 1960's wave in popularity of such choral groups as Up With People and The Ray Conniff Singers, The Kids of the Kingdom were known as "Disneyland's very own singing sensations."  During the holiday season, their normal pop music repertoire took on a more festive flair with a special concert featuring favorite Christmas songs.



22 - 18

18 - Christmas in Disneyland Television Special  22:15

This 1976 TV special, filmed on location in Disneyland, starred Sandy Duncan as a bubbly tour guide, Glen Campbell as a jack of all trades, and Art Carney as a scrooge-like curmudgeon who soon discovers the magic of Christmas. Memorable highlights include a holiday version of America Sings and a magical Main Street USA snowfall.



22 - 19

19 - A Disney Christmas Gift - Christmas Morning  1:59

At the opening of a special 1982 Christmas episode of the Walt Disney prime time TV series, a musical montage featured the many festive holiday decorations and enchanting window displays found throughout Disneyland's Main Street USA. The original song, "Christmas Morning," was performed by Disneyland's very own Kids of the Kingdom.



22 - 20

20 - Christmas in Disneyland - Jack Wagner  2:07

Jack Wagner was not only the "official voice" of Disneyland throughout the 70's, 80's and 90's, but it can also be said he was the official voice of Christmas in Disneyland, as it was his distinctive announcements that served as the introduction to many live events, special stage shows and parades held throughout the park during the holiday season.



22 - 21A

- Disneyland Christmas Promotions and Advertising -

Many residents of sunny southern California long to find their own winter wonderland amidst a very non wintry Christmas season. Disneyland promotes itself as the perfect way to fill that void. With every land adorned in splendiferous holiday decor, and every corner of the park filled with the joyous music of the season, there is little wonder why many consider this their favorite time of the year to visit the Happiest Place on Earth.


22 - 21B

21 - Christmas 1984 - TV Commercial    0:32





22 - 22

22 - Christmas 1988 - Very Merry TV Commercial   0:31





22 - 23

23 - Christmas 1992 - Very Merry TV Commercial   0:32





22 - 24

24 - Christmas 1997 - Special Offer Promotion   1:02





22 - 25

25 - It's a Small World Holiday - TV Commercial   1:05





22 - 26

26 - Christmas 2006 - Year of a Million Dreams   1:20





22 - 27

27 - The Magic of Christmas in Disneyland  21:03

This direct-to-video presentation was available exclusively at Disneyland, beginning in 1992, as a special take home souvenir. The video showed Mickey and the whole gang experiencing all the fun and festivities found throughout the park during the Christmas season, in a wonderland of holiday decor, live entertainment and a Very Merry parade.



22 - 28

28 - Mickey Mouse Holiday Phone Greeting  1:11

What more magical a gift can one receive than a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth? As a special service for those who book vacations at the Disneyland resort, families get a surprise Christmas morning phone call by the main mouse himself. After a cheerful holiday greeting, Mickey informs everyone that they are going to Disneyland!



22 - 29

29 - Are You Ready For Christmas - Neil Patrick Harri3:38

Beginning  in 1983, the Disney Company has telecast an annual Christmas morning special highlighting the Christmas parades at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. For the 2013 presentation, master of ceremonies Neil Patrick Harris opened the show with an original song asking the musical question... "Are You Ready for Christmas?"



22 - 30

30 - Esplanade - Christmas Area Background Music  32:36

From the very moment you arrive, the music of the holiday season can be heard not only inside the theme parks, but nearly everywhere throughout the entire Disneyland resort. This includes the Downtown Disney district and esplanade area just outside the main gate entrances to both the original Disneyland park and Disney California Adventure.



22 - 31A

- Main Street USA Holiday Area Background Music -

The most festive of all the themed lands in Disneyland during the Christmas season is undeniably Main Street USA. The mistletoe and holly adornment of this turn of the 20th century boulevard can't help but remind visitors of a Currier and Ives picture postcard, and to further set the mood, the cheery music of the holiday season fills the air. Here is the original 1972 holiday area loop, and the versions from both Paris and Tokyo.


22 - 31B

31 - Main Street Holiday Area Music - Disneyland 1972   1:00:29





22 - 32

32 - Main Street Holiday Area Music - Disneyland Paris  1:00:54





22 - 33

33 - World Bazaar Holiday Area Music - TokyDisneyland   1:01:33





22 - 34

34 - Emporium Windows - Mickey's Christmas Carol Display  4:16

The elaborate window displays up and down Main Street are always a feast for the eyes, and this is especially true during the holidays. Within the windows of the Main Street Emporium are three-dimensional miniature vignettes displaying scenes from classic Disney animated films including the holiday classic "Mickey's Christmas Carol."



22 - 35

35 - Main Street Candle Shop  35:34

Decades before The Yankee Candle could be found in nearly every shopping mall across the United States, and scented candles were a item commonly found at any drug store, Disneyland had a very unique shop for its time, featuring candles of every shape, size, scent and color. This was an especially popular gift giving stop during the holidays.



22 - 36

36 - Penny Arcade Orchestrion - Holiday Medle35:52

A Main Street must-do during Christmastime is the Candy Palace, where guests encounter a wonderland of tempting holiday treats freshly made on site daily. Adding to the atmosphere is the distinctive sound of the antique Welte orchestrion band organ at the adjacent Penny Arcade, which plays a selection of recognizable holiday carols



22 - 37

COMING SOON  37 - The Disneyland Band - Christmas Concert  0:00

The Disneyland Band has been a central element of the Disneyland's holiday festivities since the 1950's. Throughout the year, this troupe of outstanding musicians marches down Main Street to perform daily afternoon concerts in Town Square, but in December their normal musical repertoire is replaced by recognizable songs of the season.



22 - 38

38 - Charles Dickens Christmas Caroler7:52

One of  the longest standing traditions in Disneyland is the annual return of the Charles Dickens Christmas Carolers, who have been appearing on Main Street since the park's first holiday season in December of 1955. This acapella troupe perform a collection of  favorite holiday carols while donning merry old London 19th century winter attire.



22 - 39

39 - The Dickens Yuletide Band  10:24

After mid-day, members of the Disneyland Band will break up into smaller groups that can be found throughout the park. During the holidays, one of these smaller groups is known as the Dickens Yuletide Band. This all brass troupe can be found up and down Main Street, dressed in Dickensian costumes, and performing traditional carols.



22 - 40

40 - The Holiday Bras15:10

During peak attendance periods, a high energy marching band performs throughout Disneyland, comprised of talented young student musicians from universities around the United States. These internship participants are a crowd favorite especially during the holiday season, with their lively impromptu concerts of Christmas favorites.



22 - 41

COMING SOON  41 - Saxophone Quintet - Holiday Medle0:00

Live music is in abundance all year long in Disneyland, but whenever December rolls around, the entertainment offerings take on the true spirit of the season. The regularly featured Main Street musicians, including the Sax Quintet, continue to perform during the holidays, but their normal music set is replaced by a set of holiday standards.



22 - 42

42 - The Dapper Dans - Holiday Medley  4:34

The Main Street Dapper Dans forgo their normal program of gay nineties standards during the holiday season, and instead sing a selection of favorite Christmas Carols. They provide the perfect ambient soundtrack as guests take in festive atmosphere of the Currier and Ives postcard setting of Disneyland's turn of the 20th century avenue.



22 - 43

COMING SOON  43 - Coke Corner Pianist - Holiday Medley  0:00

Coke Corner is a bustling fast food eatery at the end of Main Street, which specializes in hot dogs and soft drinks. To provide entertainment, a ragtime pianist plays upbeat, old timey tunes. Of course when the holiday season rolls around, the songs shift to the holiday time variety, but the musical styling retains the distinctive sound of ragtime.



22 - 44

COMING SOON  44 - Plaza Gardens - Big Band Christmas  0:00

In the evening, guests at Plaza Gardens were invited to take to the dance floor and trip the light fantastic to the swinging sounds of a big band orchestra. During the Christmas season, these bands would help spread the holiday cheer by incorporating swing time versions of popular holiday standards and traditional carols into in their music sets.



22 - 45

45 - Very Merry Christmas Parade Jack Wagner Announcement  1:01

Fantasy on Parade was initially retired after the 1976 holiday season. The following year saw the premiere of the Very Merry Christmas Parade. This version ran through 1979. The following year saw the return of Fantasy on Parade which ran again until 1986. The Very Merry Parade returned the following year, and would retire in 1993.



22 - 46

46 - Very Merry Christmas Parade Overtur 4:37

The Very Merry Christmas Parade was very similar in format to its predecessor. The majority of the parade involved scenes from classic Disney films, with a finale themed specifically to Christmas. One major difference was the inclusion of a special overture. This medley of  favorite Disney songs set the mood as the parade was about to begin.



22 - 47

47 - Very Merry Christmas Parade  25:55

The Very Merry Christmas Parade opened with several parade units recalling scenes from classic Walt Disney films. Over the years, as new animated features hit theaters, these segments were updated to represent the latest releases. The Christmas segment was also expanded to include a Mrs. Claus's bakery, and Santa's toy factory segment.



22 - 48

48 - A Christmas Fantasy Parad18:17

1994 saw the premiere of a new seasonal spectacular known as A Christmas Fantasy Parade. Unlike previous parades, this version has a holiday theme from beginning to end. Highlights include Santa's mail room, a winter wonderland, a gingerbread bakery, a royal Christmas ball, Santa's workshop, and the appearance of old Saint Nick.



22 - 49

49 -Christmas Fantasy Parade - Character Greetings  7:54

While the various floats featured in A Christmas Fantasy have seen very few changes, different characters have represented these segments over time. For several seasons, Mickey and Minnie ice skated in the winter wonderland section. Goofy and son Max once rode atop the gingerbread house float, and Roger Rabbit led off the Toy section.



22 - 50

50 - The Disneyland Hotel - Holiday Area Background Music  36:50

The spirit of the holiday season extends well outside the border of Disneyland park, and can be enjoyed throughout the entire resort. The original Disneyland Hotel is always beautifully decorated. Here guests can meet Santa and the Disney characters dressed in their special winter attire as the lovely musical sounds of Christmas fill the air.



22 - 51

51 - Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar - Holiday Area Music  53:00

Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar at the Disneyland Hotel is the perfect place to lift your yuletide glass in celebration of the season, while enjoying the intoxicating rhythms of Christmas carols straight from the sandy beaches of Waikiki, from the exotic sounds of the Hawaiian islands, to the groovin' beats of classic 1960's surfer rock 'n roll.



22 - 52

52 - The Jingle Cruise - Queue Area Background Musi42:23

For the first time, the classic Jungle Cruise became the 'Jingle' Cruise during the holiday celebration of 2013. Decorations were added to the dockside queue, each boat received a new holiday themed name, the skippers added Christmas  jokes to their spiel, and the queue area radio broadcast incorporated vintage Big Band Christmas music.



22 - 53

53 - Swiss Family Tree House - Christmas Medle4:26

The Robinson family also celebrated the Christmas season at the Swiss Family Tree House in Adventureland. The main parlor was adorned in charming holiday decor, and the pipe organ would temporarily forego the usual Swisskapolka, and instead pipe out a medley of familiar holiday carols that naturally included... O Christmas Tree.



22 - 54

54 - The Rivers of America - Holiday Area Background Music  35:38

The Rivers of America and New Orleans Square also has its own special holiday blend of festive holiday music, consisting of familiar yuletide favorites in the toe-tapping style of Dixieland jazz. The streets of New Orleans Square are completely decked out in colorful holiday decor, blended with noticeable Mardi Gras style embellishments.



22 - 55

55 - The Blue Bayou - Holiday Area Background Musi39:30

The Blue Bayou restaurant in New Orleans Square also has a special holiday time program of background atmosphere music. All the songs are recordings by authentic New Orleans artists, including the Magnolia Jazz Band, the Dixie Ramblers, the New Birth Brass Band, James Andrews, Lars Edegran, Allen Toussaint and Aaron Neville.



22 - 56

COMING SOON   56 - Bayou Brass Band - Holiday Medley  0:00

Live music is a predominant feature of New Orleans Square 365 days a year, but during the holidays, the unique sound of Dixieland jazz is perfectly blended with the sounds of the yuletide season. Heard here is a medley of recognizable Christmas songs performed by the Bayou Brass, a popular band that appeared in Disneyland for over a decade.



22 - 57

COMING SOON  57 - Side Street Strutters - Holiday Medley  0:00

The Side Street Strutters have performed live in Disneyland since the early 1980's. They most often can be enjoyed at the bandstand located in the outdoor seating area of the French Market restaurant in New Orleans Square. During the holiday season they perform a selection of favorite Christmas classics in their distinctive Dixieland style.



22 - 58

COMING SOON  58 - Jambalaya Jazz Band - Holiday Medley  0:00

The Jambalaya Jazz Band is an in-house musical act that appears daily in Disneyland year round. They perform their Dixieland rhythms throughout the back streets of New Orleans Square, along the banks of the Rivers of America, and at the French Market Bandstand. During Christmas their repertoire includes a selection of yuletide favorites.



22 - 59

59 - Grim Grinning Ghosts - Christmas  1:27

Ever since the characters from Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas" have taken up annual residence in Disneyland throughout the months of October through December, the lines between the Halloween and Christmas festivities have become somewhat blurred, proven by this Christmas version of Grim Grinning Ghosts.



22 - 60

60 - The French Market - Holiday Area Background Music  54:09

From early fall and through the entire holiday season, the French Market restaurant is the official greeting area for Jack Skellington. To provide the proper atmosphere, music from several Danny Elfman motion picture scores  is used, including Edward Scissorhands, the Nightmare Before Christmas and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.



22 - 61A

- Haunted Mansion Holiday -

Every holiday season, Jack Skellington and the many colorful characters featured in Tim Burton's, "The Nightmare Before Christmas" miraculously transform every room inside the Haunted Mansion with a myriad of macabre holiday decor, and the graveyard scene receives a magical dusting ghostly white snow. The mansion's exterior is adorned in holiday lights, and an eerie Christmas music can be heard throughout the grounds.


22 - 61B

61 - Haunted Mansion Holiday Music Bo - Area Background Music   7:43





22 - 62

62 - Haunted Mansion Holiday Scarols - Area Background Music   17:44





22 - 63

63 - Haunted Mansion Holiday - Season One   16:19





22 - 64

64 - Haunted Mansion Holiday   16:25





22 - 65

65 - Haunted Mansion Holiday - Breakdown Spie1s   1:02





22 - 66

66 - Frontierland - Holiday Area Background Music  36:01

The first several decades of Disneyland's holiday celebrations were mainly confined to Main Street, but beginning in the 1980's, the Christmas decor and music began to slowly expand over the entire park. Since the early 90's, Frontierland's promenade has had a special western themed holiday over lay, complete with cowboy style Christmas carols.



22 - 67

67 - Big Thunder Ranch - Santa Claus Meet and Gree0:56

Guests have the opportunity to meet Santa Claus at Disneyland, and for many years he set up shop at Big Thunder Ranch in Frontierland. Here he would welcome kids of all ages inside a cozy country farm house decorated especially for the occasion. At the nearby petting farm, a flock of reindeer were on hand to add to the festive atmosphere.



22 - 68

68 - Big Thunder Ranch - Holiday Area Background Musi14:55

Big Thunder Ranch was once a favorite spot for holiday time fun. This replica of a 19th century farmstead was decked to the nines in charming home-crafted style decorations. The sound of cowboy variety Christmas  music filled the air., There were live stage shows, cookie decorating, craft making and even coloring activities for the little tykes.



22 - 69

69 - Jingle Jangle Jamboree - Billy Hill & the Hillbillies  2:23

The main stage of the Big Thunder Ranch featured a rotating daily program of live musical performers throughout the holiday season. This country Christmas festival was known as the Jingle Jangle Jamboree, and the most popular act was Billy Hill and the Hillbillies, who always started their set with a bluegrass rendition of "Sleigh Ride."



22 - 70

70 - Bear Country - Holiday Area Background Musi24:55

Perhaps the first section of the park to really get the full Christmas treatment, beyond Main Street USA, was Bear Country. This was mainly because Bear Country began hosting a special new holiday themed version of the Country Bear Jamboree in 1984. This rustic pinewood outpost was filled with holiday music and festive holly decor.



22 - 71

71 - Country Bear Christmas Special - Promotional News Spot  3:04

Beginning with the Christmas season of 1984, the Country Bear Jamboree became the first attraction in Disneyland history to receive a complete holiday overlay. The entire animatronic cast was completely reprogrammed and re-costumed for a whole new show featuring a brand new soundtrack with both original and classic yuletide tunes.



22 - 72

72 - Country Bear Christmas Specia16:11

For many a holiday season, Henry, Big Al, Teddy Barra, Liver Lips McGrowl, Trixie, Wendell, Bunny, Bubbles, Beulah, The Five Bear Rugs, Max, Melvin, Buff, and the complete cast of the Country Bear Jamboree put on a festive Christmastime revue, performing favorite yuletide songs in their signature down home country style.



22 - 73

73 - Country Bear Christmas Special - Exi1:41

As guests exited the Country Bear Christmas show, Max the deer, Buff the buffalo, and Melvin the Moose provided a final farewell, wishing everyone a happy holiday season. These three were well decked for the holidays, with Christmas lights tangled up in Melvin's antlers, Max disguised as Rudolph and Max wearing a jolly red Santa hat.



22 - 74

COMING SOON  74 - Liver Lips McGrowl - Elvis Christmas Medley 0:00

Liver Lips was always one of the most memorable members of the Country Bear cast, but he became even more unforgettable after he became an Elvis impersonator for the holiday time version of the show. The real Elvis Presley had a string of holiday hits in the 1950's, so what better way to celebrate Christmas than with a tribute to the king?



22 - 75

COMING SOON  75 - Pooh Corner - Christmas Meet and Greet  0:00

Some of the most popular personalities at Disneyland during the holiday season are the residents of the Hundred Acre Wood, including a lovable bear named Pooh. At the Pooh Corner Meet and Greet located in Critter Country, one can expect to find these willy, nilly, silly old pals wearing their festive wintertime attire and always ready for pictures.



22 - 76

76 - Mickey's Christmas Chalet - Area Background Musi27:08

One of the best reasons to visit Disneyland during Christmas is the wondrous array of specialty shops found throughout the park. Mickey's Christmas Chalet in Fantasyland's castle courtyard, once open year round, was the perfect place to find Disney themed tree ornaments and an endless selection of holiday decorations for your own home.



22 - 77

77 - It's a Small World Holiday - Toy Clock Parade  1:48

The happiest cruise that ever sailed becomes jollier than ever during the holiday season. A sight to behold, the ornate turrets and towers of the Small World façade are lined with thousands of colorful twinkling Christmas lights, as the Small World clock musically keeps the time, performing the Parade of Wooden Soldiers every quarter hour.



22 - 78

78 - It's a Small World Holida13:38

All the international children of It's a Small World join together in a medley of happy yuletide songs, each donning traditional Christmas costumes from around the world as every inch of this classic attraction is decked to the nines in festive holiday decorations, transforming this all-time favorite into the ultimate wintertime Christmas fantasy.



22 - 79

79 - It's a Small World - Holiday Projection Show  1:49

This special after hours presentation uses the façade of It's a Small World as a magical canvas. Several times nightly throughout the month of December, the surrounding lights are dimmed, and colorfully vivid imagery is projected directly onto the Small World structure in a highly kinetic display set to the enchanting music of the holiday season.



22 - 80

80 - Mickey's Toontown - Holiday Area Background Music  34:30

For the holiday season, Toontown is fully decked out in bright primary colored decor. The area music consists of many recognizable Christmas songs performed in a brassy Big Band style to cohesively blend in with the land's 1930's and 40's era setting. A few special songs also feature Jiminy Cricket, Mickey Mouse and other Disney friends.



22 - 81

81 - Mickey's Toontown - Christmas Meet and Greet  9:13

Toontown is always a great place to spot the Disney Characters on any given day of the year. In fact, Mickey Mouse is always available for photos, hugs and autographs inside his backyard movie barn, but as an added bonus, during the holidays the Disney gang dons their festive wintertime apparel for fun photo opportunities with a seasonal touch.



22 - 82

82 - The Magic of Christma24:44

This live production featured the Kids of the Kingdom, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Uncle Scrooge in a musical celebration of the magic found during the yuletide season. The show premiered in 1983 at the Tomorrowland Space Stage, and moved to Videopolis in 1985 as the very first stage show to be presented in this new theater.



22 - 83

83 - Mickey's Nutcracker - Videopolis Area Music  16:21

Disneyland's 1991 holiday time production of Mickey's Nutcracker was featured live on stage at the Videopolis theater in Fantasyland. As guests entered the theater to await the upcoming show, a festive medley of recognizable songs from the original Nutcracker ballet helped to properly set the mood for the upcoming musical adventure.



22 - 84

84 - Mickey's Nutcracker  31:25

The story of Mickey's Nutcracker was loosely based on the original ballet. The first act takes place at Minnie's house on Christmas Eve. Here she is presented with a charming nutcracker that looks a lot like a mouse we all know and love. As the party ends, Mickey the nutcracker comes to life to take Minnie on a magical journey to his candy kingdom.



22 - 85

85 - Mickey's Nutcracker - Musical Score  15:28

Mickey's Nutcracker was based on Tchaikovsky's classic nineteenth century Christmas ballet. This variation of the renowned musical score featured many recognizable themes from the original, but each movement was updated with lyrics and reorchestrated with toe-tapping modern dance rhythms, ranging from swing to bluegrass and even hip-hop.



22 - 86

86 - Minnie's Christmas Part16:16

The Fantasyland theater was the venue for this colorful holiday musical presentation featuring favorite Disney characters. In the show, Minnie Mouse was getting her home ready for a Christmas party when Chip n' Dale arrived to help out with the decorating duties. They were soon followed by Goofy, Pluto, and Mickey dressed as Santa Claus.



22 - 87

87 - Star Trader - Christmas Atmosphere Music  1:01:26

Disneyland's second largest souvenir shop is located in Tomorrowland. This one-stop shop for all your Star Wars and general Sci-Fi fandom needs is an incredibly popular gifting location during the holiday season. To set the mood, once can hear a selection of popular holiday tunes with a future-forward electronically synthesized edge.



22 - 88

88 - Town Square Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremon9:16

Every year, an enormous Disneyland Christmas tree is positioned right in the very center of Town Square USA. Each evening at sundown, a festive countdown ceremony is held to officially light up the many thousands of colored lights that adorn this holiday tree, a truly enchanting sight that never fails to amaze the many bedazzled spectators.



22 - 89

89 - Sleeping Beauty Castle - Winter Castle Lighting Ceremony  3:52

In recent years, a brand new tradition has begun at Disneyland during the holiday season, the nightly lighting ceremony of Sleeping Beauty's Winter Castle. By day, the rooftops of this Disneyland icon are covered in a lovely dusting of white snow, and by night the entire castle is brightly illuminated with sparkling ice crystals.



22 - 90A

- Candlelight Processional -

Disneyland's annual Candlelight Processional debuted in 1958, and has since become one of the park's most highly anticipated events of the entire year. This time honored tradition begins with a procession down Main Street. Dozens of choral singers, each carrying a single candle gather at the train station in Town Square to form a living Christmas tree. A special celebrity guest then retells the glorious story of the nativity.


22 - 90B

COMING SOON   90 - Candlelight Processional 1962   0:00





22 - 91

COMING SOON   91 - Candlelight Processional 1976   0:00





22 - 92

COMING SOON   92 - Candlelight Processional 1984 - Jack Wagner   0:00





22 - 93

COMING SOON   93 - Candlelight Processional 1987 - Howard Keel   0:00





22 - 94

COMING SOON   94 - Candlelight Processional 1997 - Louis Gossett Jr.   0:00





22 - 95

COMING SOON   95 - Candlelight Processional 2000 - Phylicia Rashad   0:00





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COMING SOON   96 - Candlelight Processional Rehearsal Tracks   0:00





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97 - Believe in Holiday Magi13:24

While most of us associate fireworks with the Fourth of July, at Disneyland they are a year round occurrence. During the Christmas season a very special fireworks display combines the spirit of the yuletide season with the magic of the Magic Kingdom in a stunning pyrotechnical display of color, light, and memorable holiday music.



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98 - Winter Castle Concert  28:18

Many of the local rock bands that have become regularly featured guest performers in Disneyland will entertain guests throughout December with the sounds of the season. These evening concerts are staged at both the Tomorrowland Terrace bandstand, as well as Disneyland's central hub area, in the forecourt of the illuminated holiday castle.



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99 - World of Color - Winter Dreams  31:02

Over at California Adventure, 2013 saw the premiere of a special holiday version of the World of Color nighttime spectacular. Olaf from Disney's blockbuster animated feature "Frozen" serves as host. The show features many holiday-themed scenes from classic Disney films, all set to a soundtrack of traditional songs of the Christmas season.



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