TITLE P - 50resented here, for your enjoyment, is a magical and musical virtual audio tour of the Happiest Place on Earth, both past and present. From this comprehensive collection of rare audio recordings, the stay at home listener is granted their very own 'E' Ticket to adventures that recreate the ambiance and simulate the you-are-there sensation of an actual trip to the park. Just close your eyes and let your mind run free. It won't be hard to imagine you are really inside the Magic Kingdom for an exciting day at Disneyland, the place where dreams really do come true...
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06 - 1

1 - Walt Disney Takes You to Adventureland  1:22

At this gateway to adventure, Walt Disney invites visitors to enter the mysterious tropical regions of Adventureland. This exotic natural paradise features attractions set in the further most regions of the globe, from an archeological dig among ancient temple ruins, to an enchanted Polynesian tiki garden and remote jungle rivers.



06 - 2

2 - Serengeti Seranade  4:27

This instrumental theme was originally written for the 1964 New York World's Fair for the International Gardens at the Ford Motors pavilion. Later it would be reused as the main title for the 1967 animated classic,"The Jungle Book." Today it is often associated with Adventureland, as it can be heard at the Adventure Tower in the Disneyland Hotel.



06 - 3

3 - Adventureland Theme  1:22

How would you like to take a ride on a river boat? This bouncy little tune from a vintage 1950's Little Golden Records children's album was written to introduce youngsters to the many unforgettable jungle animal adventures that awaited them in Disneyland's Adventureland, while cruising along the tropical rivers of the world.



06 - 4

4 - Disneyland is Your Land - Adventureland  1:19

For Disneyland's 25th anniversary celebration, a live stage show called "Disneyland is Your Land" was presented as a musical revue taking audiences on a whirlwind tour of the Happiest Place on Earth, and its themed lands. This original song was was written especially for this production, representing the wild jungles of Adventureland.



06 - 5

5 - Adventureland Suite  6:48

This sweeping instrumental originated from the 1956 Disneyland record album entitled Walt Disney Takes You to Disneyland, taking listeners on musical tour of the world-famous Jungle Cruise attraction. Disneyland's adventurous jungle journey was in fact the only attraction located in Adventureland during the park's earlier years.



06 - 6

6 - Adventureland Gateway  3:12

This early area loop was once heard as guests passed through the exotic portal into Adventureland, containing the sounds of African drums, exotic birds, and beasts of the jungle. This set the mood as Disneyland guests entered a world far removed from their everyday American life, where mysteries and dangers lurked around every bend.



06 - 7

7 - Plaza Pavilion Bandstand - The Kahauanu Trio  28:07

When Disneyland first opened, the Plaza Pavilion was one of the most unique dining locations in the park. Guests entered a late Victorian themed building facing Central Plaza, but were led to the back side the building to dine under a thatched covered roof, facing the Adventureland jungle river, with live Hawaiian music as entertainment.



06 - 8

8 - Enchanted Tiki Garden - Moonlight Time in Old Hawaii  36:01

The original area music used for the Enchanted Tiki Garden, the waiting area located just outside the entrance to the Enchanted Tiki Room, was a collection of original Hawaiian inspired compositions orchestrated by Buddy Baker, who was also the composer of many of the original soundtracks used in Walt Disney's classic films.



06 - 9

9 - Tiki Room Barker Bird  4:23

When the Tiki Room first premiered, it was so original that it was very difficult to describe, so a comical character was perched just outside the main entrance to welcome guests and provide a preview of the animatronic marvels found inside. Wally Boag, star of the Golden Horseshoe stage show in Frontierland, provided the voice.



06 - 10

10 - Enchanted Tiki Room Attraction Preview - Jack Wagner  2:30

The show is about to begin, but first Jack Wagner provides an insightful attraction preview to one of Disneyland's most exotic and colorful musical adventures.After we learn all about the enchanted garden of Polynesian tiki gods, we are then introduced to the talented ornithological cast of Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room.



06 - 11

11 - Enchanted Tiki Garden - Vintage Area Background Music  16:11

In addition to his role as the official voice of Disneyland, Jack Wagner was also charged with selecting all of the area background music used throughout Disneyland during the 1970's and 1980's. For the tropical gardens located just outside the main entrance to the Enchanted Tiki Room, he selected music with a distinctive Polynesian flair.



06 - 12

12 - Dole Tiki Juice Bar - The Flavor of Hawaii  4:40

Dole Pineapple was the longtime sponsor of the Tiki Room, and just before the tiki gods in the enchanted garden would come to life, a short film was presented under a thatched hut roof to promote the Hawaiian islands and the "king of fruits." Guests could also buy pineapple refreshments and the famous Dole Whip at the adjacent Tiki Juice Bar.



06 - 13

13 - Enchanted Tiki Garden - Tiki Room Preshow  3:47

Moments before the doors to the Enchanted Tiki Room magically swing open, several Polynesian gods magically come to life and tell their stories, highlighted by Pele, the eruptive god of fire and volcanoes, Tangaroa, father of all gods and goddesses, from which new life falls from his leafy limbs, and Rongo, the kite-flying god of agriculture.



06 - 14

14 - Tiki Room Show Announcement and Introduction  3:07

An ominous voice welcomes us to a land of joyous song and wondrous miracles as the sound of a gong seemingly directs the Tiki Room doors to swing open. As we enter, all appears still, as a Disneyland host taps the overhead perch of our sleepy master of ceremonies, José. As he awakens the entire room begins to come to life.



06 - 15

15 - Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room  17:27

When the Tiki Room premiered in 1963, it was the very first Audio-Animatronic show ever presented. The show has won the hearts of generations, delighting millions for over half a century. In this tropical revue, birds sing, flowers croon, and tiki gods come to life for one of the most magical adventures in the Magic Kingdom.



06 - 16

16 - Legends of the Enchanted Tiki - Demo Recording  9:18

This rare audio was recorded during the early development stages of what we know today as the Enchanted Tiki Room. At that time the show in development was known as, "Legends of the Enchanted Tiki," and was originally planned as a dinner show with audio-animatronic birds to entertain guests as the dined on Polynesian cuisine.



06 - 17

17 - United Airlines - Tiki Room Preshow   2:05

Before Dole Pineapple took over as sponsor in the 1970's, United Airlines held the reins as corporate sponsor of the Enchanted Tiki Room. This was entirely appropriate as Hawaii was one of United Airlines most popular tourist destinations at that time, as it had only recently been admitted into the United States union as the 50th state.



06 - 18A

- Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room - Musical Score -

The soundtrack to Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room is among the most beloved in the Disney parks. The Calypso style title theme,"In the Tiki Tiki Tiki Room," was composed by legendary Disney song writers Richard M. and Robert B. Sherman. The remainder of the lush Hawaiianesque score consisted of preexisting songs, both classical and pop, given a distinctive Disney flair by legendary Disney staff composer George Bruns.


06 - 18B

18 - In the Tiki Tiki Tiki Room   2:37



06 - 19

19 - Elfenchor from Die Rheinnixen (Barcarolle)   2:44



06 - 20

20 - Let's All Sing Like the Birdies Sing   3:51



06 - 21

21 - Hawaiian War Chant   3:09



06 - 22

22 - Farewell to You/Heigh Ho   1:46



06 - 23

23 - Let's All Sing Like the Birdies Sing - The Mellomen   1:57

The sing-songy, catchy tune, from Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room, "Let's All Sing Like the Birdies Sing," is not a Disney original. It was a popular song written in 1932 by Robert Hargreaves, Stanley J. Damerell and Tolchard Evans. This version of the song is performed by Disney's go-to quartet, the Mellomen with Thurl Ravenscroft.



06 - 24

24 - Tiki Room Ragtime Medley - Chris Calabrese   3:30

In 1998, pianist Chris Calabrese produced a delightful album consisting of ragtime interpretations of the many songs heard throughout the Magic Kingdom, and no tribute to the music of the Disney parks would be complete without a salute to the enchanted place where the birds sing words, the tikis chant and the flowers croon.



06 - 25

25 - In the Tiki Tiki Tiki Room - Cover Versions  18:30

The theme song of Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room was composed by Richard and Robert Sherman. These song writing brothers were behind many memorable Disney songs from both theme parks and motion pictures throughout the 1960's. The catchy calypso rhythm of this sing-songy tune has become a classic Disney standard.



06 - 26

26 - Dole Pineapple - Enchanted Tiki Juice Bar  5:19

At the Tiki Juice Bar, sponsored by Dole, Disneyland guests can order pineapple juice, the famous pineapple Dole Whip, a Dole Whip Float or a fresh pineapple spear. Many enjoy their tropical flavored refreshments in the shade of the Enchanted Tiki Garden or while viewing a performance of Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room.



06 - 27

27 - Enchanted Tiki Garden Lanai - Area Background Music  14:23

The romantic sounds of Hawaiian steel guitars still provide a musical backdrop for the shaded lanai area located just outside the Enchanted Tiki Room's great ceremonial house. Here guests gather under the swaying palms in a colorful garden of tiki gods and exotic tropical flowers and wait for the main show inside to begin inside.



06 - 28

28 - The Tahitian Terrace - Atmosphere Music  15:29

At the Tahitian Terrace restaurant, dinner guests dined on authentic Polynesian dishes served in a setting evoking a South Sea Island paradise, with lush foliage, cascading waterfalls and colorful tropical flowers. This lavish Hawaiian luau always concluded with an exotic live revue with traditional Polynesian music and dance.



06 - 29

29 - Tahitian Terrace Polynesian Revue - The Royal Tahitians  6:41

The rhythmic native Polynesian drum beats of the Royal Tahitians provided much of the live entertainment for the Tahitian Terrace after-dinner revue. They were always joined by a talented cast of lovely hula dancers and skilled tiki torch twirlers, and adding even more exotic excitement, there were also daring fire walkers.



06 - 30

30 - Tahitian Terrace - The Legend of the Island Jewel  8:55

In the later years of the Tahitian Terrace, what was once a more traditional Polynesian dinner revue was replaced with a lively new dinner show featuring Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Roger Rabbit and Minnie Mouse as the Jewel of the Island. Upbeat Hawaiian music replaced the native drumming to appeal to Disneyland's younger visitors.



06 - 31

31 - Aladdin's Oasis - Area Background Music  33:11

On the heels of Disney's animated blockbuster Aladdin, the Tahitian Terrace was transformed into an Arabian oasis, complete with Oriental carpets, hanging brass lanterns, and colorful canopies. A menu of Middle Eastern dishes replaced the Polynesian fare, and the Genie in the lamp starred in a new musical comedy revue.



06 - 32

32 - Aladdin's Oasis Dinner Show  25:33

The Aladdin's Oasis Dinner show, which replaced the long-running Tahitian Terrace Polynesian revue, premiered in 1993. This high production musical stage show retold the story of Aladdin and the magic lamp, with all the characters from Disney's 1992 animated film, and music straight from the Academy Award winning musical score.



06 - 33

33 - Aladdin and Jasmine Storytale Adventures  8:05

After the Aladdin's Oasis dinner show finished its short run, the Oasis venue became the location for a special afternoon show aimed towards the park's younger visitors. This retelling the story of Aladdin featured a magical narrator, who took the guise of multiple characters, as well as special appearances by Aladdin and princess Jasmine.



06 - 34

34 - Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Stone Tiger  18:32

For a limited time, the Aladdin's Oasis stage presented an Indiana Jones themed stunt show as part of what was deemed the "Indiana Jones Summer of Hidden Mysteries." This 2008 promotional event was tied into the release of the latest  film in the Indiana Jones franchise, "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull."



06 - 35

35 - Adventureland Bazaar - Area Background Music  43:07

The Adventureland Bazaar gift store is one of Disneyland's more exotic shopping opportunities, offering exquisite costume jewelry, far eastern fashions, and other rare trinkets and curios from around the world. Adding to the ambiance, the atmosphere is filled with haunting musical sounds evocative of  Ali Baba and the Arabian Knights.



06 - 36

36 - Adventureland Bazaar Coin Press - Rajah's Mine  0:09

A popular and inexpensive souvenir that many Disneyland guests enjoy collecting are pressed pennies, which can be obtained at vending machines located all over the park. Displayed prominently in the center of the Adventureland Bazaar is one of the most elaborate of these vending machines featuring a stone pedestal and elephant statue.



06 - 37

37 - Aladdin's Other Lamp  4:41

Adding to the Arabian theme, inside the Adventureland Bazaar guests encounter a magic lamp. With the drop of a coin and a rub of the lamp, a genial magic genie becomes your "temporary servant." In lieu of three wishes, he instead offers his paying customers a prediction of the future, always foretold with a magical dose of comedy.



06 - 38

38 - South Seas Traders - Shrunken Head Ned  4:31

Within Adventureland's South Seas Traders gift shop is the stuffy, but lovable professor, Shrunken Head Ned. He is the obvious victim of a headhunting incident, and the jungle's only self-service witch doctor. At the drop of a coin he offers a bit of his sage, yet questionable, words of wisdom and some very humorous medical advice.



06 - 39

39 - The Disneyland Band - Jungle Book Medley  3:55

This collection of favorite songs from the 1967 Walt Disney animated feature,"The Jungle Book"  was arranged by James Christensen in the late 1960's, shortly after he took over the helm as musical director of the Disneyland Band. It was often played throughout the park and remains in the Disneyland Band's repertoire to this day.



06 - 40

40 - Big Game Safari Shooting Gallery  1:11

Adventureland once had a colorful shooting gallery with an African jungle motif, and was the largest and most elaborate in all of Disneyland. This was an authentic shooting gallery, predating the laser guns of today, utilizing real riffles that shot actual pellets at tin targets. The clicking and clanging sounds reverberated all over Adventureland.



06 - 41

41 - Jungle Cruise 1955 Ticket Announcement  1:14

The world famous Jungle Cruise remains one of the park's most elaborate 'E' ticket adventures to this day, however, it originally premiered on opening day in 1955 as a 'D' Ticket ride, because the famous 'E' Ticket would not be added to Disneyland's ticketing system until 1959. Individual ride tickets were discontinued in the 1980's.



06 - 42

42 - Jungle Cruise Attraction Preview - Jack Wagner  1:03

Hark, the jungle drums are pounding, as Jack Wagner offers an exciting preview of one of Disneyland's most time honored adventures. The Jungle Cruise takes its inspiration from many of Walt Disney's classic True Life Adventure films, and brings guests on an exciting river boat excursion through the tropical waterways of the world.



06 - 43

43 - Jungle Cruise Area Background Music  16:38

After the 1994 opening of the Indiana Jones Adventure next door to the Jungle Cruise, the time period of this attraction has been set to the 1930's, with appropriately themed music tied into the days of the big swing bands. But originally, guests waiting for their jungle journey were treated to more traditional music native to the continent of Africa.



06 - 44

44 - Tropical Imports - Shortwave Radio  9:57

Tropical Imports has long been a gift shop adjacent to the docks of the Jungle Cruise. To tie in with the retheming the the Jungle Cruise queue area in 1994, this establishment received a major facelift. The shortwave radio broadcast at the nearby Jungle Cruise also makes several references to Tropical Imports as the local jungle trading post.



06 - 45

45 - Trinidad and Tobago Showboat Orchestra  19:13

The rooftop of the Tropical Imports gift shop has served as the stage for live groups who perform calypso  flavored music during Disneyland's peak seasons. One of the most popular of these has been performing steel drum music at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World for decades, the Trinidad and Tabago Showboat Orchestra.



06 - 46

46 - Jungle Cruise Boathouse - Global Broadcasting Service  59:29

The Jungle Cruise underwent a major refurbishment in the mid '90's, which included a brand new queue area, with a theme tied into the nearby Indiana Jones attraction, set in the 1930's. Now as guests await their jungle journey, they can hear a comical radio broadcast from the... Global Broadcasting Service, with vintage Big Band swing music.



06 - 47

COMING SOON  47 - The Jungle Cruise  0:00

The Jungle Cruise has been thrilling guests for over 61 years, and is one of the most magical adventures in Disneyland. As brave explorers cast off from a jungle launch, they journey deep into tropic rivers where they encounter crocodiles, monkeys, tigers, snakes, elephants, giraffes, zebras, lions, rhinos, hippos and hostile jungle natives.



06 - 48

COMING SOON  48 - Sounds of the Jungle Cruise  0:00

The authentic sound of jungle beasts can be heard all along the waterways of the world famous Jungle Cruise. Each scene depicted throughout this classic attraction has its own distinctive soundtrack, from the birds  of the tropical rain forest, to the sacred bathing pool of Indian elephants, to the herds of wild animals along the African veldt.



06 - 49

49 - Jungle Natives  3:24

As the Jungle Cruise skipper fires two warning shots to avert the attack of charging hippopotami, the nearby jungle natives are alerted, and form war party, Only narrowly escaping their flinging spears, guests enter headhunter country, which is never a safe place to be headed. The  pound of primitive drums and haunting chants can be heard.



06 - 50

50 - A Trip Through Adventureland  18:50

In 1956, Walt Disney presented an in-depth look at the design and development of the Jungle Cruise during a special segment produced for his weekly Disneyland TV series. Audiences were then invited to climb aboard a jungle river launch for a reenacted journey through the entire attraction, as if they were experiencing it in person.



06 - 51

51 - The Adventurous Jungle Cruise  9:21

In 1968, Disneyland records released the original soundtrack of the Enchanted Tiki Room. The flip side of the album contained a narrated tour of the Jungle Cruise with Thurl Ravenscroft taking on the role of your jungle guide. The music used was the Adventureland Suite from the 1956 album Walt Disney Takes you to Disneyland.



06 - 52

52 - Skipper Dan  4:02

In 2009, Weird Al Yankovic wrote a catchy song about Skipper Dan, a failed actor who was working as a Jungle Cruise tour guide, but there have actually been some famous people who began their career as a Jungle Cruise skipper. Most notable among them are John Lasseter, Kevin Costner and one-time Nixon press secretary, Ron Ziegler.



06 - 53

53 - Adventureland Steel Drum Band  38:56

Live music can be heard in nearly every corner of every land throughout Disneyland. It is yet another one of those extra finishing details that make Disneyland the unique and special place that it is. Adding even more tropical flavor and rhythm to Adventureland, one often encounters a traditional South American steel drum band.



06 - 54

54 - The Swiss Family Tree House  2:02

Disneyland's tree house is based on the similar structure found in the 1960  feature film, "The Swiss Family Robinson."  It is completely man-made, with a steel frame, concrete branches and thousands of vinyl leaves. Resonating from a pipe organ salvaged from a shipwreck, guests would hear the memorable Swisskapolka throughout Adventureland.



06 - 55

55 - Tarzan's Tree House  8:02

In 1999, the Swiss Family Tree House was transformed into the all-new Tarzan's Tree House, based on Disney's 37th full length animated feature. This 150-ton man made mammoth has 450 branches containing over 6,000 leaves. It's scientific name is Disneydendoron semperflorens grandis, or "large ever-blooming Disney tree."



06 - 56

56 - Swisskapolka Gramophone  2:03

With Swiss Family pipe organ long removed, the Swisskapolka can no longer be heard throughout Adventureland as it had for decades, but in homage to the former attraction, Imagineers have placed an antique gramophone near the exit to Tarzan's Tree House, scratching out the once familiar tune on a worn out old vinyl record album.



06 - 57

57 - Sunkist, I Presume  0:33

This former snack stand, presented by Sunkist, got it's unusual name from a famous quote in the history of  African exploration, when a missionary named Henry Morton Stanley had a chance meeting with another missionary of similar renown named Dr. David Livingstone, simply greeting him by saying, "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?"



06 - 58

58 - Bengal Barbecue - Area Background Music  39:24

The location once known as, "Sunkist... I Presume," is today a small but very popular food stand at the western end of Adventureland that serves delicious barbecued shish kebob skewers. Here, the air is filled with the foreboding sounds of strange tropical birds, exotic beasts, and the primitive drum beats of the African continent.



06 - 59

59 - Indiana Jones Theme - Area Background Music  5:06

The instantly recognizable theme music from the epic Hollywood adventures of famed archaeologist Indiana Jones sets the tone for the exciting expedition soon to come, but first we explore the Indiana Jones Outpost, where we find all manner of gifts, souvenirs and other collectible "artifacts" based on the popular film series.



06 - 60

60 - Indiana Jones Pinball Machine  7:41

Located inside the Indiana Jones Outpost gift shop is a rare pinball machine originally designed in 1993 by Williams Electronics. Aside from featuring music and voice clips from the Indiana Jones series, John Rhys-Davies reprises his role as Sallah. The metal cabinet has been redecorated with bamboo and wood, or repainted for a more aged look.



06 - 61

61 - Temple Excavation Grounds - Area Background Music  35:10

The outdoor queue area for the Indiana Jones Adventure was designed to look like an archaeological dig, outside an ancient structure. The time is set sometime in the mid 1930's. Within the grounds, powered by a generator, is a small crystal radio set, broadcasting authentic popular recordings from the era of Big Bands and Swing.



06 - 62

62 - Temple Excavation Grounds - Payphone Chatter  1:35

The Indiana Jones payphones were a fun, albeit short lived feature located within the grounds of the archaeological expedition at the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. When callers lifted the phone receiver, before receiving their dial tone a zany operator would first deliver an appropriately themed Adventureland jungle announcement.



06 - 63

63 - Indiana Jones Newsreel - Eye on the Globe  2:04

As guests await their journey through the Temple of the Forbidden Eye, they enter a dark room where an antique film projector is running. Projected on the opposite end of the room is a series of filmstrips entitled, "Keep Your Eye on the Globe." This footage is reminiscent of old 1930's newsreel clips, as once shown in theaters many years ago.



06 - 64

64 - Indiana Jones Adventure - Temple of the Forbidden Eye  13:58

Within the mysterious tombs of a legendary lost temple, we encounter the diggings of an archaeological expedition in progress. We then climb aboard a rugged military troop transport vehicle to join Indiana Jones on a high-speed, thrilling adventure, braving the curse of a great treasure guarded by the forbidden eyes of a ancient deity.



06 - 65

65 - Indiana Jones Adventure - Chamber of Destiny  0:40

As Indiana Jones Adventure passengers board an enhanced motion vehicle, they enter one of three chambers, each offering a unique ride experience: the Chamber of Earthy Riches, the Observatory of the Future or the Fountain of Eternal Youth. Within each chamber appears Mara, who brings misfortune to those who gaze upon her cursed eyes.



06 - 66

66 - Indiana Jones Adventure - Instrumental Score  3:25

Legendary Hollywood composer John Williams's famed musical score to the Indiana Jones film series can be heard throughout the entire Indiana Jones attraction. The on-board music is perfectly synchronized to the thrilling action of the ride, adding the perfect feeling of suspense and drama to this heart-pounding adventure.



06 - 67

67 - Indiana Jones Exit Queue  3:01

Following the climactic conclusion of the Indiana Jones Adventure, guest exit through a long tunnel, bringing them from the dark recesses of an ancient temple, back to the jungles of Adventureland. As they pass through these dark caverns, few realize that the native jungle beat they hear is set to the rhythm of the Indiana Jones theme music.



06 - 68A

- The Disneyland Hotel - Adventureland -

The newly remodeled Disneyland Hotel has Adventureland well represented. One of the resort's three themed high-rise structures is now known as the Adventure Tower, which includes a special luxury Adventureland suite. The nearby Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar has become a favorite watering hole for Anaheim locals and Resort guests, and the Tangaroa Terrace restaurant serves up specialty dishes with a Polynesian flair.


06 - 68B

68 - The Adventure Tower Lobby - Area Background Music   32:36



06 - 69

69 - Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar - Part One  1:01:34



06 - 70

70 - Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar - Part Two   59:31



06 - 71

71 - Tangaroa Terrace - Area Background Music   59:33


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