MONOTYPE T -42he following tracks are on my wish list. There are no known sources presently in circulation for any of these tracks, but I am always on the look out and always hopeful that someday these tracks will become available for me to share with visitors to my site. If you happen to have access to any of this music and would like to share, I will give you a credit for your contribution at the bottom of the page where your track is placed. I am very strict about sound quality, and I am mostly looking for original source, studio quality recordings. Usually this means non-induction, meaning materials not recorded live, unless the induction is of superior sound quality. If you happen to have a better recording or an extended version of something I already have posted, I am always on the lookout for that as well. If you can think of anything important that should be added to this list that I have forgotten to include, or if you have any thoughts on possible audio or appropriate music that can be used as a representative place holder for any of the tracks below until more authentic audio can be located, please contact me at with all your ideas and suggestions.

  1. Original Disneyland Parking Lot - toll booth announcements
  2. Complete Jack Wagner Kennel/Baby Care Loop
  3. Lost and Found/Lost Children - related audio
  4. List of phonograph cylinders in Walt Disney’s apartment
  5. Walt Disney Story - Walt Disney Naturalist complete audio
  6. Walt Disney Story Lobby Preshow film (1960’s-1990’s)
  7. Disneyland Story Lobby Preshow film (current)
  8. Emporium upper level scene displays - any existing audio
  9. Main Street Tobacco Shop - vintage cigarette type ad with a Disneyland tie-in
  10. Yale Lock Shop - vintage ad with a Disneyland tie-in and/or display narration
  11. Center Street Flower Mart - any existing audio
  12. Upjohn Pharmacy - vintage Upjohn ad and/or display narration
  13. Main Street Candle Shop - any existing audio
  14. Sunny View Farms Jams and Jellies - vintage ad with a Disneyland tie-in
  15. 1950’s Main Street Steetmosphere Characters - any existing audio
  16. Wally Boag Confucius dialogue
  17. Pixie Hollow - Enchantment Water Shows (5 versions)
  18. Pooh for President Parade - authentic audio
  19. Dumbo's Circus Parade Full Show1979
  20. Totally Minnie Parade - authentic audio
  21. Snow White Golden Anniversary Parade - complete soundtrack
  22. Mickey’s 60th Birthday Parade - cleaner audio
  23. Circus Fantasy Parade 1988
  24. Oliver and Company Pre-Parade (clean audio)
  25. Tournament of Roses - Disneyland 25th Anniversary
  26. Tournament of Roses - Tower of Terror
  27. Tournament of Roses 2005 Mickey Mouse Grand Marshall - any existing audio
  28. Pixar Play Parade 2018 added scenes
  29. Dole Preshow Film - current version
  30. Guatemalan Weavers - any existing audio
  31. Indiana Jones Grand Opening Ceremonies
  32. New Orleans Window Atmosphere - Voodoo Lady and other window audio
  33. Jambalaya Jazz Band with Queenie
  34. Davy Crockett Frontier Museum - any exiting audio and/or display narration
  35. Golden Horseshoe Revue - Bicentennial Show
  36. Golden Horseshoe Revue - Police Gazette
  37. Class of 1927 - Golden Horseshoe stage show authentic audio
  38. Woody’s Roundup - Complete Golden Horseshoe show
  39. Legends of Frontierland 2014 - Golden Horseshoe stage show
  40. Frontierland Shoot Outs/ Zorro Days - any existing audio
  41. Pigmania - complete show
  42. Sailing Ship Columbia 2018 Narration
  43. Queen of the River Theme (instrumental)
  44. Dead Man’s Grotto - animatronic pirate dialogue
  45. Prof Barnaby Owl Photo Studio - announcements
  46. Johnny Rio Shooting Game - clean audio from source
  47. Frozen Meet and Greet - Olaf dialogue and snoring
  48. Mickey Mouse Club 3D Jamboree - authentic audio
  49. Mickey's Movie Barn Area Loop - Band Concert/ Sorcerer's Apprentice
  50. Mickey Mouse Club Circus - authentic audio
  51. Show Me America stage show - authentic audio
  52. Great American Music Machine/Rock Circus - authentic audio
  53. Mickey Mouse Club Reunion - authentic audio
  54. Runaway Railway - Exit Loop
  55. Toontown Reimagined - Complete Area Loop
  56. New Mickey Mouse Club Stage Show
  57. Clown Ally - Plaza Gardens Circus Fantasy stage show
  58. Wizards of Rad - Videopolis stage show
  59. Rocco and the Rainbows - Blast to the Past Tomorrowland Terrace
  60. Blast to the Past Submarine Voyage - source audio
  61. Monorail System - Blast to the Past and/or State Fair - if alternate audio exists
  62. Motor Boat Cruise thru Gummi Glen - scene dialogue
  63. Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers Raceway - scene dialogue
  64. Afternoon Avenue Disneyland RR - on board spiel and depot announcements
  65. Afternoon Avenue Area Loop
  66. America Is - 1985 SpaceStage show
  67. 40 Year of Adventure - Tomorrowland Terrace Stage Show
  68. Dapper Dans Original Boy Band - Limited Time Magic 2013
  69. Rocket to the Moon - 1955 preshow film uncut
  70. Crane Bathroom of Tomorrow - any narration or vintage ad with Disneyland tie-in
  71. Dutch Boy Paint Color Gallery - any narration or vintage ad with Disneyland tie-in
  72. American Dairy Bar - any narration and/or vintage ad with Disneyland tie-in
  73. Autopia Song (instrumental)
  74. 1950's Submarine Voyage Complete Narration
  75. Circarama - A Tour of the West
  76. Circarama - America the Beautiful 1958
  77. The World Beneath Us - audio from Richfield show film
  78. PeopleMover - original 1967 on board audio
  79. Submarine Voyage - 1970's queue announcements
  80. American Journeys Musical Score (cleaner audio)
  81. Wonders of China Musical Score
  82. Astro Orbitor - boarding announcements
  83. Star Tours 2.0 - 2012 - complete ride audio multiple versions
  84. Star Tours 2.0 Space Station queue – isolated elements from source
  85. Monorail System - Cars Land promotional narrative - Manny/Mona/Mandy
  86. A Special Place - Disneyland Hotel promotional film circa 1950's
  87. Disneyland Hotel Dryer Puppet Theater - any show information or existing audio
  88. Hook's Pointe/Neverland Pool - any possible loops and excising audio
  89. Disneyland Hotel: Safari Adventure radio controlled model boats - any existing audio
  90. Disneyland Hotel Miniature Golf - any existing audio or promotional ads
  91. Mickey Avenue Loop - Shanghai Disneyland (used in Downtown Disney)
  92. Big Bands in Disneyland TV series - Artie Shaw uncut
  93. Big Bands in Disneyland TV series - Glenn Miller
  94. The Space Stage - Halyx - studio album
  95. The Space Stage - Star Bound - live group
  96. Sunshine Balloon - Tomorrowland Terrace live group authentic audio
  97. Friendship Train - Tomorrowland Terrace live group authentic audio
  98. Fantasy Follies Holiday Show - Plaza Gardens
  99. Mickey’s Night Before Christmas - original late 70’s stage show
  100. Billy Hill and the Hillbillies - full Christmas set
  101. Billy Hill and the Hillbillies - full Halloween set
  102. Fall Festival Streetmosphere
  103. Frightfully Fun Parade - authentic audio
  104. Headless Horseman - current audio
  105. Saint Patrick's Day Parade 1968 - any existing audio
  106. Cinco De Mayo Parades (1968-1984?) any existing audio
  107. 59th Anniversary Dapper Dan's Disneyland Medley
  108. Dateline Disneyland 1955 Acetate prerecorded sound and music cues
  109. Disneyland TV series promo ad - clean audio
  110. Disneyland Instrumental Theme 1965
  111. Meet Me in Disneyland 1960's TV series
  112. The Sounds of America - Promotional Album
  113. 60th Anniversary version of Disneyland Anniversary Song
  114. Educational Series album - Haunted Mansion
  115. Educational Series album - Pirates of the Caribbean
  116. Educational Series album - Jungle Cruise
  117. Educational series album - Outer Space
  118. Trader Sam's Drink Order Audio
  119. Tale of The Lion King Stage Show
  120. Tomorrowland DVC Lounge
  121. Adventureland Treehouse


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