Hi everyone. I have been keeping this journal here on since 2013, so that anyone interesting in tracking my audio editing and web design adventures will have an easy means to do so. In 2017 I began doing these updates in video format on my YouTube channel "DisneyChrisDotCom" and Brian Crawford has been providing show notes for these videos. On this blog and in these videos, I discuss all the changes and additions I am making to the website, including an insider's look into all that goes into my audio editing work. I will provide insight on the process of editing my audio tracks, the reasoning behind my artistic choices and the work involved in creating this audio for your listening pleasure. I may also share with you some personal anecdotes along the way. In general, this is to be a "sort-of" look inside my thoughts and the inner workings of how is being developed over time. I am also interested in your thoughts and opinions. You are welcome to respond to my blog by contacting me via email at I will respond to any of your emailed questions or comments either within the blog or in a private email response. Just let me know if you choose to be anonymous. You can scroll to the bottom of this page to go back in time to read up on what you may have missed in the past, or you can just start with today's blog post and read or watch the videos from here forward. The choice is yours. Enjoy!

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December 31, 2013

Here is my last blog posting of 2013. Its been a crazy year, and my site has grown so much. Here's hoping next year will be even better.

I have made a few more changes and additions to the Rivers of America Chapter since my last blog posting...

1 - Homespun Songs of Vicksburg --- This music was used from 2007-2010 for the Mark Twain on board soundtrack. All the songs came from the same album, with only a couple exceptions, and all these songs from that album have been put into a nice little medley.

2 - Frontierland Dock - Cruising Down the River --- I have combined the Dapper Dan and Disneyland Band versions of Cruising Down the River into one track. Two versions of the same song, together as a medley

3 - Frontierland Dock - Disneyland Band --- This is an exceptional find. It is a live recording of the Disneyland Band playing on the bow of the Mark Twain as it was actually circling the river. This is as authentic as they come. The sound quality is amazing for a live amateur recording, and I was able to edit out a few glitches to come up with this really neat track.

4 - Lafitte's Tavern Area Background Music --- This is the track I have discussed at length in my previous blog postings. It is finally completed.

Once again, all these can be found on the Rivers of America page...

I hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year's Eve, and best wishes to you and yours in the bright new year ahead!!!


December 30, 2013

Just a very quick update. I added a new version of the Pirate's Lair Shipwreck, which is the authentic full audio. It is excellent sound. I think it may be a source recording. The version I had before was a very well put together reenactment edited by RocketRods, but now that I have obtained the authentic recording, and it has been replaced. The William Turner Blacksmith track is also a Rocket Rods creation. He did a great job putting this together using music and sound effects to capture the spirit of this small exhibit. I did not feel I could improve it at all, so with his blessing I posted his edit. That is not new, I just thought I would give him a shout-out, because he does some wonderful and creative editing work.

I have also been going though Youtube videos to come up with some ideas on how to improve some tracks and see if I can find some snippets of audio here and there. Additionally I have been preparing some new song mixes based on the music for the 2007 version of the Mark Twain, and the music once heard at Lafitte's Tavern on Tom Sawyers Island. So although I have not posted much, I have been working on getting things ready and coming up with ideas on how to best edit some things that are in the queue for the Rivers of America chapter additions.

One thing that has eluded me is the audio from the Dead Man's Grotto exhibit on Tom Sawyer's/Pirates Lair Island. I would really like to get a clean induction of these recordings. I think it would be easy to get a recording of this, if someone would take the time to go over to the island and induct it. If anyone knows where I could find the audio of the ghost pirate, and the two treasure rooms, please let me know. I think this is a very noticeable missing piece to the puzzle, and would really like to be able to include it on my site. I am going to put together a little track to represent the cave in the mean time, with some sound effects I have. RocketRods has put together a track for this, and I am using his ideas as a framework for my version. But would love to be able to also include the dialogue, which I do not have.

So stay tuned for more additions. And please let me know if you have access of know where I could find those Dead Man's Grotto bits of audio...


December 29, 2013

I added a few more new tracks to the Rivers of America page today. I first added a vintage recording of the song Shenandoah by Thurl Ravenscroft as a nice little ending to the chapter, just before the evening sound effects track. Then I added some great songs by the group the Bootstrappers. Unlike my earlier track that represented this group, over on my New Orleans Square page, this is the official/actual band that plays live in the park. RocketRods informed me that he discovered they have a CD published under the pseudonym the SkullDuggers. I have included some songs in a newly revised version of the New Orleans Square track, and created a second all-new track with even more Bootstrapper's official songs located on the Rivers of America page. So there are two tracks representing this group, but they are all different songs. This group has performed in both of these locations, so wanted to represent them in the two corresponding chapters. Also, I did keep the three unofficial/sounds-like tracks I was using before as part of the New Orleans version. So that version has a blending of official and unofficial tracks. The group sounds so much alike, I felt it was ok to keep them. But the Rivers of America version is 100% songs by the authentic group.

I will have more new tracks to report on later today.


December 28, 2013

Just about to go to bed. But I did manage to get a few things done this evening once the dust had cleared from my reorganization effort of earlier in the day. I finally completed my new Plantation House track. I replaced the track with all new music. i was not happy with it before. I was feeling that there was way too much banjo going on in this chapter, and I needed something different. There are three all vocal arrangements of songs from the old south. The first and last song is performed by the Norman Luboff Choir. They have a very strong association with Disneyland because they also did the tracks used for the Sailing Ship Columbia, and Thurl Ravenscroft often would perform with them as well. Speaking of Mr. Ravenscroft. The middle song is by the Mellowmen, from there album "Meet Me Down on Main Street." it had the same feel I was going for. I am happy with the new mix, and feel it is a much better representation of the overall theme of the Plantation House, and it is good that all the performers have strong Disney ties. In fact, the first song, Old Kentucky Home, sounds very reminiscent of the version from America Sings. I am curious is Norm Luboff did the vocal arrangements for that attraction.

The second track I worked on is short but really really neat, and all new. I took some isolated music from the 1956 Cinemascope film, "Disneyland USA" which is used for the introduction to the Indian Village, and added a tiny piece of the spiel from the Mark Twain and the sound of the Indian Chief's Horse (which is the authentic sound effect used) . I am using this piece of music as an intro to a small Native American section of this chapter, which also includes the Canoes and the Ceremonial Dance Circle. I also have one more track to add which is also tied to the same theme.  This one came out really fun. I found the perfect picture to go with it too. It is track number 20 on the following page...

Enjoy! and look forward to more additions tomorrow.


December 27, 2013

Just a quick update. Not much to report. I spent all of today figuring out the final track listing as it will eventually be for the Rivers of America chapter, once all the new tracks and additions are done. I now have even more new tracks to add to this chapter than I first anticipated, because as I was researching, due in large part to the assistance of RocketRods, (and those who helped be ID music) I stumbled across several new discoveries. So, I had to go back and figure out the placement of all the songs, and find and in some cased edit, some photographs to go along with the new songs, because, as you know, every song has a corresponding image. This took me a lot longer to do than I thought. But I am now caught up, and all organized, and ready to get back to audio editing.

I did change a couple things in the interim. The Mark Twain Landing track has been extended. It was originally called "Mark Twin Landing - The Firehouse Five Plus Two" and now it is called "The Mark Twain Landing - Dixieland Medley" and it includes not only the Firehouse Five Landing and Loading dock songs, but the three songs that have thus far been identified that are used for this same purpose in the current incarnation of this attraction. Sort of a then vs now little medley.

Because I did that, I removed the first song from my "Mark Twain Riverboat - Musical Soundtrack" track, because I am instead using it for the aforementioned medley. I have instead added an additional song at the end of this medley, which I was not able to ID at first, but thanls to some assistance, I was able to find a missing song from the soundtrack. So I took one song away at the beginning of this track, but added a new one at the end.

I also made those minor corrections I had discussed about the new "Frontierland Dock - Columbia Landing" track. I just needed to fix a couple minor glitches I noticed after listening to it a few times. That is now completed.

Right now the Rivers of America chapter has 29 songs posted. When it is completed, there will be a total of 40 tracks. So i have 11 new tracks to add, and many of the existing ones are going to be extended or improved. Out of the 29 posted, only 15 are 100% completed. I plan to stick this chapter out until I am done. Will be a few weeks, but I want to have a fully completed chapter to hang my hat on before moving onto something else. I am enjoying this chapter. I was not all that excited about it, but after digging in, I have been having fun. Especially because I have learned so much and found so much new music in the process.

So stay tuned for more.


December 26, 2013

Apparently there is a bit more music used for the current Mark Twain attraction, which was identified again with the help of Eyore. I will be adding this additional music to my existing mix. It is music heard near the end of the ride, which I could not hear in the videos I had access to, but RocketRods sent me a better recording this morning, and Eyore helped me ID it.

Update on Pirate's Lair music too...

Rocket Rods suggested, and I am inclined to strongly agree with his assessment, that the album from which the song used on the Mark Twain soundtrack, as it passes by Pirate's Cove, is the source of the soundtrack once heard coming from Lafitte's Tavern on the island, in the earlier days, when it first opened.

There are three reasons why I think this to be the case:

1 - The Mark Twain soundtrack uses one of the songs from the album, so Imagineers were obviously familiar with it and had rights to use it.  

2 - The album contains the song (Yo Ho Yo Ho) A Pirate's Life for Me, which is reported to have been among the songs heard from the Tavern.

3 - The general consensus is that in addition to the music, people heard sounds effects replicating the atmosphere from inside a pub, and this album has these same sort of sound effects between each track.

All arrows are pointing me in the right direction. So, I am going to make an educated guess that this is the source music used for the Tavern. Therefore, I am going to replace the music I am now using for this, which is from an album used for the Disneyland Paris Pirate's Cove area, (which I was only using as a placeholder until more information became available) and replace it with the more likely to have been used music, and sound effects, from this album.


December 26, 2013

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. I had originally intended to do much more today, but I got sidetracked, and added only one song today, because I spent a good part of my day looking for song matches from Youtube videos featuring the current Mark Twain soundtrack. While no one has been able to locate good audio of the narrative, I was hopeful I could at least represent the current incarnation of this attraction by doing a medley of the songs heard from the boat as you travel round the river. I knew I already had two of the songs, it was just a matter of ID'ing the other two. Well, thanks to my friend on Mousebits, known as Eyore, (correct spelling) who used special song identifying software for me, which correctly identified the songs, I was able to locate them, and create the medley just as I was hoping it would be.

And, as a bonus, Eyore also located both of the Dixieland tunes that I heard in these videos that are apparently used during the loading of the boat. It seems that more than one song is used for this purpose. Not sure why. Perhaps some of you Disneyland locals would like to let me know what song they hear during the loading the next time they ride the Twain, to see if even more than the two songs that have been identified are used.  I decided to only use one of the Dixieland songs, "Tiger Rag," for my medley. I plan to use the other one, "Muskrat Ramble," for another purpose, TBA.

So the medley includes five songs, all the authentic versions heard on the boat, but from the original sources, and I included the songs, for the most part, in their entirety. I did not edit them to match the actual boat ride version, because I wanted this to be an extended version of what is in-park. I did make a few edits, but only to improve the flow of the medley, not to purposely shorten things, but two tracks do have a few seconds taken off... "Down in New Orleans" has the last verse taken away, because it is not heard in the park, the tempo is a bit different, and it just didn't feel right to me. And the last song, the Pirate's Lair representative, had a strange musical bridge that sounded like a corn jug blow, so I took that out, because it did not fit the mood I was going for either. I also had to do some fancy editing to create a new fade out end to the track. The original recording ended with pub sound effects and various pirate noises. I had to remove those. The Disneyland version just slowly fades out. My version comes to an end, when the song comes to an end. So I just had to fix the last note so that their was no more audible sound effects under it. Sort of a pain, and I am not 100% happy with it. I may just fade it out slowly at the end. So this might change by later today...

I still do plan to make the enhancements, as I previously had mentioned yesterday, to a few of the already posted tracks. Hopefully that will get done in the day ahead. Enjoy the new Mark Twain musical score in the mean time... (how do you like the pilot house image I Photo-shopped?)


December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!!! It is officially Christmas here, but I have not been to bed yet. I might miss Santa, so I had better get to bed ASAP. But I wanted to let you all know that I did add two more tracks today, and have already begun to work on more, but they are not yet ready. The two new tracks are an extended version of the Silver Banjo Barbecue track. I have added an additional second version of the song to this track and made a nice little medley. The second track I added is a pretty accurate sounding sound effect mock up, replicating the Columbia Below Decks Museum. Both tracks are posted on the Rivers of America page now...

One track I started to work on already is an improved improved version of the track representing the Plantation Restaurant. I will be replacing this track with new music, probably tomorrow (meaning Christmas day)  I am also debating on adding just a tiny sound bite of some of the Native American village music to my new Columbia ride-through track. This was a suggestion by RocketRods. There is a space of dialogue only that runs on for a bit with no music, and there is a lot of mention of Indians, and it is in fact at the point where the boat would authentically be passing the village. I think this little spot might be improved by adding just a bit of music there. A very minor improvement. The last thing I need to tweak is the recently added Columbia Dock loop. I have gone through the entire track with my handy note pad, and wrote down about half a dozen spots that could be improved. It is mostly the transitions between some of the songs that need a slight fix. Nothing major.

Last thing I want to mention is this... Please have a very happy, healthy and safe Christmas, and may the holiday wishes of you, and all your families come true. Peace and love to you all, as always.  

Love DisneyChris


December 24, 2013

Just a quick update. An early Christmas gift has just arrived. I have finished my new Sailing Ship Columbia audio ride-through, and it is now posted on my site. Track 22 on the following page...

My original track was basically the Randy Thornton version from his 50th Anniversary compilation. I did add extra sound effects and music, but his was the overall framework of mine. My new version is entirely my own edit, and is much more accurate to the real audio heard on the ship as if you were there in person, at least as it was a few years ago. The old version was about three and a half minutes long. The new version is just under 18 minutes long. It is a track much more worthy to represent this classic Disneyland original attraction. Enjoy!


December 23, 2013

A very brief update before I head off to bed. I worked very hard today, and yet again, nothing ready to post yet. I used those recently discovered Youtube videos of the 1990 live ride-through Columbia audio to properly match the correct music used, the accurate song order, the proper whistles, and the proper placement of the narrative portions, to do a much improved ride through audio experience of the attraction. I also added boat noises, chirping birds, and other sound effects, to match the sound of actually being there as close as I possible can. The only thing missing is the live spiel. Otherwise, all the elements are there. Without going into too many technical details, this one was a real tedious killer. Lots of cut and paste work. I am nearly finished. I just need to add a few extra things. But it is late, and I need to be courteous to the others in my building. I have never had a single complaint from anyone in my building regarding my music, and i plan to keep it that way. Anyway, I should have the new Columbia ride-through done and posted early in the day tomorrow. I also need to tweak the recently added Columbia Loading Dock track. There are a couple minors things I want to improve, after listening to it a few times. I plan to also work on that tomorrow. Stay tuned.


December 22, 2013

Well, it took me all day to complete it, but I have finally just posted the new track I said would be a surprise. This all started from a discovery that I came across over on YouTube. I was looking for some ride-through videos of the Sailing Ship Columbia so that I could re-do my existing Columbia track to be more accurate. While searching I found a set of three incredible videos posted just a few months ago by an attractions host who was operating the Columbia on July 4, 1990, and made a live recording of the entire round trip, as well as the music played when pulling out of Fowler Harbor.

Well, what has eluded me until now is the fact that the music played while the Columbia is pulling out of the Harbor, to be set in place at the Frontierland Dock, is completely different than the ride through music.

I pointed out these videos to RocketRods and he recognized this vintage Fowler Harbor music. He immediately starting hunting for the tracks in this "bonus" loop, and found out by comparing some other videos of music posted on YouTube and matching the songs with a track list for an old 1973 LP, that all of these songs came from one single album. The name of the album is "National Geographic Songs and Sounds of the Sea"

We looked to see if this album was available for purchase. No luck. It is out of print and not available for download in MP3 format on Amazon or Itunes. So we starting poking around and actually found the entire album posted on a file sharing site, and available for free download. Here is the link for that...

We also starting to think about the origins of this newly rediscovered Columbia loop, and what it used for. It sounds to me like this is definitely a Jack Wagner era loop. It just sounds like the type of music he would choose. RocketRods and I speculate that this may have been an older Fowler Harbor Loop played until the 90's, when it was replaced by the current music. This makes sense because a lot of loops were replaced around 92, after Disneyland Paris opened, and the songs used in the current loop are also used in the Disneyland Paris pirate themed area.

Now, I also think that the music heard in the Fowler Harbor area was actually played from the Columbia itself when it was at the dock, and not from speakers located at Fowler Harbor. What leads me to this conclusion is that I found an old picture of Fowler Harbor at, and it actually shows a guest access bridge leading directly on board the ship from the Fowler Harbor area, allowing visitors to tour the boat, and explore the below decks museum when it was not operating. It would make sense that this music was used as guests were on board the anchored ship during its off times.

Another important conclusion we reached is that the music used in this loop was played the same order as the tracks were presented on the album. By listening to the Youtube video, we were able to realize this. The music starts about half way through at track number 6 of the album, then plays through to track 9, then it loops back around to track 2 and continues to track 3 -- with track 4 and 5 missing. However, RocketRods specifically remembers hearing track number 5, because of its distinctive chorus of "Bow Wow Wow." He recalls hearing this in the park many years ago, and just knows it has to be a part of the loop. So with the only song unverified being track four, we have concluded that this loop is in fact tracks 2 - 9 straight from the album.

Now, the reason it took me so much time to edit this track together is because it is a recording from a 40 year old vinyl album with a lot of pops and scratches, and sound distortions. It took me forever to clean up the audio. I was not able to used my program that filters out clicks and scratches because underscoring all of the music are ocean and sailing ship sound effects. This constant background noise made it come out distorted when I tried to use the audio click removal filter. So to help hide some of the distortions, I layered the tracks on top of even more sound effects that sound like a sailing ship and lapping water. It blended perfectly with the original sound effects, and really improved the quality of the playback by hiding a lot of problem areas. However, this was still not perfect, and I had to go in and manually correct dozens upon dozens of scratches and skips. We are talking at least 20 hours of work that went into this once track.

So the track is now posted. You will find it currently posted at track 21 on the following page, Enjoy...


December 22, 2013

Well - I did do some major work yesterday, but sad to say nothing to show for it yet. I decided to undertake the new find I mentioned in my last posting. The issue with this is that it a 40 year old vinyl recording, and there are a lot of fixes needed, lots of glitches pops and skips to correct. I tried to use my new click removal software, but it is a hit or miss, and this particular recording did not react to the filter too well. So It has turned out to be a tedious task to clean up this audio. But I am bound and determined to do it. I am about 2/3rds done with it. i should have it done tomorrow. I have also been contemplating changing or improving some of the recent Rivers of America new additions, and did some digging to find better music. So although nothing new was posted, a lot of progress has been made. Stay tuned for more.


December 21, 2013

Yesterday I did manage to replace my existing New Orleans Square half of the Riverfront area music loop with a newly updated version that does not repeat any of the songs heard in the other half of the loop posted over on the Rivers of America page, and also are now presented in the proper song order according to the actual loop track list. This updated version is now posted on the New Orleans page. Track 20.

I did not add any more new tracks yesterday, but did do a lot of work, even though I have little yet to show for it. RocketRods and I started bouncing off ideas to each other and ending up doing some internet digging and research into Disneyland's past. This resulted in us discovering some lost materials that had until now been all but forgotten about. We were able to find very usable audio for this as well. So this digging and research led to even more tracks that are now planned for the Rivers of America page, and some major re-do's are planned for some of the existing tracks as well. I am purposely being vague about this, because I want it to be a surprise that is revealed one the music is posted. I think you all are going to be very exciting about some of our discoveries.

After getting all these new materials, I then tried to work out a new master track list for the Rivers of America chapter, with all the newly planned additions. Then I needed to find pictures to go along with all of these new things. Sometimes finding pictures is more work than finding the audio. However, I now have all the pictures I need, and they are ready to go, as they have been photo edited to suit my needs. You may have noticed that some of the old images on the page have been replaced with better ones as well. So, I now have a basic layout for the tracks being added, and in what order they will be placed, on the page, and today I am ready to proceed with more audio editing. So stay tuned for more updates to the Rivers of America.


December 20, 2013

Had a very productive day. The Rivers of America saw three new additions and one extended track. The extended track is the Magnolia Park Bandstand. This was originally just one song and ran under 4 minutes. It is now a total of eight songs and runs just under 30 minutes. This music represents the Dixieland Jazz that was performed live at the original bandstand located right on the water's edge, near what used to be called Magnolia Park, the original New Orleans area before New Orleans Square opened in 66.

I also added about one half of the Rivers of America waterfront loop. This is the loop that still plays in the park today. I decided to split this track and have half featured in the Rivers of America chapter and the other half in the New Orleans Square chapter, because it sort of represents both things. Prior to now, I had only about half of the loop featured in total, and it was all in the New Orleans chapter. The original version is still currently posted over in New Orleans, but I am going to change that track next. Before now I just selected random songs from the loop that sounded good together, were not being used as underscore for any of my other mixes, and were the songs that I liked the most from the loop. They were in no particular order. Now I have adhered to the song order as it plays in the park, so I have to redo the New Orleans portion in order to keep the songs in the proper order. Keep in mind though, that I have started my version of the loop mid way through, and not at the point which most consider to be the first song of the loop. Also, there is one song I chose to omit. This is the song "Piano Roll Blues" by the former Main Street Pianist Rod Miller. I already have this song featured in my Main Street chapter, in a track of songs performed by Rod, and I also do not like the song in this loop. It stands out as not belonging with the others. All the other tracks are Dixieland, and this one is performed in Ragtime style. It does not match the theme of Frontierland and New Orleans, so I used my artistic sense, and opted to leave it out.

The other two songs added today are quite fun, and one is very rare. The first song is a very silly 1950's-ish sounding recording of a Stephen Foster song called "Ring Ring De Banjo" and it is used to represent the Silver Banjo Barbecue, which used to be located right near where the Stage Door Cafe is today. The reason I used this specific song, is because the lyrics to this song were printed on the restaurant's menu. RocketRods gave me that idea.

The rare track is a 1950's commercial for Aunt Jemima pancakes. I used this to represent the Aunt Jemima Pancake House, which was once located where River Belle Terrace is today. This ad is perfect for this, because it references the Disneyland restaurant, and talks about special recipes developed in the park. It is very campy and fun. Great find. RocketRods says that the way they say "Diisssnnneeeyyylllaaaannnndddd!!!" sounds like Homer Simpson saying... "Yum, Dooonnnnuuuttttsss"  Very humorous.

You will find all these additions on the following page...


December 19, 2013

Yesterday I spent a lot of time getting new pictures ready for the new tracks I have planned for the Rivers of America chapter. This takes some time. I have this pet peeve about posting images without blue skies. I often will have to edit photos and color in the sky myself. I also have trouble sometimes finding images for things that are more obscure and that no longer exist, and I am very picky about composition. That being said. I think I am all set for images now.

I did manage to add a couple more new tracks yesterday. The first one is a medley of songs, again by the Firehouse five. This track represents New Orleans Street. This is the original New Orleans area in the park, that has been there since opening day. It lost its title as such once the more expansive New Orleans Square was added, but the original intention on the Imagineers was to have this area represent New Orleans. This are does still exist today. It is where the Stage Door Cafe and River Belle Terrace are located. The music I chose for this track are two songs that the Firehouse Five played in this very spot on opening day. I have studio versions of both songs they played... Bras Bell and Frankie and Johnny. You can also hear the live recorded 1955 version over on the TV Land chapter. Here is the link for that It is track number 10 on this page. It might be interesting to compare both versions. Brass Bell is very close in arrangement, Frankie and Johnny was a much slower blues version that came in as a musical bridge with a trumpet solo in the middle of the live piece.

The other new track I added is some music to represent the former Plantation House Restaurant. For those unfamiliar with this structure, it was torn down in 1965 to make way for New Orleans Square. It sat right along the water near where Pirate's of the Carri bean is today. It had dock side seating to watch boats pass while you ate. The side facing the water looked like an old Southern plantation. The back of the building look more like an adobe structure. They famously served fried chicken dinners here. They need to bring those back!!! Their were often live bands who performed here, but information on who exactly played here is scarce, and the few names Rocket Rods found in his internet digging have very few if any recordings made during the period when they would have been performing here. He did find one recording, but it was from the 1930's and has a swing band tone to it that does not really fit the theme I am going for. So, I chose a piece of music by the "Banjo Kings" same group who does the music for the Mike Fink Keel Boats. So this group DOES have a Disneyland tie. The music they play is a medley of songs written by Stephen Foster which are perfect for a Southern Plantation theme. Old Kentucky Home, Old Folks at Home (aka Swannee River) and Camptown Ladies, all in a 2 and a half minute, upbeat banjo arrangement.

I did have another piece of music that did fit the theme of the Plantation House. It was a sweeping instrumental version of Old Kentucky Home. But it really has no tie to the park other than it just "sounds" like Disneyland. So after deliberating with Rocket Rods. I decided to go with the Banjo Kings music instead, because it does have a definite tie in with the history of the park.

You will find both of these tracks on my Rivers of America page. Stay tuned for more additions to this page today...


December 18, 2013

I added three new tracks to the Rivers of America chapter yesterday. I also relocated three tracks from New Orleans Square to the Rivers Chapter, and extended one other existing track.

Here is a breakdown of what I did.

1 - Queen of the River Theme: I extended this track to include additional music I more recently discovered. The track was less than 30 seconds before. I added an additional minute of music. It is a much better representation of the River now, and works as a great introduction to the chapter. This is music from the Disney TV show, that was used often when showcasing the Rivers of America on TV. I am sure many of you will recognize this music.

2 - ***NEW***  The Mark Twain Landing - Dapper Dans: I added a nice little barbershop ballad of the Dans singing Cruising Down the River. It compliments the Disneyland Band version of this song which is the track that is posted just before it.

3 - ***NEW*** The Mark Twain Landing - Firehouse Five Plus Two: This consists of the music used on the Mark Twain, Come Back Sweet Papa and Milenberg Joys. I posted this version because it is just the music by itself, without Mark Twain narrative or sound effects over it.

4 - ***New*** Harper's Mill: This is a 13 minute track of folk songs played on a banjo. It is more associated with the Walt Disney World version of the Keelboats, but I decided to use it to represent Harper's Mill because it fits the mood perfectly, and I wanted more tracks to represent Tom Sawyer's Island. It is possible this music could have been used in Disneyland at some point, but do not have confirmation of that. The music is so perfect for this chapter though, I just HAD to include it, and use a little artistic license. I cleaned this music up quite a bit. Sounds great!!! It is better than the raw files that are floating out there on the internet, so you may want to give this one a listen.

The three tracks I moved from New Orleans are all representative of the new Pirate's Lair version of Tom Sawyer's Island. Mu initial thought was to include these in New Orleans because they compliment Pirate's of the Caribbean, and the raft landing is technically in New Orleans Square. This would also separate the original version of the island with the made over version. However, I have decided to move them to Rivers of America after all, because the nautical theme actually compliments the Columbia tracks very nicely, and these tracks really are more about the Rivers than they are about New Orleans.

I am working on some additions today that will represent the ORIGINAL New Orleans in Disneyland, the Magnolia Park area which was there since opening day. I am placing this in the Rivers of America chapter as well, because this area has such close ties with the Mark Twain. This is now where the Stage Door Cafe and River Belle Terrace are located. But before New Orleans Square was built, this area was promoted as a New Orleans Street. If you look at the architecture today, you can see that this was the plan. It is much more simplified than New Orleans Square, but you can still see the influence of Georgian and French Quarter architecture in these buildings. At one time there was a Dixieland Bandstand in this area as well. Stay tuned for some fun additions to represent this area as it was in the early days of the park.


December 17, 2013

Well - I finally reached the magic number. I now have a grand total of 700 tracks in the Disneyland Audio Tour. I added a song to Fantasyland yesterday, as I said I was going to. This track is an authentic recording of the actual band who played in the Fantasyland courtyard from the time new Fantasyland premiered in 1983, though the mid 90's as far as I know. It could have been later, and they may still return seasonally. If anyone knows more, please share what you know. Anyway, thanks to RocketRods having pointed this out to me, I discovered that this group recorded an entire album in the late 80's, and they are known as the "Make-Believe Brass." I posted a fun little eight minute medley of their music. You will find it towards the top of the Fantasyland page...

Now, an update on my North Carolina trip. We decided it was best that I come later in the year, because the only flight I could get, and be there in time for Christmas, was at 6pm Christmas Eve. I would not arrive until 10pm, because I had a flight change, and my Dad is a two hour drive from the airport. This was too stressful for all concerned. My dad is in his 80's, and I do not do well with stress because of my disability. Therefore, I will still be plugging away at adding more tracks to the collection, and will not have a two week hiatus until this spring, when I go to visit him then. The only thing that is rotten about it, is that I will be alone on Christmas, so if anyone is around that day, be sure to send a me some merry greetings. It will make me feel better.

So, now I have deliberated, and decided to next turn my attention to my Rivers of America chapter. With only 16 tracks currently, it needs a little love. I do have quite a bit more to add to the chapter and things to extend existing tracks with, and this is why I separated it from Frontierland. I know the chapter would eventually merit it. Especially because I have a lot to add to Frontierland too. So if I kept the chapters together, it would have grown into a monster.

Stay tuned for some additions to Rivers of America today.


December 16, 2013

A few things to update today.

I did NOT reach my goal yesterday of reaching track number 700 on the Disneyland Audio Tour. I did however just post those two aforementioned Frontierland songs, so my total is now at 699. I will be adding that Fantasyland song I mentioned yesterday in a few hours. So I will definitely reach 700 by mid day.

The two songs I added for Frontierland are the new 2012 Area Music loop, and a song to represent the old Frontierland attraction known as the Miniature Horse Coral, which was there on opening day, and for a few years thereafter. You will find both on the following page...

Regarding the Horse Corral... It is interesting to note that this structure was the backdrop that was used for the Dateline Disneyland live 1955 Opening Day broadcast, when Davy Crockett danced with a collection of Pioneers to the song, "Bang! Went Old Betsy" In fact, to represent this attraction I used a vintage studio recorded version of this song which has the exact same musical arrangement that was heard during the live telecast, as well as a version of "The Ballad of Davy Crockett" that is very close to the version of the song that was also used during the live telecast, when Davy and Russell rode into town on their horses, just before the dance commenced. I used to have this little mix located on my Dateline Disneyland chapter some time ago, but removed it because I planned to relocate it to the Frontierland chapter. RocketRods gave me the idea to do so. I do still have the live telecast version as well, and you will find that one over at the TV Land chapter.

The other new Frontierland track is the full and complete 2012 Area loop. I did try to remove some music to make it shorter, as is my usual practice, but I liked all the music so much, I could not decide on anything to leave out. So this is one loop you can hear beginning to end over on my site. Keep in mind that this is not an exact recreation of the loop. I do my fade ins and outs between songs a little differently, because as per usual, I am not 100% happy with the way Disney did it. This is why it runs a teeny tiny bit longer than the actual loop, by about a minute of maybe two.

I also renamed my track that represents the old Frontierland loop, pre 2012, as "Frontierland Promenade - Hollywood Western Theme Music." I chose this title because the track is mostly made up songs from the classic Hollywood westerns. The track as it currently is edited is just over 6 minutes long. I do plan to extend this one at some point. I also have the vintage "Sons of the Pioneers" songs from the pre 2012 loop separated as its own track. I like those vintage songs separated because they have a different feel to them than the more orchestral themes, so that is going to stay the same.

The next thing I just did this morning was to add the new 2013 SONG OF THE YEAR!!!
You will find it posted on the following page. It is not too surprising what got the most votes...


December 15, 2013

I just found out some info from a friend over on Mousebits who listened to the entire Jingle Cruise loop in person. He confirmed a couple things about the loop. First of all, there is no "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" included. Whoever heard this on a Youtube video must have been mistaken or perhaps they edited in the song into the video themselves. It could have also been a video of the Walt Disney World version. I am relieved to find out that this song is not included at Disneyland, because it simply is not the correct type of music for the theme of the Jungle/Jingle Cruise. Also, the song "Meet Me Under the Mistletoe" is not edited down. The loop plays the entire song. The live recorded version I heard over on Paul Barrie's Window to the Magic must not have included the whole song for some reason. My Mousebits friend also said the loop clocks in at just over one hour and twenty-seven minutes. So that means that my version is about 50% of the entire loop.

I am working on a few more songs to add to the site today. I hope to reach the magic number of 700 total tracks for the Disneyland Audio Tour by the end of today. Hint... two songs are for Frontierland and one song is for Fantasyland. Stay tuned for another update once the tracks have been posted.


December 14, 2014 - First posting on my new Audio Editor Blog....

I have just added a new track to the Disneyland Audio Tour called... The Space Stage - Space Age Disco Concert. It is located within the Disneyland After Dark chapter. I was inspired to create this track based on another track from the Disneyland Showtime chapter (chapter 12) called "The Disneyland Entertainment Experience" which is a tour through Disneyland in the early 1980's with Jack Wagner describing all of the live entertainment offerings in the park. When he gets to the where he is describing the Space Stage, I recognized the piece of music he used. My older brother had an LP back in the 70's called Tiki Disco. It included the song I recognized, and it is called "Souvenirs". I did some research and discovered that the name of the group that produced this album was called "Voyage." I found two more songs by this same group that had a very space age sound to them, with lots of futuristic type sound effects underscoring the music. I thought... What a perfect way to represent the early years of the Space Stage in Tomorrowland. So I made a medley of three songs. It definitely has the right feel for that time in Tomorrowland.

To put these three tracks together as a medley I wanted to avoid too much of the slow fade out that Disco albums are known for. After all, this was supposed to represent a live concert and not just songs from an album. So I did a little editing to blend these tracks together while avoiding that fade out problem. I also end the track with a swooshy electronic sound to also avoid that slowly creeping fade out that makes things sound like an album, and not a live performance. If you like Disco, you will like this track. You may also just enjoy it for its over the top campy nature. Personally, I like it for both reasons...

You will find this track on the following page, track 15.


December 12, 2013

I just posted the final track for the Christmas page. What a relief to get this all done in plenty of time to be enjoyed for the holiday. The last track is a 53 minute "mini" version of the 2 hour Trader Sam's Holiday Loop. To shorten the loop, I did not include the non-Christmas songs, and omitted a few songs that had more than one variation, choosing the best out of the two versions in the loop. This reduced the loop by 50% It really is the BEST of the loop though. It is a very enjoyable listen. Special thanks must go to Mousebits member Kkocka for identifying the songs in this loop. He really spent a lot of time doing this, and I would not be able to have constructed my version without his work. If you would like to be acknowledged on my site for you contribution Kkocka, please let me know.

I am going to try and get at least 4 more new tracks posted onto the site by the time I leave for North Carolina to visit my Dad. I am now at 696 tracks, and would be nice to round things off to 700 before the year's end. I am going to pick a few easier ones to do so I will not be pressed for time. So expect a few random chapters to get additions over the next couple days.


December 11, 2013

I just completed one of the remaining two tracks for the Holiday page and posted it on my site. It is a track representing the new "Jingle Cruise" overlay. It includes 15 songs that have been positively ID'd from the new queue area radio loop. The first 10 songs of which are in the correct order, because I had a 30 minute live recording to go by, and the last 15 are placed in random order, because it is not yet known what order these tracks are placed in, but people have communicated that these songs have been heard either in the park, or on Youtube.

I left out three of the songs that were identified, each one for a different reason:

1 - One song, called "Meet Me Under the Mistletoe" was left out because in the live recording it seemed to be edited down to a very short portion of the song only, AND the recordings that are available are very poor quality, from a scratchy old vinyl album.

2 - "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" which was ID'd by Forever Magic II has been left out because I don't like it in this mix. It does not fit the musical quality of any of the other songs in this loop. It is 1950's Rock 'n Roll, and not Big Band/Swing like all the others. I would NEVER have included this song if I were the person in charge of the BGM at Disneyland. I feel this is a major flaw in the Jungle Cruise's themeing, and bad show. So in protest, I am leaving it out. (I do love this song, but it just does not fit)

3 - Finally, I am leaving out "Sleigh Ride" - By the Glen Miller Orchestra (also ID'd by Forever Magic II) for two reasons. One is that the exact same song can be heard in my Toontown holiday loop mix. (The actual loop has a shortened version, but in my mix i used the entire recording) The other reason is that this is a fairly recent digitally recorded song. The sound resonance does not match any of the other recordings because it is too modern. It stands out too much for not sounding like any of the others.  I have not heard this recording as it is heard in the park. I am imagining Disney may have put it in some sort of filter to make it sound older, but I am not sure. I hope they did! Again... THEMEING!!!

Speaking of filtering. There are three songs by Ella Fitzgerald that I dumbed down the audio a bit to match the resonance of the other recordings. These were in full stereo, and I assume were recorded in the late 50's or early 60's. To make the recordings sound older, like the others, I converted them to mono, and lowered the treble. From the live recording that is available on Window to the Magic by Paul Barrie, it seems from what I can tell that Disney did the same thing.

You will find this at track 14 on the following page...

I now just have one more Christmas track to work on. I hope to have it up by tomorrow. If you have been following my messages on various forums here on Mousebits, you may be able to guess what the one remaining track is. But you will all hopefully find out tomorrow. Stay tuned.


December 10, 2013

I just posted the aforementioned "surprise" track. It is the complete soundtrack to the 1991 stage show "Mickey's Nutcracker." It turns out that this show was filmed for TV, which I did not realize, and an anonymous source provided the audio from the TV production. The sound quality is a million times better than the version that can be found here on Mousebits, (and floating about on the web). It is still not perfect. There is a slight bit of hum I could not get rid of, but it is not very noticeable, and is not even audible when the music is louder.  It stands out mostly under the dialogue portions with little or no musical underscore. Overall, the music sounds crisp and clean, especially when you compare it to the previously available version. Another great thing, is that this version includes all of the live singing and dialogue that was not recorded for the previous version. So the show makes more sense, and is much more enjoyable to listen to because there are actually voices answering back and singing.  I was able to clean this track up quite a bit, and it took me an entire day to do it. I removed hundreds of small glitches manually, one by one. It was maddeningly tedious. There were so many little clicks and bumps. Then I filtered the track though noise reduction software. I did some more equalizing, added some bass. All in all, this was a major project. i knew it would be, but I had to get this out to you all before the holiday.

The track is located on the following page, track 26...

So now I just have two more tracks to add to this chapter. I will resume work tomorrow AM.


December 10, 2013

I just slightly altered the Mickey's Toontown Christmas Loop, it is all the same music, I just switched the beginning to the end in order to match the loop starting point as posted on the track listing here on Mousebits. My original thought was to start it at the point where the song "From All of Us to All of You" by Jiminy Cricket was positioned, and then loop back the the start after it ended from that point. But after listening to the track a few times, I decided it sounded better in the proper arrangement.

I also added the two recently ID'd tracks by RocketRods into my Bear Country Holiday loop. I am still missing some songs from this loop because they have not been ID'd, and the source copy of the loop that I have is very bad audio, so I only included songs that I could find better audio for. It is 24 minutes long, which is a good enough representation for this loop, and frankly, some of the missing songs are not my favorites, so I really do not miss them. I am pretty happy with this track as it is.

A couple things to note regarding the two Bear Country Christmas tracks I just added into my existing mix: Jinglin' Brass was slower than how it sounded on the loop source I have, so I slightly sped it up to match. Normally I would not care about exactly matching Disney's edits, but it sounded so much better sped up, beleive it or not, so I decided to replicate this. Also, I used a little artistic licence by including the entire song "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas" The Disney edit was an abridged version. I liked this music, so I decided to include the entire thing. I think Disney shortened it because there is one chorus with vocals, but It sounds more like background vocals, so it still retains the sense of being instrumental music in a way, so I don't mind it being there.

Both of these improved tracks are now posted on this page...

I still have three more tracks to add to this page, and one is a big surprise you all will be happy to hear I think. I will be working on these three today. No more distractions. So stay tuned.


December 9, 2013

I was able to get some audio editing done today, and did post something new on the site. It is a revised and extended version of the coveted Mickey's Christmas Chalet Loop - I now have the entire loop posted. For this one I made no omissions. This is not the same recording circulating around the internet that has sub-par audio quality. This is my own reconstruction of this loop using original quality source materials. I was missing some of the Babes in Toyland soundtrack instrumentals and a small section from Lady and the Tramp, but I was able to find excellent copies of these missing portions, so I have now added them in and extended the track by nearly 10 minutes. I am very happy with the sound quality, and this track is one of my favorite holiday ones. I hope you all will enjoy as well. I have posted it on the following page, track number 23 until more tracks are added...

I have more to work on for tomorrow. So stay tuned.


December 9, 2013

Well, I just finished reformatting the Index page...

It took longer than expected. I have been working on it all day. Over 8 hours. But it is now done, and it looks very nice. Let me know how you like it.

I am taking a break, and may do some audio tonight, but I will definitely have some new posted tracks tomorrow. I have no other side projects to get in the way.


December 8, 2013

I have taken a bit of a break from audio editing to finish changing the fonts on each chapter page. I have completed that project. I have also improved the aesthetic of the navigation areas that lead to the additional pages found in Chapter's 18 and 19 (Holiday Time and TV Land) - I felt it looked too busy, so came up with a nicer look for it.

I lastly have been changing the font on the main index page. I have finished chapter's 11-20, and have 10 more chapters to go. I have been cleaning up the alignment of everything on that page too, as well as making the pictures I upload on that page the actual size that they appear, and not reduced from the originals. Those photo files used a lot of memory, and slowed down the loading. It is because each row of pictures for each individual chapters was grouped together as one image. So it was a long line of pictures. Not just one picture at a time.

So tomorrow around mid day I should have the index page updated. I originally used the same font on that page that I had been using for those titles I just changed over on the chapter pages. Since this font seems to be an issue, I need to use a more universal one. I have other areas on the site that use that font to, (The Disneyland Story article page is the biggest culprit) so I plan to switch over anything else using that font as well, but this is a project for down the road. Right now I will return my concentration to the Disneyland audio collection. Once I have a better handle on this monstrous project, I will then perhaps turn more attention to fine tuning other areas of my site.

My trip away is going to be a bit later than expected. I could not get a flight until Christmas Eve. So I have a few extra days to work on more audio until I leave for two weeks. During that two week period I will not be able to edit any new audio. I may be able to work on more of the aforementioned font change over project while I am there, but it is unclear if my father's computer set up is going to be conducive to this, so that is up in the air. Either way, I will be continuing to add a new Song of the Day etc, because that has already been pre-set.

Hopefully I will have some new Christmas songs for you all the hear tomorrow. I want to have that chapter fully updated ASAP so it can still be enjoyed for the holiday this year. Stay tuned.


December 6, 2013

I added two new tracks to the holiday chapter just now. The first track is the Disneyland Hotel Holiday Loop. Thanks to Pixelated for IDing these tracks, and thanks to RocketRods in helping me out with this one. It is track 13.

I also added a short track to represent the Christmas time Billy Hill show at the Ranch. I found a good Bluegrass version of Sleigh Ride that sounds a lot like their version. This is track 20.

I still have 3 more Christmas tracks to add, so stay tuned.

All of these can again be found on this page...


December 5, 2013

I just added a nice little track to the Holiday Time page. It is a Dapper Dans Holiday Medley. Please take note that this is NOT authentic. It is a group that sounds just like them, but it is not really them. This is just a re-enactment. But it does sound quite authentic, so I had to let you all know. It is track 8 on this page...

I have five more Christmas tracks I am working on. I will be incorporating some of the music from the loops that have recently been identified by Kkocka and Pixelated, and have a couple other surprises in store as well. I am scrambling to get these done in time for the holiday, so you can all enjoy them now. Will just be a couple more days till they are all done.

You may have also noticed that I have been changing the font of all the track titles. I have had a few people tell me they were having an issue with the font I had previously been using. The problem is that the font "Ariel Narrow" does not appear on all web browsers, so it will default to another font, and in some cases it will be too wide, causing the alignment to be messed up. I have solved this by changing all of the titles to "Times New Roman" which is a font EVERYBODY has. I am making it a bit smaller than the standard size, so that it is about the same size as my previous font. (The tighter spacing is why I choose the original font in the first place) I have it set to a 5.75 millimeters, with a tighter space between words. The normal size would be either 6 or 7 millimeters, but I am able to use a special feature that allows me to reduce the size in smaller increments. I have had someone test it, and it appears the correct size on different browsers. It is also a bit of a nicer looking font, as "Ariel Narrow" is sans serif, and a but modern looking. Times New Roman is much more classic looking.

I have completed changing the font on Chapters 1 through 6, plus I did Chapter 10 and 18. I will be changing the rest over the next few days. It is a time consuming process. I have to change them each one by one so it is not a fun job, and takes a lot of time.


December 4, 2013

I just added a really fun, and unexpected track to my Holiday page. Track 22 - The Magic of Christmas. (the number may change if I add more tracks)

I found a video with very good audio of a made for TV special produced in the 1980's. It seemed like something that might have been an in park Disneyland live show, but was re-staged for TV. It featured costumed characters and the Kids of the Kingdom, but I needed confirmation that this was something that played in the park. I did some digging on the internet and did find out that this was a show that did play at the park from 1983 to 1985, and possibly longer. I think it was a tie-in to Mickey's Christmas Carol, because that also premiered in 1983, and the show featured Uncle Scrooge. From what I gather, the show was originally presented at the Space Stage in Tomorrowland, before it became the Magic Eye Theater, and was then moved to Videopolis in 1985. The date of Dec 1985 would also make it the very first live character show to be presented at Videopolis.

It is a 24 minute track and has lots of very fun holiday songs. As a side note, some of the music featured in this show seems to be identical to a portion of the 2002 version of the Walt Disney World Castle show called Celebrate the Season. Mainly the sleigh ride segment with dancing horses. It is the exact same arrangement, and must have been recycled from this earlier show.


December 2, 2013

I only added one new track today. I was doing some hunting around for other Christmas things to add, so that took up a good part of my day. The good news is that I discovered some great Christmas audio that I will be adding in the next few days.

For today, I added a track to represent the Dickens Yuletide Band, the small brass band that performs Christmas carols on Main Street dressed in Charles Dickens era clothes. Over on the website called "Daveland" which I am sure many of you have heard of, I found a photo of them performing in what appears to be the 1960's, so this group has been around, off and on, for many decades, so I felt they really needed to be included.  However, I was not able to find any clean authentic recordings of them. Luckily, I did find a number of very good sound alike tracks to use in place of actual recordings. Please keep in mind, that the percussionist that is often with this group is not always there. I have seen videos of them performing both with this drummer and without, and have seen photos of them playing both with and without the drummer. So the fact my musical selections have no percussion is not an omission. I wanted a more traditional sound. Watching the live videos of them on Youtube, the drummer cheeses it up a bit for me. I think it is much more enjoyable without him. You will find my little re-enactment of this group on the holiday page...


November 30, 2013

I added another rare vintage Wagner track to the site today. It is a 1980's version of the in-room Disneyland Hotel channel cable programing. This is a 6 minute tour of the Disneyland Hotel as it was in the 80's, and features some delightfully campy 80's production music as the underscore. It is also located on the chapter one page, track number 14.

I am also working on four new Christmas tracks to add to the holiday chapter and will have those up next, so look for those in the next day or so.

Speaking of Christmas. Starting tomorrow (December 1st at 12am eastern standard time) I will be starting my second annual countdown to Christmas song of the day. I have decorated my home page and the song of the day index page with all sorts of fun Christmas art. I have it ready to go, and will be switching it over at 12 o'clock. A new Christmas themed song will be added every day from December 1st though the 31st.


November 28, 2013

I just added a revised version of an existing track. It is track three on the following page...

This is a Disneyland introduction by Jack Wagner. The previous version ran about 1 minute. the new version runs over seven minutes. The first minute of the track is unchanged. I added a new second part to the track. This continues the introduction to the park in more detail by taking you through each land and describing several main attractions, circa the early 1980's. The narrative I had used before came from the Audio Tour for the Blind recordings by Jack Wagner. This new narrative is something entirely different, and to the best of my knowledge has never been available before. It is newly discovered Jack Wagner audio!!! I underscored this with an instrumental version of Zip A Dee Do Dah, and extended the track to fit the timing of the narrative. I timed it perfectly to fit, and it sounds quite nice. This track took me a couple days to perfect. I had to clean up the audio quite a bit, and it was very tedious. There were a lot of distortions, pops and clicks that i had to remove, one by one. That is always a real chore to do.

Hope everyone here in the states has a wonderful Thanksgiving, and for my overseas friends, may I extend the good will of the holiday to you as well.

Stay tuned for more additions in the days ahead.


November 26, 2013

I added two more tracks since my last posting. One is very minor. I isolated the instrumental main gate loop music, from 1992, of the song from the Country Bear Jamboree called "Come Again", and placed this on the Critter Country page. I have often added little extra tracks like this in the past in order to allow a little more information about a particular piece of music to be included in an extra paragraph of liner notes, or to include a special extra picture. This is no exception to that. I wanted to use this music so that I could include a picture of Max, Buff and Melvin, and also wanted to mention in the liner notes that this is the only original song written for the original Country Bear show.

You will find this on the following page, track 15 -

The second track I added is more significant. I added a 2002 recording of the Disneyland Resort TV guided tour promo. It is on the following page, track 17 -


November 24, 2013

I added two more tracks, both located at the Disneyland After Dark Chapter.

Someone had recently requested the "Celebrate America" fireworks show, so I made that a priority to post today. Rocket Rods should be given credit for providing this. I did make a few edits, and removed some minor glitches.

I also posted The Magic the Memories and You. Marni1971 provided this one, and he did say it was now ok to post this, and I have placed a credit to him at the bottom of the page. I also made a few edits. I was able to remove some distracting sound effects, that sound more like they are audio glitches. The first of these is towards the beginning of the track, right before the pumpkin couch is heard. The pumpkin couch does not bother me, because the song explains what is happening, and it does sound like trotting horses, but the sounds right before that, which are supposed to represent some sort of scroll unraveling, sound awful without the visuals to go along with it. It just sounds like the recording is distorted. So good news, I was able to remove these sounds, It was not easy to do. I had to do some tricky editing, but I think it sounds much better now. I also removed some other distracting sounds around the point where Stitch says "Ohanna is Family" (or whatever he says)  At this point there seems to be the sound of a pencil writing, which is fine, but some of these sounds sounded more like distortion, even though they are supposed to sound like pencil scratches. So I removed some of the clicks and pops that are located there. You can still hear the pencil noise, but it now sounds much cleaner and not as distracting.

If anyone remembers who it was that was asking about Celebrate America here in the forums, could you let them know I have posted it. I do not remember who they were.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow.


November 23, 2013

I added two all-new tracks to the site, both located on the Tomorrowland 1970's-1980's page.

The first track is the theme song "Here's to the Future." It is the cleanest copy of this song I have ever heard. Previously all versions of this song that were out there in cyberspace have had extremely poor audio, but this copy sounds fantastic. While this is song is more associated with Walt Disney World's Space Mountain, in the early design stages, it was planned to be a part of the Disneyland version as well, and the music was even used for promotional purposes while the Disneyland version was being built, but the song unfortunately never made it to Anaheim once the ride premiered in 1977. However, there is a historical tie between the song and Disneyland, so I felt it was apropos to include it.

The other track I added is the audio from the Space Mountain Preview film that was originally shown at the Disneyland Showcase on Main Street, back when this was a sort-of display museum known as "A Preview of Coming Attractions" The narrator is Jack Wagner. I have heard another version of this audio using a narrator that is not Jack Wagner, but the script used is identical, and the sound effects heard under the dialogue are exactly the same. I used the Wagner version, because the sound quality is pristine. The other version, which is more likely the authentic version heard in the museum on Main Street, has very poor audio on all the copies I have been able to obtain, so I opted to go with Wagner, since the sound was very good. I also end the track with an instrumental version of "Here's to the Future" that was originally played at the end of this video, but in an abridged form. The music I have included is the entire musical piece.

Just an interesting observation I made while listening to this aforementioned instrumental version of "Here's to the Future." It has the exact same feel and instrumentation quality as the "Stars and Stripes Forever" funky 70's piece used when loading and unloading the America Sings show. Both of these pieces would likely have been recorded around the same time. I am sure they were orchestrated by the same composer, and recorded by the same musicians, perhaps in the same recording session. Listen to both, and you will see what I mean. The America Sings music is also on this page.

Now that I am back into the swing of things, you can look forward to something new pretty much every day. I have had a couple of requests to add certain specific tracks in the recent past, but because of the way my site was set up before now, it was difficult for me to jump around from chapter to chapter to add new things, and had to stick to one chapter at a time. The new format has given me much more freedom in this regard, so I am going to next work on a few things that people have been asking me about and are waiting to hear.

If there is anything specific that anyone does want me to work on next, please do not be shy. When someone requests something, it really helps motivate me to work on it, knowing it will be appreciated. As an example, Blinkereye123 was asking about the Space Mountain Preview the other day, and that is what inspired me to work on it next. So please feel free to ask for things. It really does help keep me excited.

Stay tuned for more.


November 22, 2013

I finally added something new to the site. I have updated the Main Street Cinema loop with much cleaner, and crisper audio. Thanks must go to "Thetrout" here on MB for contributing these tracks in a torrent. I did not realize until now that the sound quality was superior to what I previously had, so I had to replace my version with this much better sounding one. I did clean up a few sections that had some slight background hiss, and removed a couple of minor clicks (audio glitches) so it is a slight improvement to what the torrent version is.

You will find this new version on my Main Street page...


November 21, 2013

I just now finally finished setting up my site, including song of the day and special images for the next two months, including the Christmas Layover and the transition into 2014. It took me a lot longer to set up than I thought it would, but now I am free and clear until February 2014. Now that this is done, I can return to editing more music for Disneyland Audio Tour - I am taking a breath the rest of today, and will start to work on new tracks tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to add a new track or two tomorrow, so stay tuned for an update.


November 19, 2013

Things have been going slower than planned. I took me an entire day to gather and photo edit all the individual daily images needed for all the song of the day tracks I will be featuring in the December Christmas Song of the Day Countdown. All the pictures are now ready. Now I need to gather all the music together and upload it on to the storage folder for my site. There are a few things I do not have pre-edited, that I will have to edit the music together for first. I will also need to set up all the stuff for the January transition in advance, because as I mentioned, I will not be home when the new year arrives, and I need to have everything set up in advance because I will not have access to my computer.

I may be able to finish all of this site set up and construction stuff today, but I will definitely be done by tomorrow at the latest. Then I will be back to editing new music for DMAT.

By the way - beginning on November 21st, the song of the day on my site will feature all songs loosely themed to Thanksgiving, so be sure to check my home page for new Thanksgiving art work, and songs to put you in the mood for Turkey Day. Tomorrow will be the final day of the Mickey Mouse birthday tribute countdown. Hope everyone enjoyed all the great songs in honor of the main mouse. There are some great songs planned for the Christmas Countdown this year. Some returning from last year, and several new ones as well. December will be a fun month. The art work I have laid out for the page is very cheery and colorful as well. That will begin December 1st and run through the 31st.

Stay tuned for more updates.


November 17, 2013

I have finished changing the title cards and renaming everything for what is now formerly "A Day at Disneyland" The new official name is "Disneyland - A Magical Audio Tour" - I will refer to this as D.M.A.T. for short in all further posting in the thread. Heretofore, if you see the acronym DMAT - I am referring to this specific feature on my site.

I have finished designing the special pages for the Christmas overlay of my website. Today I need to choose songs and corresponding images for the songs for the Song of the Day in December. I am going to be visiting my father and step mom in North Carolina from late December through Early January, so I am also going to set up things for January now because I will not have access to my home computer when the transition to January 2014 takes place. I need to have everything set up so that little to no editing is required when switching months. I will be able to keep up with the song of the day by using my Dad's computer, but will not be able to add music to my site that is not already loaded onto my website storage area, or whatever the proper terminology is for it.

These chores should take me the rest of the day, so I plan to get back to editing new music for DMAT tomorrow. Stay tuned for updates on these additions in the days ahead.


November 16, 2013

I have created and posted a new logo for the home page - It now says "Disneyland - A Magical Audio Tour" in a more vintage font. I have also renamed the table of contents item - "Disneyland - A Magical Audio Tour"

I need to redo the font on the individual chapter headers. But I have officially renamed A Day at Disneyland "Disneyland - A Magical Audio Tour"


November 15, 2013

Now that I have finally finished the conversion over to a new and more efficient media player, which allows me to put all the tracks for a single chapter on the same page without slowing down web browsers, I am taking a bit of a breather to regroup and decide where to go next.

As many of you know, the chapters for "A Day at Disneyland" were previously divided into pages of ten tracks per page. This was due to a lack of options given by my old media player. When you opened a new page, rather than one player loading at a time when pressing play, all of the players automatically began to load as soon as the page was opened. This would slow down the browsers to a snail's pace if more than 10 tracks appeared in the same page. Because of the way chapters previously had to be split up into sections due to these limitations, I tried to keep each page within  a chapter somehow cohesive by having the tracks on that page be complimentary to each other by either having them somehow be related in theme, location in the park, or in some cases, by following a linear timeline of when things first appeared in the parks.

However, now that the new media players have freed me up to post as many tracks on a page that I so desire, because the new players no longer load all at once, I can have each chapter tell its own story. By not being restricted to 10 song intervals, I can arrange things by chapter rather than by page. This is actually the lifting of a huge burden on me creatively. The reason I bring this up, is because you are all going to notice a lot of shifting around of the track order. Now that things are all in one grouping per chapter, I will be moving things around to better tell a full story, rather than a story in 10 track increments.

That being said, please bare with me as I move things around. I will try to keep the index page up to date with any of these changes. If anything should happen to move to a whole new chapter, which in some cases they might, I will post a special message here. But fear not, nothing is going to be removed from the site, this is all about rearrangement, and no purging is planned.

Another great thing about the new format, is that it is easier for me to bump around from chapter to chapter, just to add just one track here or there, because I am no longer thinking about how the new additions will fit into those 10 track intervals. I no longer have to think about how the new materials are going to effect the theme of the 10 track intervals, causing me to rethink the track order of an entire chapter each time I add one new song. This makes my job less cumbersome, because I can now work on things as they grab my fancy, rather than feeling restricted to stick to one chapter at a time. This will make it easier to motivate myself to get work done.

I need to get things prepared for the planned Christmas overlay of my site for the month of December. This will take me a few days to get ready. Once that is good to go, I will return to adding more tracks to A Day at Disneyland. I will let you know hen I have returned to the project. Meanwhile, enjoy the new format. It is much much easier to navigate. Let me all know what you think about it.


Questions, comments or suggestions? Contact me at or Twitter @DisneyChris73