TITLE P - 50resented here, for your enjoyment, is a magical and musical virtual audio tour of the Happiest Place on Earth, both past and present. From this comprehensive collection of rare audio recordings, the stay at home listener is granted their very own 'E' Ticket to adventures that recreate the ambiance and simulate the you-are-there sensation of an actual trip to the park. Just close your eyes and let your mind run free. It won't be hard to imagine you are really inside the Magic Kingdom for an exciting day at Disneyland, the place where dreams really do come true...
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03 - 1

1 - Walt Disney Introduces Main Street USA - Main Street March  1:48

Walt Disney, the man behind the magic in the Magic Kingdom, welcomes all of us to The Happiest Place on Earth, and to Main Street USA, a romanticized recreation of a small American town as it was during the famed gaslight era. At the end of the street, the world-renowned Disneyland marching band appears in full regalia.



03 - 2

2 - Meet Me Down on Main Street - Disneyland USA  4:12

In 1956, a short-subject theatrical release shot in full Technicolor and widescreen Cinemascope was produced as part of Walt Disney's "People and Places" documentary series. A highlight of this travelogue was an extensive tour of Main Street USA's many sights and sounds from the vantage point of a early 1900's Horse-Drawn Street Car.



03 - 3

3 - Meet Me Down on Main Street - The Mellomen Quartet  4:51

This well-known Disney quartet perform, in barbershop harmony, a song that originated from a 1950 Donald Duck cartoon entitled, ''Crazy Over Daisy'', which was set during the Gay Nineties era. A few years later, the song was recycled, new lyrics were added and it became the official theme song of Main Street USA.



03 - 4

4 - Main Street USA Attraction Preview - Jack Wagner  1:55

Jack Wagner provides an insightful attraction preview of all the many exciting sights and sounds to be found along Main Street USA, including descriptions of all the vintage modes of transportation found here, and a run-down of all the live entertainment offerings that can be enjoyed up and down this colorful avenue.



03 - 5

5 - Main Street Sightseeing Tour  1:21

Aboard an antique horseless carriage, actor Robert Cummings took one of the very first sightseeing tours down Main Street USA during its grand opening ceremonies in 1955. As he and his family motored down the thoroughfare, he pointed out the many turn of the century shops, attractions and other points of interest along the way.



03 - 6

6 - Main Street Omnibus  7:16

Disneyland's colorful double-decker Omnibus is a great way to see the sights along Main Street USA. This one-way trip between Town Square and Central Plaza is navigated by a friendly and informative bus driver, who provides a brief guided tour, pointing out the many areas of interest found up and down the boulevard.



03 - 7

7 - The Disneyland Band - King Mickey March  1:50

The Disneyland Band has been performing up and down Main Street USA since the day Disneyland first opened. At any given moment, this colorful marching ensemble may appear following the growing resonance of a marching drum. They will often perform the King Mickey March on their way to Town Square for an afternoon concert.



03 - 8

8 - Main Street USA - Area Background Music  14:03

All over Disneyland, the air is filled with song. The atmosphere music heard up and down Main Street is a collection of popular songs authentic to the gaslight era, as well as many other recognizable showtunes from various Broadway hits, as well as classic Walt Disney motion-picture musicals, set during the same romantic period.



03 - 9

9 - Main Street Emporium - Atmosphere & Background Music  20:05

The Disneyland Emporium occupies nearly an entire block on the western side of Main Street. This is the busiest store in all of Disneyland, and the mood is always lively. Inside this massive mercantile, the clicking and clanging of cash registers is nearly as melodious as the Victorian era parlor music used as background accompaniment.



03 - 10A

- Main Street Emporium - Enchanted Windows -

For many decades it has been a tradition to display vignettes from Disney's animated classics in the storefront windows of the Main Street Emporium. Here too, scenes from all-new theatrical releases are showcased to promote the latest animated offerings. In 2015 the tradition returned with elebarate new transforming displays featuring scenes from Peter Pan, Cinderella, The Princess & the Frog, Toy Story, Frozen and Aladdin. 


03 - 10B


10 - Enchanted Windows - Peter Pan   2:15






03 - 11


11 - Enchanted Windows - Cinderella   2:22






03 - 12


12 - Enchanted Windows - The Princess & the Frog   2:24






03 - 13


13 - Enchanted Windows - Toy Story   2:07






03 - 14


14 - Enchanted Windows - Frozen   2:40






03 - 15


15 - Enchanted Windows - Aladdin   2:33






03 - 16

16 - The Storybook Store - Area Background Music  52:44

Inside the Crystal Arcade, which is part of the Main Street Emporium complex, the Storybook Store offers Disney themed children's books, music, toys and stuffed animals. The wonderful music used as a backdrop for this colorful shop appropriately comes directly from many of Walt Disney's classic motion picture soundtracks.



03 - 17

17 - Music Man Medley - Area Background Music  6:06

Meredith Wilson's classic American musical, ''The Music Man'', is set in the same time and place as Disneyland's early 20th century thoroughfare, so it is only fitting that several songs from this Tony Award winning score be featured on Main Street. Wilson himself had visited Disneyland in 1959, and led a real marching band of 76 trombones.



03 - 18

18 - Main Street USA - Area Music Alternates  1:10:37

Perhaps the most beloved background music in Disneyland is the Main Street area loop. Many are unfamiliar with the origins of these songs, and even more are unfamiliar with the lyrics. Here is a collection of original or alternate versions of these catchy tunes, complete with vocals, so now you can sing along as you stroll down the avenue.



03 - 19

19 - Wonderland Music Store - Wurlitzer Player Piano  32:12

For the better of two decades, the Wonderland Music Store was a prominent feature of Main Street's eastern corner building, facing Town  Square. On display were dozens of Wurlitzer keyboard instruments including everything from grand pianos to modern electric organs, as well as a fully operational, restored antique player piano.



03 - 20

20 - Main Street Magic Shop - Houdini Telephone Message  1:24

The Main Street Magic Shop has been a Disneyland staple for decades, and is even where comedian Steve Martin began his show business career. Here, master magicians often perform slight-of-hand tricks for passers by, and on antique phones guests can listen in on an actual vintage recording of Harry Houdini recorded in 1914.



03 - 21

21 - 20th Century Music Store - Disneyland Forever Kiosk  8:12

The Twentieth Century Music Store was once home to a very twenty-first century music making technology. The short lived but popular  Disneyland Forever kiosks allowed guests the opportunity to instantly create their very own personalized souvenir CD's with selections chosen from a vast library of rare Disneyland audio recordings.



03 - 22

22 - Great American Pastimes - Area Background Music  9:10

Sandwiched between the magic shop and the Main Street Cinema is a small store once known as the Main Street Tobacconist, proof being that a wooden tobacco store Indian is still positioned on the sidewalk in front of this establishment. In the '90's, it became Great American Pastimes and sold vintage sports memorabilia and team merchandise.



03 - 23

23 - Main Street Organ Grinder  2:05

Along the city streets of early 20th century America, it was common to see a Gypsy organ grinder, churning out charming music as his performing monkey entertained the crowd, carrying a tin cup to accept gratuities. To the delight of park guests, this classic novelty act was replicated in early Disneyland, complete with live monkey.



03 - 24

24 - The Keystone Cops - Main Street Saxophone Quartet  8:43

Another popular live act that has been performing on Main Street for over fifty years is the Saxophone Quartet. In the early years they were known as the Keystone Cops, and donned old-fashioned policeman uniforms with Bobby hats. More recently, the musical foursome has donned red shirts and suspenders, taking on a fireman's motif.



03 - 25

25 - The Main Street Cinema  9:35

The distinctive sound of early 1900's silent cinema music can be heard in all its zany glory at the Main Street Cinema. Spike Jones composed this music for an album he released in the 1960's paying homage to the silent movie era. Disneyland has used selections from this album to provide the proper atmosphere for this attraction.



03 - 26

26 - Main Street Cinema - Phantom of the Opera  2:39

Years ago, the Main Street Cinema was haunted by its very own phantom, inspired by the classic silent horror thriller "Phantom of the Opera" with Lon Chaney. The ghostly figure would lurk around the cinema lobby, sneaking into the viewing room to frighten unsuspecting guests who felt his presence behind them, but it was all in good fun.



03 - 27

27 - The Main Street Cinema - Steamboat Willie  2:49

When the Main Street Cinema premiered at Disneyland on opening day, and for the better of two decades, the films shown here were an assortment of live-action short subjects from the silent film era. In later years, these were replaced with classic early Mickey Mouse shorts, including the one that made him a star...''Steamboat Willie."



03 - 28

28 - Main Street Cinema - Dateline Disneyland  8:02

For Disneyland's 50th anniversary celebration, the Main Street Cinema's normal cartoon program was put on temporary hiatus to screen clips from the park's live opening day telecast, originally aired on July 17, 1955. The footage from this special presentation showed just how much Disneyland had grown over the past 5 decades.



03 - 29

29 - Main Street Town Band  13:46

For a brief period, Main Street served as the backdrop for a band of Dixielanders dressed as the residents of a turn of the 20th century small town. This "Town Band" was inspired by a similar musical troupe from Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, which began performing there during its opening year and remained a staple for decades. 



03 - 30

30 - The Dapper Dans  6:19

Disneyland's own barbershop balladeers, the Dapper Dans, claim to be the  original boy band, and rightfully so. They have been performing live on Main Street for over half a century. Throughout the day, they can be seen bicycling along the thoroughfare singing vintage American standards, showtunes and favorite Disney songs.



03 - 31

31 - Hello Dolly Medley - Area Background Music  5:31

Jerry Herman's musical masterpiece, "Hello Dolly," perfectly encapsulates both the time period and nostalgia of Main Street USA, so it is no surprise that three songs from this Broadway classic have been included in the area music of Disneyland's early 20th century thoroughfare, emoting the bold and brassy energy of this happy hometown.



03 - 32

32 - Market House Party Line - Dinglinger's Store  3:37

Mounted on the walls of Main Street Market House are several old-fashioned public telephones. Many fondly remember the original version, set in Dinglinger's general store. This comical conversation between mother and daughter references many of the prices for common grocery items, including steak at a whopping eleven cents a pound.



03 - 33

33 - The Firehouse Five Plus Two  28:31

The Firehouse Five, Plus Two, were an immensely popular Dixieland jazz group with a huge following and a string of chart topping albums. Notably, each musician was also a member of Walt Disney's animation staff. They first performed at Disneyland on opening day, and by popular demand became a regularly appearing guest act.



03 - 34

34 - Market House Partyline - Burning Barn/Paddy Wagon  6:48

One of the things that makes Disneyland such a special place, and so magical, are its many and often unnoticed little details, and the old-fashioned public phones inside the Main Street Market House are no exception. Lifting the receiver to their ear, guests can eavesdrop on a comical partyline conversation authentic to the 1890's.



03 - 35

35 - Starbucks Coffee - Market House Partyline  8:08

Since day one, Disneyland has welcomed outside corporations to host the many shops and restaurants up and down Main Street. In 2013. the Market House underwent a full renovation and expansion when Starbucks Coffee took over as the new sponsor. In addition, the party-line phones where updated with newly recorded conversations.



03 - 36

36 - Main Street Windows - Sherman Bros. Medley 8:46

 Like the credits in a movie, the windows on Main Street are used to honor those who have contributed to the creation and development of Disneyland. When legendary Disney song writers Richard and Robert Sherman received their window, the special ceremony included a musical tribute to their tuneful theme park compositions.



03 - 37

37 - Main Street Window Chatter - The Painless Dentist  3:04

Half-way down Main Street, and off the main boulevard, are two opposing cul-de-sacs known as Center Street East and Center Street West. Here, from several open windows, guests can listen in on a number of comical scenarios typical of daily life in the 1890's. One of these reenacts and exaggerates the painful sounds heard from a dentist office.



03 - 38

38 - Main Street Window Chatter - The Piano Lesson  3:52

Another comical scenario heard on Center Street is the agonizing resonance of a young piano student taking a lesson at the Main Street Music School. Other examples of such "window chatter" can be heard throughout the park, and these atmospheric details help transport guests to another time and place, adding to the magic of Disneyland.



03 - 39

39 - Main Street Window Chatter - Hotel Marceline Morning Routine  1:47

From the second story window of the Hotel Marceline, we hear a typical morning routine, including a shower, a brushing of the teeth, and a quick shave. The name given to this fictitious hotel is derived from small hometown of  Walt Disney's own boyhood, Marceline, Missouri, which is said to be the inspiration behind Main Street USA.



03 - 40

40 - The Happiest Millionaire Medley - Area Background Music  3:12

Much of the background music on Main Street is not authentic to the period, but is drawn from films and musicals that are set during this romantic age. One of these is Walt Disney's, "The Happiest Millionaire," Several songs from this and other classic Walt Disney motion picture musicals can be heard all along Main Street.



03 - 41

41 - Upjohn Pharmacy - The Triangle of Health  2:26

An early Disneyland sponsor was Upjohn Pharmaceuticals, hosting a shop and exhibit on Main Street replicating an early 20th century apothecary, complete with a mock pharmacy counter displaying antique medication bottles. Guests could buy over the counter pain relievers, vitamins and novelty gifts such as jars filled with "Pixie Dust."



03 - 42

42 - Main Street Area Music - The Gaslight Orchestra  46:42

Much of the music that Jack Wagner personally selected for the fondly remembered background music of Main Street USA from 1971-1992 was provided by Albert White and his Gaslight Orchestra . This musical ensemble recorded many popular albums in the 1960's, in a romanticized yet authentically vintage Gay Nineties style.



03 - 43

43 - Main Street Area Music - Gay Nineties Waltzes  34:56

From 1971-1976 Disneyland's Main Street area loop is widely believed to have come from a singular album, performed by the Albert White Orchestra, called "Gay Nineties Waltzes" which was played in its entirety.  In 1976 the loop was extended to include selections from not only this album, but several other gay nineties period pieces.



03 - 44

44 - Main Street Area Music - The Jack Wagner Collection  54:40

Jack Wagner's classic Main Street loop blended songs that were both familiar and obscure, consisting of authentic period pieces as well as contemporary compositions. While the Gaslight Orchestra was the main focus of this loop, several other artists were represented as well,  including San Francisco Harry and the Barbary Coast Bandits.



03 - 45

45 - Summer Magic Medley - Area Background Music  5:18

Several other period appropriate musicals are represented in Main Street's area music, including Rogers and Hammerstein's '' Oklahoma,''  Jerry Herman's ''Hello Dolly,'' Stephen Flaherty's ''Ragtime'' and memorable favorites from the 1963 Walt Disney motion picture musical, '' Summer Magic'' composed by the Sherman Brothers.



03 - 46

46 - Center Street - Disneyland Art Festival  2:03

At the Disneyland Art Festival, held on the sidewalks of East Center Street in the early '60's, guests could browse through aisles of colorful art, including original watercolor and oil paintings available for purchase. For an even more one-of-a-kind souvenir, guests could also sit for an on the spot charcoal portrait by a visiting artist.



03 - 47

47 - Carnation Ice Cream Parlor  0:20

Once landmarked by its antique milk wagon, Carnation Ice Cream was the long-time sponsor of a popular ice cream parlor located on Center Street where the Carnation Café resides today.  Guests could enjoy specialty sundaes, ice cream sodas and ice cream cones in the flavor of their choice, including an exclusive "Fantasia" flavor.



03 - 48

48 - Sunkist Citrus House  0:44

Disneyland and oranges share a long history. In fact,it was built on the very site of a former orange grove. So it isn't surprising that a long time Main Street venue was once sponsored by a local citrus grower. The Sunkist Citrus House offered freshly squeezed orange juice, ice cold pink and yellow lemonade and other light refreshments.



03 - 49

49 - Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor  1:01:19

When Carnation Café took over what was once the patio area of the former Carnation Ice Cream Parlor, the new Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor opened a few doors down in what was once home to the Sunkist Citrus House. The late Victorian calendar girl themeing was inspired by a similar venue of the same name in Disneyland Paris.



03 - 50

50 - Disney Clothiers Ltd. - Area Background Music  53:09

Halfway down Main Street, on the northern corner of  Center Street East, is one of the most popular gift shops  in Disneyland, specializing in all manner of Disney themed clothing items. As guests shop, they may hear the tranquil sounds of classical piano in arrangements of several songs that were fashionable at the turn of the last century.



03 - 51

51 - The Main Street Maniacs  7:58

The Maniacs were a syncopated jazz quartet, specializing in Roaring 20's era music, who often performed impromptu afternoon sidewalk concerts along Main Street. This talented and very versatile group was otherwise known as the Big Thunder Boys, and would also perform traditional Bluegrass music in Frontierland and Bear Country.



03 - 52

52 - The Silhouette Studio  3:35

In operation since 1956, one of the most unique souvenirs in Disneyland can be found at the Silhouette Studio, where talented artists quickly cut out accurate likenesses suitable for framing. In the 1950's, Walt Disney even devoted an entire segment of his weekly TV series to the the art of Silhouette making, which also featured the shop on Main Street.



03 - 53

53 - Crystal Arts Glass Blowers  2:07

Crystal Arts is more a unique attraction than gift shop. Here, talented craftsmen create hand blown crystal souvenirs in full display of guests. Items of all shapes and sizes are available, including intricate glass miniatures of Disney characters and towering crystal castles with gold leaf embellishments. Hand engraving is also available.



03 - 54

54 - Main Street Mellomen Quartet  18:22

The Mellomen were frequent guest performers at Disneyland during its earlier years. In addition to their appearances in the park, this talented quartet would record many of the soundtracks from Walt Disney's classic films. The group's bass singer was Thurl Ravenscroft, who was also the voice of Tony the Tiger and many Disney characters.



03 - 55

55 - Granny's Rocker  0:45

A long forgotten feature of early Main Street was a lifelike mannequin dressed as an elderly lady, and seated on a wooden rocking chair on the porch of the Main Street Corset Shop. The rocking chair was connected to a mechanical lever so that it actually rocked back and forth all day long, grabbing the curious attention of passers by.



03 - 56

56 - Main Street Corset Shop - The Wizard of Bras  1:19

This short lived, but infamously well-remembered shop on Main Street was sponsored by the Hollywood Maxwell brassiere company. It showcased a visual history of woman's undergarments on a rotating display, from Victorian times to the present. Walt's obvious misgivings about this exhibit led to its removal after only a few months.



03 - 57

57 - Dearie - The Main Street Pianist & The Dapper Dans  3:21

The Dapper Dans join the Main Street Pianist to perform their renditions of the classic Gay Nineties number, Dearie, which is a song many closely associate with Main Street. Adding nostalgia on top of nostalgia, special new lyrics were written for Disneyland's 30th anniversary, harkening back to many attractions of the past.



03 - 58

58 - China Closet Music Box  28:25

A virtual wonderland of china porcelain and crystal bric-a-brac, the China Closet is one of the most popular gift emporiums on Main Street. In addition to exclusive Disney themed collectable statuettes by Lladro, Hummel, Precious Moments and Swarovski, guests also enjoy the many Disney snow globes and music boxes on display.



03 - 59

59 - Main Street USA - Area Background Music 2012  55:48

Main Street's area background music was updated in 2012 with a newly orchestrated mix of recognizable standards from the early 20th century. The musical rhythm was recorded in a slightly more moderate beat than the previous loop, encouraging guests to stroll along at a leisurely pace to take in all the many details of this amazing avenue.



03 - 60

60 - Main Street USA - Area Music Alternates 2012  1:08:22

The new Main Street area music has proven to be a hit with park guests. It contains an assortment of tunes from the previous loop as well as several newly added selections. An instrumental piece from the recent Disney/Pixar  animated feature film,''Up," is also included. Heard here are alternate versions, with lyrics, of all the newly added songs.



03 - 61

61 - Penny Arcade Sounds & The Welte Orchestrion  29:09

The Penny Arcade features many vintage arcade machines from the turn of the twentieth century, including turn-the-crank kinetoscope movies, mechanical fortune tellers, and various other tests of strength endurance and skill. Also on display in an antique nickelodeon: The Welte Orchestrion, a musical marvel from a day gone by.



03 - 62

62 - Penny Arcade Shooting Gallery  1:55

The first shooting gallery in Disneyland was surprisingly not in Frontierland, but was actually located inside the Penny Arcade on Main Street USA. Today, the Frontierland shooting gallery uses infrared beams to shoot at its targets, but the earlier Main Street gallery used real pellet guns which shot live ammunition at glass and metal targets.



03 - 63

63 - Penny Arcade - Esmeralda Fortune Teller  3:12

A long time feature of the Disneyland Penny Arcade, prominently displayed front and center of the entry archway, is Esmeralda the gypsy fortune teller. Inside a small booth a mannequin waves her hand over a row of tarot cards when guests insert a coin, then a small card  is dispensed below with future predictions and sage advice.



03 - 64

64 - Penny Arcade - Pinocchio: Make Him Dance  1:14

One will not find a single computer operated video game inside the Disneyland Penny Arcade. All the coin-operated conveyances are of the mechanical variety, harkening back to a pre-digital age. One such machine contains a tap dancing Pinocchio puppet figure which can be controlled by guests to the tune of "I've Got No Strings."



03 - 65

65 - Oklahoma Medley - Area Background Music  6:01

Roger's and Hammerstein's,"Surrey with a Fringe on Top" from "Oklahoma" was the direct inspiration for an early Main Street attraction. While the horse-drawn surreys may be long gone, they are not forgotten, as this song and other favorites from the classic musical have now become a permanent part of  the Main Street soundtrack.



03 - 66

66 - Kodak Photo Supply - Makin' Memories  7:55

Kodak was an official Disneyland sponsor from 1955 until 2012. The Main Street camera store offered special guest services such as hour long film developing, cameras for rent and on site photo experts available to answer questions. Guests could also pose for a souvenir portrait in early 20th century costumes at the adjacent photo parlor.



03 - 67

67 - Coke Corner Pianist & The Dapper Dans  2:55

At the north end of Main Street is an old-time soda fountain, and hot dog eatery, known as the Coca-Cola Refreshment Corner. In the adjacent outdoor patio area, upbeat live musical entertainment is provided via a ragtime pianist, and often the famous Dapper Dans will stop by to join in and sing a few toe-tapping barbershop ballads.



03 - 68

68 - Coke Corner Pianist - Main Street Medley  5:38

This ragtime piano medley is comprised of songs often heard along Main Street, and is the typical style of live entertainment one can expect to hear at Coke Corner. At one time, both Coke and Pepsi were served inside Disneyland, but in the '80's Coca-Cola became the official soft drink of Disneyland and is now served exclusively in the park.



03 - 69

69 - Coke Corner Pianist - Rod Miller  22:55

For over thirty years, Coke Corner was the venue for professional ragtimer Rod Miller. Although he entertained millions of park visitors throughout the years, whenever you stopped by to pay Rod a visit, he always said it was good to see you again. He seemed to never forget a face, and was loved by many of Disneyland's repeat guests.



03 - 70

70 - Coke Corner Pianist - Ragtime Robert  31:19

Coke Corner continues to this day as the perfect venue  for fabulous Ragtime piano. After Disneyland legend Rod Miller retired in 2006, a new tradition began with Ragtimer Robert Glen, a.k.a .Ragtime Robert. He often performs songs from Mary Poppins, and she and Bert the chimney sweep will make surprise guest appearances.



03 - 71

71 - Main Street Medley - 25th Anniversary Parade  3:00

Disneyland's 25th Anniversary Parade included a section representing each of the themed lands in the Magic Kingdom. The Main Street segment included a medley of familiar somgs from the early twentieth century as ladies and gents dressed in their Sunday best, circa 1900, strolled down the avenue in three quarter time.



03 - 72

72 - I'm Walkin' Right Down the Middle of Main Street USA  3:14

This catchy tune was originally featured in, ''Disneyland is Your Land'', a live stage show revue presented in honor of Disneyland's 25th anniversary in 1980. Five years later, Marie Osmond performed the song again for the 30th anniversary television special, and it has since become a popular theme song for Main Street USA.


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