TITLE P - 50resented here, for your enjoyment, is a magical and musical virtual audio tour of the Happiest Place on Earth, both past and present. From this comprehensive collection of rare audio recordings, the stay at home listener is granted their very own 'E' Ticket to adventures that recreate the ambiance and simulate the you-are-there sensation of an actual trip to the park. Just close your eyes and let your mind run free. It won't be hard to imagine you are really inside the Magic Kingdom for an exciting day at Disneyland, the place where dreams really do come true...
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20 - 1

1 - Main Street Color Guard - Flag Retreat Ceremony  6:11

Every evening, just at sundown, a stirring rendition of the Star Spangled Banner is heard as the Main Street color guard ceremoniously lowers the American flag from the Disneyland flagpole in Town Square, signaling the end of daytime in Disneyland and the beginning of the Magic Kingdom's many exciting nighttime festivities.



20 - 2

2 - Disneyland By Starlight  0:25

Walt Disney often said that his favorite time of the day in Disneyland was after dark, because the park takes on a special sort of magic when the sun goes down and the lights come on. Indeed, nighttime is the most enchanting time of the day in the Magic Kingdom, and every corner of the park is illuminated in sparkling pixie dust.



20 - 3

3 - An Evening at Disneyland  6:23

Before home video, there were home movies, and in 1977 Kodak offered this specially produced Super 8mm souvenir film which was sold at gift stands throughout the park. The 6 minute travelogue  highlighted the many sights and sounds of an evening at Disneyland, including the attractions and exciting live entertainment offerings.



20 - 4

4 - Light Up Time in Disneyland  2:34

On Walt Disney's weekly prime time television series, The Wonderful World of Color, a special 1962 episode called "Disneyland After Dark" highlighted the many exciting activities found throughout the park every night, including a look at sundown in the Magic Kingdom, when the lights turn on all over The Happiest Place on Earth.



20 - 5A

- Main Street USA After Dark -

One of the most bustling areas of activity in Disneyland after dark is Main Street USA. The ornate gingerbread architecture of this turn of the twentieth century thoroughfare is magically adorned with hundreds of sparkling pin lights, shoppers scurry in and out of the many quaint stores, live musicians perform old-time favorites at various spots up and down the avenue, and the area music takes on a syncopated up-tempo rhythm.


20 - 5B

5 - Meet Me Down on Main Street  1:44





20 - 6

6 - Main Street USA - Evening Area Music   52:20





20 - 7

NEW  7 - The Dapper Dans   14:04





20 - 8

NEW  8 - Saxophone Quartet   15:07





20 - 9

NEW  9 - Coke Corner Pianist   38:23





20 - 10

10 - Date Nite in Disneyland  2:59

Date Nite in Disneyland was an ongoing promotional event which first began in 1957, and remained a staple of the park's nighttime entertainment throughout the 1960's. For a special after hours admission, teens and young adults were invited to dance the night away to live bands, while enjoying Disneyland's attractions under the stars.



20 - 11

11 - Date Nite with the Elliott Brothers - The Plaza Gardens  37:46

The Elliot Brothers Orchestra and singer Tony Paris were the original regulars at the Carnation Plaza Gardens bandstand, a popular night spot where guests were always encouraged to join in and dance. The repertoire of The Elliot Brothers included swing, rock n roll, and a lively rendition of the traditional Mexican dance: the La Raspa.



20 - 12

12 - Fantasy in the Sky  1:57

Disneyland's long-running original nighttime spectacle, Fantasy in the Sky, typified the true magic of Disneyland, and was always the perfect ending to a perfect day. A live stunt performer recreated the iconic image of Tinkerbell's flight over Sleeping Beauty Castle, waving her wand to emblazon the skies with shimmering fireworks.



20 - 13

13 - Wonderful World of Color - Disneyland After Dark  39:59

In 1962, Walt Disney hosted a very special episode of his Wonderful World of Color TV series showcasing Disneyland's wide array of nighttime entertainment offerings. The show featured many special guest stars including Annette Funicello, Louie Armstrong and the Osmond Brothers Quartet  in their very first television appearance.



20 - 14

14 - Cavalcade of Big Bands  1:05:44

Many legendary Big Bands from the golden age of swing music made frequent guest appearances in Disneyland After Dark throughout the 1960's. The annual Cavalcade of Big Bands welcomed the orchestras of such greats as Benny Goodman, Count Basie, Les Brown, Lionel Hampton, Harry James, Woody Herman and Duke Ellington.



20 - 15

15 - Dixieland in Disneyland - Walt Disney  2:48

A highly anticipated annual event held in Disneyland after dark throughout the 1960's was the Dixieland in Disneyland music festival. Located along the Rivers of America, the event hosted guest stars such as Teddy Buckner, Louis Armstrong. The Dukes of Dixieland, The Young Men from New Orleans and the famous Firehouse Five Plus Two.



20 - 16

16 - Dixieland in Disneyland - Louis Armstrong  1:00

A huge draw for the Dixieland in Disneyland music festival was the high caliber, big name entertainment featured at this event. Beginning in 1961, this included legendary jazz musician Louis Armstrong. In fact, the incomparable Satchmo would go on to be the concert's featured star performer for several years thereafter, concluding in 1968.



20 - 17

17 - Dixieland in Disneyland - Delta River Stage  1:20:11

For several years, in addition to several live bands stationed throughout the park, the Dixieland in Disneyland music festival also included an elaborate, pyrotechnic laden outdoor concert featuring performers both on board the Rivers of America's various watercraft as well as a temporary stage erected at the foot of Tom Sawyer Island.



20 - 18

18 - The Firehouse Five Plus Two  40:50

A popular favorite among guests, the Firehouse Five Plus Two performed regularly at Disneyland during its many special nighttime events, including Grad Nites, Date Nites, and of course the Dixieland in Disneyland music festivals. This top-notch Dixieland troupe was comprised entirely of animation staff from the Walt Disney Studio.



20 - 19

19 - The Plantation House - Bernie Bernard & His Orchestra  30:06

Along the Rivers of America in Frontierland, there once stood a large plantation style restaurant with a large outdoor patio, home of a very popular fried chicken dinner. On many evenings, big band orchestras would hold live concerts under the stars, providing the perfect musical backdrop for date nite dancing in this most romatic of settings.



20 - 20

20 - The Tahitian Terrace - Moonlight Time in Old Hawaii  36:00

In the early 1960's composer and music director George Bruns released an album of Hawaiian themed arrangements, inspired by the tranquility of a topical moonlight. This album would also be used as preshow background music for Adventureland's Tahitian Terrace dinner theater, setting the mood for the Polynesian revue to follow.



20 - 21

21 - Tahitian Terrace Dinner Show  18:07

Under the glow of tiki torches, rhythmic native Polynesian drum beats via the Royal Tahitians provided much of the evening's live entertainment at the Tahitian Terrace after-dinner revue. The show also included a cast of lovely island  hula dancers, skilled tiki torch twirlers, and to add even more exotic excitement, daring fire walkers.



20 - 22

22 - The Clara Ward Gospel Singers  38:21

The Clara Ward Gospel Singers were regular guest performers in Disneyland throughout the 1960's. They were featured at every Grad Nite event, every Dixieland in Disneyland festival, and nearly every Hootenanny concert. They also produced a special album, recorded live at the Golden Horseshoe Stage in Frontierland.



20 - 23

23 - The Yachtsmen Quartet  11:58

Near the submarine dock, in Tomorrowland, was a small nautically themed bandstand  that served as the showcase for a very popular troupe of folk musicians known as the Yachtsmen Quartet. This group also became the official hosts of Disneyland's ongoing Hootenanny music festival, held every Monday evening throughout the summer months.



20 - 24

NEW  24 - Skiles & Henderson  30:52

Skiles and Henderson began performing regularly at Disneyland in the late 50's. They were not only top-notch comedians, but were prolific musicians as well. By day they would wander the park, entertaining passing guests with on-the-spot improv routines. By night you could catch their act at the Plaza Gardens and Golden Horseshoe stage.



20 - 25

25 - Hootenanny!  1:01:50

Riding on the wave of the early 1960's folk music revival, Disneyland's Hootenanny music festivals were an ongoing series of special ticketed events featuring an array of talented young folk artists, including The Stoneman Family, The Back Porch Majority, The Goose Creek Symphonic Band and The Greenwood County Singers.



20 - 26

26 - Spring Fling  1:25

Another special ticketed after-hours promotion, that became an annual event, was the "Spring Fling," held every year during spring break. Guest enjoyed unlimited use of all attractions as they danced to popular bands located throughout the park. A special drawing was also held, and one lucky guest would drive away in a brand new car.



20 - 27

27 - The Space Bar  19:56

From the early to mid 60's, the Space Bar in Tomorrowland provided a venue for many local orange county musical groups of the surfer or garage band rock variety. Due to their popularity with young guests, many of these groups would become in-house park regulars, including Kay Bell and The Space Men, The Mustangs, and the Astronauts.



20 - 28

28 - Fantasyland Theater - Humdinger  1:20:23

In the 1960's, part of the Summer evening's festivities was staged at the Fantasyland Theater, where a live concert, called the "Humdinger" featured a program of popular musical stars of the day, including Gary Lewis and the Playboys, The Young Rascals, Leslie Gore, Neil Diamond, Paul Revere and the Raiders, and the Humdinger Dancers.



20 - 29

29 - The Magic of Disneyland After Dark  5:03

On a special episode of The Wonderful World of Color entitled, "From Pirates of the Caribbean to the World of Tomorrow," a segment highlighting the magic of Disneyland After Dark featured the exciting new elevating Tomorrowland Terrace bandstand and other park entertainment, climaxed by the ever popular Fantasy in the Sky fireworks.



20 - 30

30 - Pepsi Presents: New Year's Eve in Disneyland  29:34

Pepsi-Cola sponsored a special radio broadcast for New Year's Eve 1967, prerecorded live at Disneyland, pressed on vinyl and sent to radio stations nationwide. This amazing time capsule not only features the ambient sounds of the park at night, but many of the musical performers that were regularly featured in Disneyland at that time.



20 - 31

31 - Tomorrowland Terrace - Pop Pourri  1:26:24

In the summer of '67, Disneyland unveiled an all-new, fully updated Tomorrowland. As part of this revitalization, a new outdoor complex known as the Tomorrowland Terrace presented the latest sounds in pop music with a rotation of live dance bands. The unique bandstand would elevate from underground with the performers already in place.



20 - 32

32 - The Tomorrowland Stage - Kids of the Kingdom  32:38

The Tomorrowland Stage was a large amphitheater that opened in the summer of 1967 as a prominent feature of a newly designed Tomorrowland. Here, live concerts quickly became a nightly affair. In addition to specially invited guest stars, the theater played host to Disneyland's very own singing sensations, The Kids of the Kingdom.



20 - 33

33 - Country Music Jubilee  1:43:53

"Country Music Jubilee" was an ongoing Disneyland concert series held at the Tomorrowland Stage. Every week, the greatest stars in Country & Western music were invited to perform a live program of down home music. These performances began in 1966 and continued well into the 1980's, and were a huge draw for local guests.



20 - 34

34 - The Great American Music Machine  1:41:00

Beginning in 1972, the Tomorrowland Stage hosted another concert series featuring an unusual set piece known as the "Music Machine." Following an opening dance routine featuring said machine, popular artists would perform a live concert. Special guests included such favorites as The Carpenters, The Jackson 5 and The Osmond Brothers.



20 - 35

35 - The Disneyland Entertainment Experience  6:09

Jack Wagner, the voice of Disneyland, produced this 1970's slide show presentation in promotion of all the varied entertainment offerings featured in Disneyland after dark, from in-house dance bands to suit all musical tastes, to live theatrical presentations, epic waterfront concerts, illuminated parades and fireworks spectacles.



20 - 36A

- The Main Street Electrical Parade -

The world famous Main Street Electrical Parade is an all-electric, fantasy festival of nighttime magic and imagination that has been illuminating audiences at Disney theme parks around the world since it premiered at Disneyland in 1972. The groundbreaking electronically synthesized theme song , Baroque Hoedown by Jean-Jacques Perrey and Gershon Kingsley, is interwoven with familiar songs from classic Disney films.


20 - 36B

36 - Baroque Hoedown  1:07:27





20 - 37

37 - Main Street Electrical Parade Premiere Season  8:30





20 - 38

38 - Main Street Electrical Parade - Commercials  2:29





20 - 39

39 - Main Street Electrical Parade - Announcements  1:32





20 - 40

40 - The Main Street Electrical Parade  31:25





20 - 41

41 - Main Street Electrical Parade - Pete's Dragon Medley  3:37





20 - 42

42 - Main Street Electrical Parade - Return to Oz  2:02





20 - 43

43 - Fantasy in the Sky 1970's   4:14

Fantasy in the Sky, a tradition first started by Walt Disney in 1957, would continue to enchant Disneyland guests throughout the 70's and 80's, and during this period the legendary Jack Wagner not only served as the show's announcer, but was heavily involved in the production end, including the selection of the musical soundtrack.



20 - 44

44 - Fantasy in the Sky 1980   5:06

In 1980, as part of Disneyland's extravagant 25th anniversary "Family Homecoming Celebration," Jack Wagner produced a special version of Fantasy in the Sky, which was presented throughout the entire year. This iteration of the show proved so popular that it would continue to run during peak seasons over the following next two years.



20 - 45

45 - Fantasy in the Sky 1983   6:43

When a fully refurbished Fantasyland debuted at Disneyland in 1983, a new version of Fantasy in the Sky also premiered. The revamped presentation, which would run for over fifteen years, included new music and the welcome return of Tinkerbell, whose flight over Disneyland magically signaled the start of the fireworks spectacular.



20 - 46

46 - Disneyland Entertainment - 1970's Announcements   1:01

Throughout the 70's, on any given night in Disneyland one could expect to see the very best in live entertainment, featuring a-list guest celebrity performers, local bands, and a roster of the park's in-house regulars. Live concerts were presented along the Rivers of America, the Space Stage amphitheater, Tomorrowland Terrace and Plaza Gardens.



20 - 47

47 - Papa Doo Run Run   38:17

For decades, Papa Doo Run Run was one of Disneyland's most frequently featured live dance bands. A favorite among park goers, this exceptional Beach Boys cover band was laced in nostalgia. When they were not performing at the Tomorrowland Terrace, they were often served as the opening act for the parks's many celebrity guest performers.



20 - 48

48 - Space Stage - Space Age Disco Concert   2:20:18

When the disco craze swept across America, it landed in the heart of Tomorrowland in a big way. When the all-new Space Stage amphitheater premiered in 1977, it provided the perfect setting for evening concerts with big name pop entertainment, including K.C. and the Sunshine Band, Gloria Gaynor,  Micheal Jackson, and Peaches and Herb.



20 - 49

49 - The Space Stage - Halyx  12:57

In the early 80's, riding the wave of the recent Star Wars phenomenon, Disneyland's entertainment division assembled a sci-fi themed rock concert band featuring costumed performers noticeably reminiscent of the George Lucus blockbuster. Their popular live shows at the Space Stage included synthesized sound effects, lasers and pyrotechnics.



20 - 50

50 - Bear Country Hoedown - The Nashville Brass  12:27

At the central promenade of the backwoods pine forest settlement formerly known as Bear Country, a lively nighttime hoedown was presented during peak park attendance periods featuring live bands like the Nashville Brass, and choreographed musical routines with the cast of the Country Bear Jamboree and the Kids of the Kingdom.



20 - 51

51 - Rollin' River Revue  16:43

Predating Fantasmic by a decade was a nighttime extravaganza known as the Rollin' River Revue, and like its successor, this show was staged on Tom Sawyer's Island across from the Rivers of America. After a Broadway style revue featuring a medley of patriotic songs, a guest star would perform a live concert followed by a fireworks display.



20 - 52

52 - Rollin' River Revue - Featured Performers  1:05:58

Each presentation of the Rollin' River Revue had a special musical theme unique to that evening's performance. One week would highlight surf music, the following week would feature big bands, followed by country, and so on. Special guest stars included such headliners as Pearl Bailey, Frankie Avalon, Jose Feliciano and the Pointer Sisters.



20 - 53

53 - Big Bands in Disneyland  39:00

By the 1970's and throughout the 1980's, the long standing tradition of hosting world famous swing bands at the Plaza Gardens evolved into an ongoing Summer concert series known as "Big Bands in Disneyland," featuring such greats as Count Basie, Cab Calloway, Artie Shaw, Les Brown, the Dorsey Brothers and Lionel Hampton.



20 - 54

SOON  54 - Michael Iceberg - The Amazing Iceberg Machine  0:00

Michael Iceberg was an amazing entertainer and an early pioneer of electronically synthesized music. His aptly named "Amazing Iceberg Machine" was his own invention, combining a series of state of the art synthesizers with a heavy dose of showmanship. In the 1970's and '80's he appeared regularly at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.



20 - 55

55 - Videopolis  6:11

Located at the northern outskirts of Fantasyland and just steps away from It's a Small World, this amazing outdoor dance complex first opened in 1985 and was a favorite night spot for the MTV generation. Exciting dance parties were held nightly featuring popular live pop bands and TV monitors that displayed the latest music videos.



20 - 56

56 - Disneyland Grad Nite  1:07:47

Grad Nite has become a rite of passage for Southern California high school graduates. These after hours celebrations first began in 1961, at the behest of Walt Disney himself, and have taken place every year since. The 1980's was a stand out  decade for these events, with headliner entertainers that read like a who's-who of the music industry.



20 - 57

57 - Dancing Waters 1989 - The Disneyland Hotel  13:03

As a precursor to Disneyland's well known Fantasmic and World of Color nighttime water pageants, the Disneyland Hotel first presented a nighttime water and light show in 1970 which was free to all hotel visitors.When the hotel was purchased by the Disney Company in 1988, the following year the show became a tribute to Disney music.



20 - 58

58 - Fantasy Waters 1992 - The Disneyland Hotel  18:04

Over time, Dancing Waters became known as Fantasy Waters. For the 1992 edition of Fantasy Waters,songs from the popular new Disney album called "Simply Mad About the Mouse," were incorporated into the soundtrack as well as several well-known Disney songs orchestrated by the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra.



20 - 59

59 - Fantasy Waters 1996 - The Disneyland Hotel  18:42

In 1996, a new version of Fantasy Waters which incorporated music from the original soundtracks of several classic Disney films, each with a water theme, was presented at the hotel. It was climaxed with the song "Disneyland" from the Broadway musical "Smile." After a few years, the 1992 version of the show returned, and ran until 2007.



20 - 60

60 - Fantasy in the Sky   7:25

The 1983 version of Fantasy in the Sky which originally premiered to usher in the all new Fantasyland, continued to run for over fifteen years. In the mid 90's, Jack Wagner's announcements were replaced by the current Disneyland announcer, Bill Rogers. Over the years, this version of the show has temporary returned during hiatus periods.



20 - 61

61 - Big Thunder Barbecue - Area Background Music  59:48

Adjacent to the former Big Thunder Ranch, surrounded by pine trees and a split rail fence, this outdoor barbecue specialized in hickory smoked dishes served chuck wagon style. The atmosphere was  filled with the romantic glow and crackle of a campfire, the sound of  chirping crickets, howling coyotes and the fabled songs of the old west.



20 - 62

62 - Jambalaya Jazz Band  23:33

In early 2016, "Fantasmic" went on an 18 month hiatus as the Rivers of America would undergo a major refurbishment during the initial construction phase of the new Star Wars Galaxy's Edge. On these quieter Frontierland evenings, the Jambalaya Jazz Band would perform dixieland jazz sessions aboard a floating raft up and down the river.



20 - 63

63 - Rivers of America - Fantasmic! Announcements  55:22

In response to its limited viewing area and extreme popularity, since 1992 guests have been gathering along the banks of the Rivers of America, well before dusk, in order to reserve prime spots for "Fantasmic" hours before the show begins. This bustling yet festive atmosphere is enhanced by lively Dixieland background music.



20 - 64

64 - Fantasmic! TV Annoucement  0:32

Fantasmic was created  as nighttime spectacular, involving water and fireworks, in order to reinvigorate the area surrounding the Rivers of America. The entire waterfront area was refurbished, including terracing the walkways to accommodate viewing, and modifying Tom Sawyer Island to allow for the show's staged live-action segments.



20 - 65

65 - Fantasmic!  23:26

Every night during peak seasons, the Rivers of America is magically transformed into an amazing amphitheater showcasing the incredible world of Mickey's imagination. This spectacular nighttime pageant is brought to life with laser lighting, cascading waters, extraordinary digital projections and breathtaking pyrotechnical effects.



20 - 66

66 - Fantasmic! - Exit Music 2:59

Fantasmic reaches its grand finale as the Mark Twain Steamboat carries dozens of colorful Disney characters past the many thousands of spectators along the river. After this dramatic conclusion, the crowd begins to move away from the riverbank as this instrumental reprise of the Fantasmic song plays them off and on their way.



20 - 67

67 - Fantasmic! - Disneyland Band Medley  7:22

The theme song from Fantasmic! is called "Imagination." In fact the original working title for this production, while in development, was also called Imagination. The score and theme were written by legendary composer Bruce Healey. The music has become a true part of Disneyland, and the Disneyland Band will often play their own rendition.



20 - 68

68 - Light Magic - TV Announcement  0:32

The original Main Street Electrical Parade was retired in 1996. The following year Light Magic premiered as the all-new nighttime event. Expectations were high, and many believed that this new "Streetacular" would outshine even the Electrical Parade. However, audience reaction was lukewarm at best, and it lasted only one season.



20 - 69

69 - Light Magic  19:32

A unique feature of Light Magic was that it was promoted as a "Streetacular." It was not so much a traditional parade as it was a mobile stage show. The procession would stop at four key viewing points along the parade route for a live dance performance with colorful pixies and assorted Disney characters, each dressed in their bedtime attire.



20 - 70

70 - Swing Bands in Disneyland  49:32

The tradition of Big Bands in Disneyland carried on throughout the 90's, and well into the new millennium, reinvigorated by a new wave in the popularity of swing dancing that was sweeping the nation. After the Plaza Gardens closed in 2012, the bands made a comback the following year, in the form of "The Royal Ball" at the new Fantasy Faire.



20 - 71

71 - Believe, There's Magic in the Stars  10:12

In celebration of the park's 45th anniversary, Disneyland presented a new nightly fireworks display that was the most complex and lavish ever to be produced by the Disneyland Entertainment team. Many still regard it as the best. The show conveyed the hopeful message of believing in your dreams and making those dreams come true.



20 - 72

72 - Imagine, A Fantasy in the Sky  12:40

This short lived fireworks show was created by Disneyland's in-house entertainment department as a place holder while Disney Creative Entertainment was in the process of developing a new show for the upcoming park's 50th anniversary. It combined elements from both "Fantasy in the Sky," and "Beileve, There's Magic in the Stars."



20 - 73

73 - Remember Dreams Come True - Disneyland 50th Anniversary  17:09

Julie Andrews hosted this spectacular nighttime extravaganza honoring Disneyland's 50th anniversary. It was presented as a musical tour around the entire park set to the accompaniment of synchronized laser lighting, colorful digital  images projected directly onto Sleeping Beauty Castle, and a stunning display of  fireworks.



20 - 74

74 - Remember Dreams Come True - Exit Music  6:55

At the conclusion of each performance of Remember Dreams Come True, an original song written for Disneyland's 50th anniversary would be heard as guests made their way away from the castle, "Remember When" performed by Leann Rimes. This was followed by the song "Wishes" imported from the Walt Disney World castle fireworks show.



20 - 75

75 - Pixie Hollow Enchantment - Area Background Music  18:22

An enchanted glade known as Pixie Hollow is located just off the central hub in the shadow of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Here guests magically shrink down to the size of a fairy and discover the secret garden home of Tinkerbell and her pixie friends. This area is especially wondrous after dark, when it is magically illuminated in colorful lights.



20 - 76

76 - Disneyland's Summer Nightastic! Theme  1:05

Summertime is always the best time of year to enjoy Disneyland after dark, with extended evening hours and special added nighttime entertainment. In 2010 Disney launched its Summer Nightastic campaign to promote the premiere of the new Magical! fireworks spectacular, and Fantasmic's all-new added special effects.



20 - 77

77 - Magical! - A Nighttime Spectacular of Magical Celebrations  13:55

In 2009, Disneyland premiered its latest fireworks spectacular. In addition to  hundreds of fireworks and the traditional flight of Tinkerbell over the castle, Dumbo the flying elephant makes his own magical appearance, and the castle itself becomes a colorful canvas as magical imagery is digitally projected onto its façade.



20 - 78

78 - The Magic, the Memories and You  9:42

In 2011 an innovative new nighttime show debuted, utlizing state-of-the-art digital technology to project images on the façade of It's a Small World. The structure became a whimsical canvas showcasing colored imagry and photos of guests visiting the park snapped by cast members roaming the park throughout the day.



20 - 79

79 - Radio Disney - Tomorrowland Terrace Area Background Music  51:35

Another aspect that sets Disneyland apart from other forms of outdoor entertainment is its universal appeal to all age groups, and this certainly includes teens and young adults. The music of the Centennial generation is the focus at Tomorrowland Terrace, where the pop sound of here and now set the atmosphere throughout the evening.



20 - 80

80 - Tomorrowland Terrace   46:29

Dancing at the elevating Tomorrowland Terrace bandstand is a long tradition that continues to this day. Although musical styles have changed tremendously since this venue first opened in 1967, what has remained unchanged is its function as a showcase for local talent, with a rotating roster of regularly appearing musical groups.



20 - 81

81 - Tomorrowland Terrace - Dueling DJ's  1:04:15

In recent years, the focus on live local bands at the Tomorrowland Terrace has shifted more towards presenting rave like dance parties hosted my master mixologists. In the summer months, as well as for Grad Nite, New Year's Eve and other after hours special events, Disneyland hosts some of the most talented DJ's in Southern California.



20 - 82

82 - Paint the Night Parade  21:56

The first new nighttime light parade since Light Magic was retired in 1998 premiered as part of Disneyland's 60th anniversary festivities in the summer of 2015. Paint the Night was a Hong Kong Disneyland original with additional floats added for the Anaheim version. The parade's theme music was adapted from the Wreck-It-Ralph soundtrack.



20 - 83

83 - Disneyland Forever  14:49

For Disneyland's 60th Anniversary a brand new fireworks spectacular premiered in the summer of 2015. The show includes music from both classic Disney films as well as modern day favorites. Special projection mapping technology not only lights up Sleeping Beauty Castle façade, but all the buildings up and down Main Street USA.



20 - 84

84 - Disneyland Forever - Exit Music  3:39

In recent years, it has become a common practice at the Disney parks to include special play off music as guests depart their viewing locations at the conclusion of the fireworks presentation. For Disneyland Forever's  post show, an original song written in special honor of Disneyland's diamond anniversary celebration called, "Live the Magic."



20 - 85

85 - Disneyland Forever - A Kiss Goodnight  4:04

Walt Disney once cited the nightly fireworks presentation at Disneyland as a special "Kiss Goodnight" to his guests. Inspired by this sentiment, legendary Disney songwriter Richard Sherman composed an original song for Disneyland's 60th anniversary, that could be heard at the conclusion of the Disneyland Forever fireworks presentation.



20 - 86

86 - Main Street Electrical Parade - 2017 Announcements  1:44

Much to the delight of longtime regulars and Southern California locals, the original Main Street Electrical Parade returned to Disneyland in 2017 for what was announced as a special limited time engagement, due to its overwhelming popularity, the rumor is now that this classic parade may have an extended run that could last several years.



20 - 87

87 - The Main Street Electrical Parade - 2017  19:31

The original Electrical Parade closed at Disneyland in 1996, but it would continue to run at other Disney parks throughout the world, including a long time engagement at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. This included an updated soundtrack based on the 1972 original, which is the same music that can be heard today in California.



20 - 88

88 - Fantasmic! 2017 - "Imagine" Exit Music  3:43

In July of 2017, Fantasmic made its long anticipated return to Disneyland after an 18 month hiatus. Many exciting new elements were added to the updated show, including projection mapping, all new scenes and a new musical score. The show now concludes with new exit music, imported from the Tokyo DisneySea version of Fantasmic.



20 - 89

NEW  89 - Disneyland After Dark - Throwback Nite  18:40

In January of 2018, Disneyland began a new series of special after hours events called "Disneyland After Dark." Each of these events will have its own theme. The kick off was an evening of entertainment hearkening back to the parks nostalgic early years. There was a Polynesian troupe, a swing band, a riverboat crooner and a do-wop quartet.



20 - 90

90 - Wurlitzer Music Store - Town Square Evening Concert  29:34

Main Street USA is the last stop for most guests on their day at Disneyland. For many years, organist Dee Fisher would perform evening concerts at the Wurlitzer Music Store in Town Square, providing guests with a memorable musical farewell as they purchased their last minute souvenirs, and made their way to the park exit.



20 - 91

91 - Disneyland Park Closing Announcements - Jack Wagner  3:14

For decades, the voice of Disneyland, Jack Wagner, would join Mickey and the gang to wish guests a fond farewell as Disneyland ended its normal operating day. Everyone was invited to return again as the gang recited the famous lyrics to the Mickey Mouse Club Alma Mater...  "M-I-C... See you real soon... K-E-Y... Why? Because we like you."



20 - 92

92 - Parking Lot Tram Announcements  1:44

The last ride of the day is always a sad one, the parking lot tram back to your car and back home again. For four decades, Disneyland's parking lot was located at the entrance to Disneyland park, and many would choose to walk to their vehicle. Today, with the parking located in garages further away, most guests choose to ride the tram.



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93 - Disneyland Park Closing Announcements - Bill Rogers  2:47

The current voice of Disneyland is Bill Rogers. As Jack Wagner had for many years, Rogers now provides the closing announcements as Disneyland concludes its daily operations. As always, guests are reminded that Main Street USA will remain open for an additional hour for their shopping convience and to have a safe journey home.


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