TITLE P - 50resented here, for your enjoyment, is a magical and musical virtual audio tour of the Happiest Place on Earth, both past and present. From this comprehensive collection of rare audio recordings, the stay at home listener is granted their very own 'E' Ticket to adventures that recreate the ambiance and simulate the you-are-there sensation of an actual trip to the park. Just close your eyes and let your mind run free. It won't be hard to imagine you are really inside the Magic Kingdom for an exciting day at Disneyland, the place where dreams really do come true...
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05 - 1

1 - Main Street March - The Disneyland Band  1:48

Heard here is the original Disneyland Band conducted by Vessy Walker. This march was composed especially for Main Street USA back in the 1950's. It was first heard on the 1954 broadcast of the Disneyland TV series as Walt showed a scale model of Main Street. The Band would often play it live in the park as well during the earlier years.



05 - 2

2 - Disneyland Grand Opening Parade - National Emblem March  2:54

Disneyland's very first parade was held on opening day, July 17th 1955. At the head of the procession was the United States Marine Corp Band, who played the familiar "National Emblem March"  as they made their way down Main Street. They were then followed by many costumed representatives from of each of the four lands in the park.



05 - 3

3 - The Firehouse 5 Plus 2 - Main Street Parade  9:43

One of the first musical groups to perform in a Disneyland parade, which in the beginning only had live music, was a group of Dixielanders known as the Firehouse 5 Plus 2. This talented troupe was comprised of members from Walt Disney's animation staff, and were favorite parade guest stars from opening day, well into the 1970's.



05 - 4

4 - The Disneyland Circus Calliop2:03

A genuine 1907, steam-powered, 20 whistle circus calliope, was personally purchased by Walt Disney for use in Disneyland, and was fully restored for its first appearance in the 1955 Mickey Mouse Club Circus Parade. It would also appear in the 1960 feature film, "Toby Tyler," and is often used for parades and special events to this day.



05 - 5

5 - Automobile Club Parad1:52

Throughout the 1950's, Walt Disney invited local antique automobile restoration club members to Disneyland to participate in  processions down Main Street, sporting their vintage cars while dressed in period appropriate costumes. Due to their popularity, these events also became part of the annual Easter Parade tradition.



05 - 6

6 - Christmas in Many Lands Parade  15:06

Beginning in 1957, an annual parade was held during the Christmas season, featuring the dances, costumes, music and customs of many  foreign nations. Dozens of civic organizations were invited to participate, many traveling to Disneyland from their home countries. International sections were also featured in many other early parades.



05 - 7

7 - Zorro Days Parade  5:28

Zorro was a highly rated weekly TV show produced by the Disney Studio for prime-time television in the 1950's. During the run of this popular program the actual stars of the show, including the masked avenger himself, portrayed by Guy Williams, made special guest appearances in Disneyland which always included a parade down Main Street.



05 - 8

8 - Disneyland '59 - Gala Day Parade  6:17

To herald in a major expansion Disneyland in 1959, a lavish parade was presented for live TV. In addition to a land by land tribute, and a parade of many lands segment, three special floats represented the new attractions that were officially dedicated that day, including the Monorail System, Matterhorn Bobsleds and Submarine Voyage.



05 - 9

9 - Mickey at the Movies Parade - Disneyland Parade Anthe3:43

Disneyland's first regularly scheduled daily parade was known as the "Mickey at the Movie's Parade," which included a colorful cavalcade of Disney characters from Walt Disney's film classics. For the first time, the parade was led off by The Big Bass Drum, which would become a Disneyland parade tradition in the years to follow.



05 - 10

10 - Parade of the Toys  3:58

During the 1960 Christmas season, Disneyland would present its very first regularly scheduled holiday parade, featuring many of the giant toy props that had been created for the upcoming theatrical release of "Babes in Toyland," which was still in production. This was also the first appearance by Disneyland's iconic marching wooden soldiers.



05 - 11

11 - Anaheim High School Marching Band  7:31

Yet another parade tradition began by Walt Disney was the inclusion of many local high school marching bands. Naturally, one of the most frequent participants in these events was the local Anaheim High School, but over time these invitations would extend well beyond Southern California to include bands from all over the United States.



05 - 13

12 - Fantasy on Parade - Introduction  3:03

The first Fantasy on Parade was held during the 1965 Christmas season and became a long standing holiday time tradition for decades to come. The parade always featured dozens upon dozens of classic Disney characters, and concluded with the march of the toy soldiers from Babes in Toyland, followed by Santa Claus and his jolly reindeer.



05 - 14

13 - Fantasy on Parade  13:57

Fantasy On Parade was showcased on TV, in its entirety, on a 1966 episode of the Wonderful World of Color entitled, "Disneyland Around the Seasons." At this time, the music heard during the actual parade was all performed live, but for the special TV broadcast, a fully orchestrated musical score provided the accompaniment.



05 - 12

14 - Small World Opening Day Parade  7:40

To usher in the premiere of It's a Small World in Disneyland, a gala parade was held in 1966. It included echoes of parades past by yet again inviting local civic organizations to share the customs of their native lands through costume dance and procession. The event culminated in a special opening day ceremony at the Small World waterways.



05 - 15

15 - St. Patrick's Day Parade  17:22

Walt Disney often proudly proclaimed that he was part Irish, so it is surprising that it wasn't until 1968 that Disneyland held an official Saint Patrick's Day parade. Mickey led the march, followed by a procession of Irish folk groups direct from the Emerald Isle, Snow White and the Seven "Leprechauns" and the Three Little "Irish" Pigs.



05 - 16

16 - The Love Bug Parade  1:54

In 1969, a special parade was held to promote the hit new Disney live-action comedy "The Love Bug." Anyone who wanted to participate was invited to decorate their own Volkswagen Beetle for entry in a contest for most original design. The parade proved so popular that it returned in 1974 to promote the film's sequel... Herbie Rides Again.



05 - 17

17 - The Kids of the Kingdom - I Love a Parad2:50

The young singing troupe, known as the Kids of the Kingdom, were featured in many parades over the years, often providing vocals for various prerecorded soundtracks. For their album produced for Buena Vista Records, they recorded many songs they often performed live in the park, including the definitive parade anthem, I Love a Parade.



05 - 18

18 - The Disneyland Band - Main Street Marching Medle3:26

The Disneyland Band has been marching all over Disneyland since the very day it first opened in 1955, and the electric thrill of seeing them promenade down Main Street USA has most certainly not diminished over time. Often, Mickey Mouse himself will lead the procession as excited on-lookers have to fight not to crack a wide-eyed grin.



05 - 19

19 - Baroque Hoedown  1:07:24

The familiar theme from the Main Street Electrical Parade was originally produced for the 1966 album, "The In Sound From Way Out!" created by revolutionary synthesizer composers Jean-Jacques Perrey and Gershon Kingsley. This song is now recognized as a true Disney classic, and many talented artist have recorded fantastic cover versions.



05 - 20

20 - Main Street Electrical Parade - Premiere Season  8:30

The premiere season of the Main Street Electrical Parade did include the familiar train followed by a big bass drum, However, many of the scenes we know and love today were not yet a part of the experience. Most of the floats were flat and one-dimensional and the now iconic Pete's Dragon was originally a more traditional Chinese dragon.



05 - 21

21 - Fantasy on Parade - Walt Disney Productions 50th Anniversary  45:45

The annual Fantasy on Parade remained a holiday tradition throughout the 1970's as new scenes were added every year. In 1973 the parade was led off by a special float honoring the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney Productions and included characters from the latest animated feature, "Robin Hood," with Prince John's royal procession.



05 - 22

22 - The Mike Curb Congregation - The Best of Disne7:06

In the mid seventies, popular singing group the Mike Curb Congregation released a hit record covering the Mickey Mouse Club March with a contemporary beat, followed by an entire album of Disney songs. To stay current, Disneyland adapted their music for use in many of its character parades throughout the 1970's.



05 - 23

23 - Mickey's Character Parad4:19

The much publicized splendor of a Disneyland parade gave guests an expectation that one would be presented on the day of their visit, be it any day throughout the year. This gave rise to the afternoon Character Parade, which involved prerecorded music, simple albeit colorfully decorated  floats, and dozens of costumed Disney characters.



05 - 24

24 - The Kids of the Kingdom - America on Parade Medley  8:05

The ever popular Kids of the Kingdom were the lead act to Disneyland's bicentennial extravaganza, America on Parade. On a pre-show float decorated with stars and stripes they performed two songs as they traveled down Main Street, a new song by the Sherman Brothers called "The Glorious Fourth, and a Broadway showtune called "Freedom."



05 - 25

25 - America on Parade  35:00

America on Parade is one Disneyland's most fondly remembered parades of all time. This bicentennial extravaganza was also one of the most elaborate parades that Disney has ever staged. Each float represented an important event in American history, and was surrounded by hundreds of stylized costumed figures with giant-sized heads.



05 - 26

26 - The Sadie Mae  29:12

America on Parade also featured the musical sounds of the Sadie Mae, a fully restored antique carousel band organ. It was shipped from its Missouri home to a sound studio in Nashville, where the entire soundtrack was recorded. The music was then enhanced with electronic synthesized elements, but heard here is the original unaltered version.



05 - 27

27 - Pooh for President Parade  3:00

America's favorite bear first tossed his hat into the the presidential ring in 1968, and ran again for the following two elections. For his 1972 campaign, a special parade was held in Disneyland, featuring Pooh and all his friends from the Hundred Acre Wood. The parade returned again in 1976, with a catchy new campaign song by Larry Groce.



05 - 28

28 - Festival Japan Parade  7:09

Special weekend events were often presented during Disneyland's off season to attract guests to the park with limited time, unique, entertainment offerings. Festival Japan was one of many annual events started in the 1970's, celebrating the culture of other world nations, each with historical and demographic ties to Southern California.



05 - 29

29 - Festival Mexico Parade  7:20

Festival Mexico was another annual event, held during Disneyland's off season, which celebrated both the culture of another nation and the diversity of Southern California. Each of these festivals included traditional folk music, arts and crafts displays with native artisans, and naturally, everything culminated in a special parade.



05 - 30

30 - Main Street Electrical Parade - Commercials  2:29

After a three-year hiatus during the run of the bicentennial "America on Parade," the Main Street Electrical Parade made its triumphant reappearance in 1977. In the nearly two decades that followed, its annual  return at the start of each summer season became a highly anticipated event for Disneyland regulars and Southern California locals.



05 - 31

31 - The Main Street Electrical Parade  32:57

The world famous Main Street Electrical Parade is an all-electric, fantasy festival of nighttime magic and imagination that has been illuminating audiences at Disney theme parks around the world since 1972. The iconic soundtrack is comprised entirely of electronically synthesized music, incorporating many familiar classic Disney songs.



05 - 32

32 - Main Street Electrical Parade - Pete's Dragon Medley  3:37

In 1978, Walt Disney entertainment produced the Orange Bowl  football halftime show. This "Spectacular of Lights" featured several floats from the Main Street Electrical Parade. Additional music was orchestrated just for the grand finale of this special event as the child star of "Pete's Dragon," Sean Marshall, rode atop his magical friend Elliot.



05 - 33

33 - Main Street Electrical Parade - Return to Oz  2:02

Over the years the Main Street Electrical Parade would incorporate special floats that were used to promote the latest film offerings from Walt Disney Productions. The 1981 parade included a Fox and the Hound segment, and in 1985 there was a "Return to Oz" float with a new electronic arrangement of the original music from the film's score.



05 - 34

34 - Mickey Mouse 50th Birthday Parade  3:39

One of Disneyland's most memorable parades was held in honor of Mickey's 50th birthday in 1978. It was the highlight of several special events held throughout the park celebrating the Main Mouse's big 5-0. It also began the tradition of staging parades to mark significant Disney milestones that continues to this day.



05 - 35

35 - The Disneyland Parade Song  1:18

The memorable theme song originally featured in the Mickey Mouse 50th birthday parade truly did epitomize the spirit of a Disneyland parade, and so, with slightly altered lyrics it would outlive the run of the birthday parade. Over time  it has become a sort-of theme song, often used to represent Disneyland parades for special promotions.



05 - 36

36 - Dumbo Circus Parade  3:19

In 1979 Disneyland presented a colorful parade filled with the many memorable circus characters from Walt Disney's 1941 animated classic, Dumbo. The parade also featured live animals, silly clowns, acrobatic stunts and a special appearance by Dumbo, located atop a burning firehouse tower, poised to take flight with his magic feather.



05 - 37

37 Disneyland's 25th Anniversary Family Reunion Parade  40:33

Disneyland's 25th Birthday Parade mirrored the original 1955 opening day parade in that it also contained sections representing each of the park's themed lands. In addition to live music, several pre-recorded medleys accompanied the floats for each themed section, and tying it together was the original theme song... Disneyland is Your Land.



05 - 38

38 - The All-American College Marching Band  21:13

Every summer Disneyland hosts a performing arts internship program, and undergrad students are given real-world experience as they perform in various venues throughout the park. A crowd favorite is the All-American College Marching Band. In addition to traditional marches, they perform popular songs in a range of musical styles.



05 - 39

39 - It's a Small World Parad14:14

Hearkening back to the earlier Christmas in Many Lands parades, in 1981 Disneyland presented yet another internationally themed daily procession down Main Street USA. Dancers as well as Disney characters were all dressed in costumes from countries around the world, and "It's a Small World" served as appropriate theme music.



05 - 40

40 - Flights of Fantasy Parad9:50

When Disneyland's all-new Fantasyland premiered in 1983, a special parade was held to commemorate the grand opening event. The procession was filled with colorful giant balloons, dozens of beloved Disney characters, and whimsical floats representing scenes straight out of the classic animated films represented in the new Fantasyland.



05 - 41

41 - American Gazette Parad16:41

The American Gazette Parade was a celebration of the ever-evolving musical genres and popular dance styles that spanned the decades of the 20th century. Setting this parade apart from all others produced during this time, the music was performed entirely live, calling on the talents of Disneyland's many  in-house musical groups.



05 - 42

42 - Donald Duck's 50th Birthday Parad8:47

In 1984 Donald Duck celebrated his 50th birthday, and to commemorate this milestone event, a colorful new parade was held at Disneyland honoring everyone's favorite web footed friend. The parade's infectious theme song, "Happy, Happy Birthday to You," was originally featured on the popular 1983 Disneyland record album... Splashdance.



05 - 43

43 - Disneyland's 30th Anniversary Parade  3:36

1985 marked the 30th anniversary year of Disneyland. In commemoration, a year-long celebration was held throughout the entire park. Every thirtieth guest was awarded a special prize from the Gift-Giver Extraordinaire located at the main entrance turnstile, and highlighting the entire event was a colorful parade down Main Street USA.



05 - 44

44 - Disneyland's 30th AnniversaryDisney Family Cavalcade  5:05

As part of the 30th anniversary festivities, Disneyland held a special event in order to recognize the many thousands of workers who had brought magic to millions of visitors over the past three decades. Along with their families, all past and present cast members were invited to participate in a parade down Main Street.



05 - 45

45 - Disneyland Easter Parade  6:28

Disneyland held its very first Easter parade in the spring of 1956. These holiday events continue as an annual tradition in Disney parks around the world to this day. For many years, beginning in the 1980's, the parade was broadcast on national TV each Easter Sunday, highlighting the parades in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.



05 - 46

46 - Circus Fantasy - Come to the Circus Parade  2:37

In 1986 the tradition, splendor and color of an old-fashioned circus parade returned to Disneyland as part of a park wide special promotional event called Circus Fantasy. The parade included live animals including marching elephants with Minnie riding atop the lead pachyderm. Goofy played the strong man and Mickey the Ringmaster.



05 - 47

47 - Totally Minnie Parade  3:27

Minnie was always more than happy to be Mickey's romantic sidekick, but in 1986 it was finally her turn to be in the spotlight. It was declared the "Year of Minnie," and a contemporary pop music album entitled, "Totally Minnie," was released on Disneyland Records.A special Minnie parade was also featured at Disneyland all year long.



05 - 48

48 - The Disneyland State Fair - Come to the Fair Parade  10:00

In 1987, a special park wide promotional event took place called the Disneyland State Fair. Throughout the park venues were overlaid with traditional state fair exhibits and themed entertainment. A highlight was the State Fair Parade, which included dancing farm crops, Minnie's blue ribbon pies and barnyard animals.



05 - 49

49 - Snow White's Golden Anniversary Celebration Parad2:40

In 1987, the first ever full-length animated feature, Walt Disney's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", celebrated its 50th anniversary. During the year, a special cavalcade was presented featuring all of the beloved characters and memorable music from the classic film. Goofy would introduce the procession with a royal proclamation.



05 - 50

50 - The Very Merry Christmas Parade  23:42

After a three year hiatus, the popular Fantasy on Parade would return to Disneyland for the 1980 holiday season, and like its predecessor, the parade included several scenes from classic Disney films. The parade remained much the same when it became the Very Merry Christmas Parade in 1987, but additional scenes were added over time.



05 - 51

51 - Blast to the Past Parade  10:38

In 1988 Disneyland joined the " Back to the Future" craze with a special event held park-wide known as the Blast to the Past. A central element of this celebration of 1950's music and pop culture was a lively parade featuring a giant jukebox, drag racers and a far-out finale with Martian monsters and Mickey blasting off in a Rocket Ship.



05 - 52

52 - Blast to the Past Parade - TV Land Medley  2:54

Perhaps the most nostalgic moment from season one of the Blast to the Past parade was a segment dedicated to classic 1950's TV, featuring a procession of performers dressed as classic characters from television shows of the past, including The Lone Ranger, The Three Stooges, Superman, the Mickey Mouse Club and I Love Lucy.



05 - 53

53 - Blast to the Past Parade - Encore Season  13:35

After a successful first year, Blast to the Past would return for a second season in 1989. A brand new parade was presented with an upbeat new soundtrack that incorporated familiar songs from the musicals Grease and Hairspray along with classic tunes from the golden age of rock 'n roll. The parade ended with Goofy dressed as Elvis Presley.



05 - 54

54 - Blast to the Past - The Main Street Hop  14:56

In addition to a traditional parade, the Blast to the Past event also hosted a '50's style sock hop street party. Twice daily, a series of jukebox shaped floats stopped along the center of Main Street as bobby sox girls in poodle skirts and guys in letterman sweaters danced along to many memorable tunes from the early days of Rock 'n' Roll.



05 - 55

55 - The Main Street Parade  2:29

This short lived mini parade, or cavalcade which paid tribute to Main Street USA featured the song, "I'm Walking Right Down the Middle of Main Street USA" and other 20th century musical standards. Disney characters were dressed in period costumes and Mickey tickled the ivories on a special piano fashioned with bicycle wheels.



05 - 56

56 - Mickey's 60th Birthday Parade  11:01

In 1988, Mickey celebrated his 60th Birthday, and again, an elaborate procession was presented daily up and down Main Street, honoring the lovable mouse who started it all. The parade featured zany costumes and silly mice  from around the world, traveling by train, boat, auto and airplane, to join the Big Cheese in his Disneyland celebration.



05 - 57

57 - Mickey's 60th Birthday Bas19:15

During Mickey's 60th Birthday event, between showings of the afternoon parade, a special birthday party was staged along Main Street USA twice every day. A large birthday cake topped by Mickey Mouse and filled with Mouseketeer costumed dancers would stop at several points along the parade route for a live 15 minute musical show.



05 - 58A

Movie Premiere Pre-Parades -

 Disney frequently leads off its full-scale parades with what are often referred to as pre-parades. These are used to entertain guests while they wait for the main event, and often promote the studio's latest releases coming to theaters soon. For many, this would be their first introduction to the songs and characters from these future classics. For a time in the 80's, re-releases of classic animated features also had special pre-parades.


05 - 58B

58 - The Little Mermaid - Pre-Parad2:38




05 - 59

59 - The Jungle Book - Pre-Parade  2:56




05 - 60

60 - Peter Pan - Pre-Parade  2:29




05 - 61

61- Ratatouille - Pre-Parade  3:27




05 - 62

62 - Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian - Pre-Parade  2:20




05 - 63

63 - Hooray for Disney Stars Parad10:18

In 1989, Disneyland presented a special parade featuring the stars from its new lineup of popular animated TV series, including Ducktales, Chip 'n Dale's Rescue Rangers and the Adventures of the Gummi Bears. Also included was movie producer Roger Rabbit and other Disney characters dressed in Hollywood grand premiere attire.



05 - 64A

- Tournament of Roses Parade -

Disneyland has had a long relationship with the famous Tournament of Roses Parade held in nearby Pasadena California every January, with it's first float entry in 1955 announcing the impending premiere of Disneyland that following summer. Walt Disney himself was the parade Grand Marshall in 1966, and Mickey Mouse received the same honor in 2005 as part of Disneyland's 50th anniversary celebration.


05 - 64B

64 - Tournament of Roses - The Royal Court  3:16




05 - 65

65 - Tournament of Roses - 35 Years of Magic  7:11




05 - 66

66 - Tournament of Roses - Welcome to Toontown  4:19




05 - 67

67 - Tournament of Roses - 40 Years of Adventure  4:28




05 - 68

68 - Tournament of Roses - Welcome to Our Family  3:04




05 - 69

69 - Tournament of Roses - 60 Years of Magic  3:26




05 - 70

70 - Party Gras Parade  10:02

Disneyland's 35th anniversary was celebrated with a lavish parade recreating the fun and excitement of a South American carnival, where guests were encouraged to come out into the streets and dance along to the Latin beat. Another memorable feature were the towering floats that carried inflated Disney characters measuring over 40 feet high.



05 - 71

71 - Desert StorParade  1:52

Disneyland has always been considered one of the most patriotic places in the United States, and over the years it has often celebrated the brave men and woman who have served in the U.S. armed services. A special parade was held in 1991 when battlefront troops returned home from the Gulf War following the end of Operation Desert Storm.



05 - 72

72 - Celebration USA Parade  7:49

By the early '90's, as the demand for daily parades grew, there arose a slight dilemma. Most of the parades at this time had been tied into special anniversary milestones, so when these anniversaries ended, temporary parades had to be quickly put together as inbetweeners. Celebration USA is a good example of one of these short lived parades.



05 - 73

73 - Disney Afternoon Cavalcade  3:07

Coinciding with a 1991 promotional overlay located in northern Fantasyland, a small procession was presented several times daily, traveling down "Afternoon Avenue" and Main Street USA. The mini-parade featured everyone's favorite characters from Disney's Gummi Bears, Ducktales, Talespin and Chip 'n Dale's Rescue Rangers.



05 - 74

74 - The World According to Goofy Parade  9:51

1992 marked the 60th birthday of Goofy, and it was finally his turn to have a special parade dedicated in his honor. Quite appropriately, the parade took on a comical tone, following the evolution of Goofy's ancestors from the Stone Age to the present, where a modern day Goofy ran as a candidate for president of Disneyland.



05 - 75

75 - Aladdin's Royal Caravan  2:53

This popular parade was based on a scene straight out of the 1992 animated feature film, "Aladdin,"  in which the magic Genie organizes an over-the-top royal procession for Aladdin to impress the Princess Jasmine. Upon the success of this parade, a tradition began of producing parades to usher in their latest animated release.



05 - 76

76 - Lion King Celebration Parade  9:32

This musical celebration brought to life all of the memorable scenes and characters from the 1994 Disney blockbuster film," The Lion King."  The process of transforming what was originally an animated feature into a three-dimensional live performance would later inspire the production of a 1997 Tony award winning Broadway musical.



05 - 77

77 - A Christmas Fantasy Parade  15:43

The annual Christmas Parade that is currently presented at Disneyland every year was first presented in December of 1994. Memorable moments from this most magical of all Disneyland parades include Mickey and Minnie on ice skates, the march of the wooden soldiers, the comical prancing reindeer and an encounter with jolly old Saint Nick.



05 - 78

78 - Cruisin' the Kingdom Parade  2:49

Another short-lived, and yet quite popular in between parade, was the aptly named Cruisin' the Kingdom cavalcade. The procession featured an array of familiar Disney characters, each seated in their own souped-up and fully restored classic model hot rod, as they cruised their way up and down Matterhorn Way and Main Street USA.



05 - 79

79 - Hunchback of Notre Dame Topsy Turvy Cavalcad3:10

Disney's 34th full-length animated feature, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, became the subject matter for a very popular live outdoor arena show presented in the northern end of Frontierland.  To promote the show, several performers would be featured in a small cavalcade down Main Street, recreating the colorful Festival of Fools scene.



05 - 80

80 - Hercules Victory Parade  8:17

This colorful and comical parade was based on the 1997 animated feature,"Hercules," and although it was set in ancient Greece, like the film, the parade featured all manner of modern day references and tongue-in-cheek humor. The musical score came directly from the film as well, featuring several uplifting Gospel inspired numbers.



05 - 81

81 - Light Magic  19:32

A unique feature of Light Magic was that it was promoted as a "Streetacular." It was not so much a traditional parade as it was a mobile stage show. The procession would stop at four key viewing points along the parade route for a live dance performance with colorful pixies and assorted Disney characters, each dressed in their bedtime attire.



05 - 82

82 - Mulan Parade  8:51

Inspired by the 1998 Disney animated feature, "Mulan," this parade took its thematic inspiration from the ancient traditions of China. In addition to the characters from the film, the procession also presented traditional Chinese dancers in authentic costumes, skilled tumblers and acrobats, colorful dragons, and marching Chinese warriors.



05 - 83

83 - Rainy Day Cavalcade  8:53

To brighten the day of those visiting Disneyland during inclement weather, a convoy of Main Street vehicles is packed with colorful Disney friends for a special mini-parade. Since this practice began around the year 2000,various pieces of music, originally produced for other live events, have been borrowed for this small procession.



05 - 84

84 - Parade of the Stars  4:19

This long running parade, celebrating many of Walt Disney's animated film classics, debuted in the year 2000 as the "45 Years of Magic Parade."  When Disneyland's 45th anniversary year ended, by popular demand it was given an extended engagement, and continued for another four years under the name... Parade of the Stars.



05 - 85

85 - Mickey's Shining Star Cavalcad4:25

Because guests expect a parade every day they visit Disneyland, in 2004 a series of cavalcades, or mini parades, were presented on weekdays and in the off season as Disneyland slowly phased out its long running Parade of the Stars and preparations were underway for an all-new Parade in honor of the upcoming 50th anniversary.



05 - 86

86 - Mickey's Magic Kingdom Celebration  10:45

There were three interim cavalcades held during various periods throughout 2004. One of these was known as Mickey's Magic Kingdom Celebration, which was a musical tribute to the themed lands of Disneyland. A choreographed dance number, with the Disney characters, was performed at various points along the parade route.



05 - 87

87 - Disneyland's 50th Anniversary - Parade of Dreams  23:11

2005 would mark the 50th magical year of Disneyland. In celebration of this milestone, an all new parade was staged featuring everyone's favorite Disney friends in a magical musical march down Main Street USA. The parade's lively and welcoming theme song was originally featured in the 2003 Disney animated feature film... "Brother Bear."



05 - 88

88 - Year of a Million Dreams - Grand Marshal Cavalcad2:38

Running from October 2007 through December 2008, Disneyland celebrated what was called "A Year of a Million Dreams," a promotional campaign granting park guests an array of prizes, from free vacations to overnight stays inside the park. Each day one lucky family was chosen to be honorary grand marshals in the Main Street parade.



05 - 89

89 - Celebrate! A Street Party  18:03

In 2009 a new street show, honoring the personal celebrations of that day's Disneyland guests, was presented along the traditional parade route. The procession would pause at three prime viewing locations where an energetic dance show would ensue, encouraging spectators to dance and sing along to popular hits and Disney favorites.



05 - 90

90 - Give a Day, Get a Disney Day - Thanksgiving Parade  2:03

In 2009 Disneyland sponsored a community outreach program encouraging people to volunteer their time at a pre-approved local organization. In turn they would receive a free one day passport to Disneyland. On Thanksgiving Day of that year, many of these volunteers were invited to march down Main Street in recognition of the spirit of giving.



05 - 91

91 - Mickey's Costume Party Cavalcade  8:19

This mini parade premiered in 2011 as one of the many entertainment offerings at the popular "Mickey's Halloween Party" after hours special ticketed events held from late September though October. Riding a colorful float down Main Street, Mickey and his friends would arrive wearing masquerade costumes to kick off the evenings festivities.



05 - 92

92 - Frozen Pre-Parad2:43

The overwhelming and unexpected box office success of Disney's 2013 animated feature "Frozen" sparked a high public demand to meet the new Princesses Anna and Elsa. In order to give all park guests a chance to see these popular new Disney stars, a special pre-parade became the prelude to the Soundsational Parade beginning in 2014.



05 - 93

93 - Mickey's Soundsational Parade  24:54

Disneyland's newest daytime parade ranks as one of its all-time most popular. This energetic and colorful extravaganza showcases some of the greatest musical moments from Walt Disney's classic films, and features countless Disney characters, both old and new, in an eye-popping celebration of musical styles from around the world.



05 - 94

94 - Paint the Night Parad21:56

The first new nighttime light parade since Light Magic was retired in 1998 premiered as part of Disneyland's 60th anniversary festivities in the summer of 2015. Paint the Night was a Hong Kong Disneyland original with additional floats added for the Anaheim version. The parade's theme music was adapted from the Wreck-It-Ralph soundtrack.



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95 - Frightly Fun Parad9:50

In 2016, Disneyland debuted a an all-new Halloween parade. This offering exclusively for Mickey's Trick-or-Treat Party guests contains elements from earlier parades at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris, with characters from the "Nightmare Before Christmas,"  followed by a Haunted Mansion segment and a salute to Disney villains.



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96 - The Main Street Electrical Parade - 2017  21:14

Much to the delight of longtime regulars and Southern California locals, the original Main Street Electrical Parade made a triumphant return to Disneyland in 2017 as a special limited time engagement. This includes the updated soundtrack which was first featured at both Tokyo Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.


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